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AIDCOIN - Charity Giving Token With Blockchain Technology

Charity comes from the word charity. Charity is a homonym for means to have the same spelling and pronunciation but different meanings. Charity has a meaning in the classroom verb or a verb that can declare an act of charity, presence, experience, or other dynamic sense.
Charity means to do good means to give a donation or aid to the poor, social organizations, and sebagainya.Salah the institutions that are developing projects to do charity with the support perbutaan blockchain technology is AIDCOIN

AidCoin supported by CharityStars, a team that has proven to apply hope in the world Blockchain nirlaba.Dengan harness the power of technology, media and celebrities, we raised more than $ 10 million for the charity auction, which supports 500 organizations including Unicef, Save the Children and WWF VC backed up, we are a team of 25 people in three negara.Baca Website  https://www.aidcoin.co/

By leveraging its success in generating millions of dollars in charity auctions, charity Stars raise funds to reach the next level from the ambitious vision: to bring blockchain and crypto donation to the nonprofit sector.
The benefits of technology implementation ledger distributed to non-profit sector are numerous: increased transparency, traceability, better relationship between donor and recipient and a reduction in overhead costs. Donors will have more confidence in this sector and, consequently, will be more willing to donate. Moreover, thanks to the creation of a nonprofit different benchmarks, we will be able to provide incentives through various monetary policy, aligning investor and donor motivation.

AidCoin is ERC20 token that would be the preferred method to provide and pay for ecosystem services across the nonprofit. AidCoin have put the basis for a real token economy where all participants are given an incentive to buy and store these tokens.
Online donations market is $ 15 billion in the US alone. Quick apply cryptococcal will definitely affect the ways to donate in the future and AidCoin set to play a major role in the new era of fund raising.

presentation Ecosystem
Symbol: AID
Supply Maximum: 100,000,000 AID
Type: ERC20
Price: 1000 AID = 1 ETH
Periods Pre-sales: 11.20.2017 - 11.30.2017
Period Crowdsale: 15/12/2017 - 30 / 12/2017
Currencies Accepted: ETH, BTC, USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, DKK, SGD
Minimum Cap: 4,000 ETH
Cap Maximum: 40,000 ETH
Price pre-sales: 1200 AID = 1 ETH + bonus of 20% compared to crowdsale.Harga Crowdsale is 1000 AID = 1 ETH, without bonuses.

We will soon announce how to participate in the pre-sale AidCoin. Join our group to keep official telegram update:  https://t.me/aidcoincommunity
Users Token
donors, charities, fundraising organizations, can use these tokens as a medium of exchange to create and track donations and access AIDChain platform. Investors can use these tokens as a store of value while contributing to support the nonprofit world.
Token unsold at the time of ending the sale will be mined when the contract is sent to the smart ETH, unsold actual token is not created.

Nov 2017: Launches token pre-sale
DEC 2017: Launches token crowdsale (ICO) and enroll in the exchange-storey
Q1 2018: Delivering AIDPay, began to convert from a fiat and the most popular
cryptococcal Make embed widgets to be integrated to a charity
donation buttons to their donation page. The first beta of AIDWallet
Q2 2018: Completing the first beta of our AIDChain explorers and integration
with APIs bank.
Q3 2018: Removing the second beta AIDWallet, allowing the cashout feature
crypto for fiat
Q4 2018: Most transactions were made through AidCoin CharityStars.
Partnerships with other players will be achieved.
Completing the final AIDChain products with several new features
such as KYC donor, emails etc. traking system.
Q1 2019: Developing a set of new APIs for additional network AID

Overview of the projects being developed non-profit institutions that are still running, supported by a team of professional work and to see the complete information you can read the document  Whitepaper  or about to be bergbung interact directly with the existing LINK below as reference material.



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