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The rapid development of global trade covering all fields and almost all countries in the world. The construction market has significant growth in world trade. AIDA developers, especially in the construction sector experienced a sharply increasing on line sales. If payment is made in crypto currency, transacration speed will increase. However, the construction market will have the same problems as other sectors. Let's focus on building material delivery mechanisms: 
There are many construction jobs and foundations to be completed by the construction company in accordance with the demands of the building owner. 
There are many factory and production facilities that produce construction materials such as iron, cement and other complementary products. 
The execution of delivery of construction materials from manufacturing to storage or end users. 
The business process that is also important here is the storage of construction materials in warehousing.
This is an important key to the delivery chain of construction material that has its own problems. We start from the customer. Corruption in the procurement department poses a serious problem in the company and sometimes reduces the company's profit. Complications in delivery control, no procurement system, dishonest suppliers in the procurement of goods are not easily detected because of a good package of goods. Other problems lie in the documentation flow for accounting documentation such as contracts, taxes, reconciliation reports and more. The other potential risks are the quality of the goods caused by the long distance of delivery from suppliers and companies.
Logistics and warehousing typically have problems in the flow of documentation in business processes. Frequent customer and order flow is not good enough. If the warehouse does not have enough goods or unstable workloads cause logistics can not walk which means the company lost profits. While manufacturing works in accordance with standard sales planning that does not allowkakehin to control the flow of production chain and sub-service quality. 
Develop an automated sales service that will solve 90% problems in the market. 
Being number one in the sales service in the world that can consider the core issues of users, but also provide maximum service convenience and functionality.
There are ways to solve problems for all business processes by dividing the equipment that will work in the form of a single organism. AIDA is a decentralized autonomous service that unites participants and provides an advantage in the exchange of information. The service consists of six key elements: 
multi-lingual market 
- customer membership area 
- production 
system - logistics management system - warehouse management system - 
promotional tools for network affiliation and purchase
There is a special market for sales and marketing in the AIDA project. Marketing is designed to extract and select building and building construction. Searching will reduce the price. With AIDA single service. The main issues that AIDA can solve are eliminating intermediaries and corruption, increasing new demand, managing demand, cost optimization, achieving quality and planning analysis, easy to use, relevant data, participant security, digitalization and e-commerce development.
AIDA works with automated platforms for the sale of construction materials, massive customer data updates on a regular basis, systems for ordering, production, and supplying materials, the possibility of working without passing through intermediaries, optimizing marketing and sales costs, cost and time automation in production and contractor search , development of e-commercial market, legalization of payment of construction market production, clarity of composition and quality of goods.
Investment services are developed as a universal that is useful for business process optimization in many markets and helps to enter the international market. AIDA plans the inauguration of blockchain for faster internal setup and for the regulation of all Sercive Level Agreements (SLAs) based on smart contracts that lead to the growth of the crypto community and increase the demand for crypto currencies.
The steps needed to make money is to sign up as a business partner, have affiliate links, put links in ads or on blog / canel / post, verify the process automatically and manually, all colleagues have the same opportunities but all that depends on sales sales.
How to make money service
Economical investment and distribution of tokens and bugets
Application of Blockchain in Construction Business Services
AIDA uses the Etherium platform. Blockchain is installed on all infrastructure and is customized for our needs. Users can refill electronic wallets using exchangers, fill their balances with standard payment systems (PayPal, QIWI, VISA, etc.). The first payment comes to AIDA's service balance, then follows contract performance with SLA manufacturers and amendments. If the supplier wants to withdraw the payment, he / she will receive the money in the account through our billing system. After the introduction of crypto to make payment transactions, the system will be in the location of the profitability point of the fiat. At the same time, with the help of this service, manufacturers will be able to purchase raw materials, they will be able to pay quickly and receive them without frequent delays in the fiat currency.
The main goal of the AIDA project is to establish a crypto economy where tokens will support the ecosystem. AIDcoin is based on the most suitable, and fastest, etherium platform. In the etherium network, the data is recorded as a chain link block. Smart contracts in etherium show in the form of groupings that can be implemented in different languages ​​before being sent to blockchain. In the AIDcoin blockchain, smart contracts will regulate between buyer and supplier transactions of goods and services. This will solve the problem of supplier cheating.
Smart contract AID Token is compiled based on ERC20 standard ( https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/blob/master/EIPS/eip-20-token-standard.md). The hallmark of the smart-contract is the fixed token price and pegged to USD and not the ETH which protects the investor from the risk of volatility of the ETH currency. The platform displays every 30 minutes that transmit the actual ETI / USD exchange rate in the top five cryptocurrency exchange as a parameter of the smart-contract. Ethereum is not the only currency investor that can be used when investing, they can also choose to buy BTC, LTC, BCC and even USD tokens. Transaction processing in this currency is activated on an automated platform, which processes every single incoming transactions equivalent in USD. It also tracks the number of verifications from a single transaction and transmits a token to an investor's Ethereum address.
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JUBS - Descentbralized Ecossystem On-demand Works with Internal Cryptococcus of Honor

Lately we can observe the trend of unemployment among youth. Is it true? They do not need money? Or maybe they do not have any ability? Really not! More and more young people are moving from rented jobs to take-off and on-demand jobs. Why it happens more and more often is a very acute problem and it is impossible to answer it can fit in several lines. So I will not focus on you.
But after adopting this trend for the inevitable, it will not be hard to guess that in the freelance market we need a lot of order and order. As the day progresses in geometric development and attracts more attention from dishonest employers, irresponsible offenders or just scammers and other impurities.
Let's talk about numbers to understand the scale of the problem.
US Labor Statistics shows that the labor force has increased from 17% in 1989 to 36% today, and is forecast by 2020 to reach 43%. In Latin America, lack of employment contributes to a significant increase in the number of young workers in the autonomous labor market.
According to the latest report of the Ibero-American Youth Organization (OIJ), 157 million young people in Latin America. By 2020, 50% of the world's workforce will be young and five years later, this number will increase to 75%. Currently, the unemployment rate among young people is three times higher than for adults. Only in Brazil there are more than 30 million people providing services at home or third party homes, causing this sector to account for 10% of Brazil's GDP by 2016 or about $ 40 billion annually.
So, I think this market is huge. However, the process of recruiting autonomous service providers faces some risk and inefficiency due to the insecurity and complexity faced by this traditional model of this precarious function. And and I think that we should reconsider how we develop and manage our working relationships.
And not just me, Brazilian startup company "JUBS Tecnologia em Serviços LTDA" think the same thing. And they not only think about it, they have started to change this market and have big plans for the future.
JUBS Tecnologia em Serviços LTDA is an idealized Brazilian startup company in 2015, selected by Brazil's largest accelerator - Inovativa Brasil - among the 300 most innovative Brazilian startup companies in 2017.
JUBS was released in version 1.0 in the form of market service applications after extensive market research and product validation. It's already available on Play Market here: click here So you can easily and quickly check how it works!
Throughout the process, he has established solid partnerships with companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook, and today underwent a strategic transition from decentralization, migrating from competitive business models to cooperatives. The JUBS platform initially emerges as a solution for anyone who needs professional help to complete a task or perform a service, be able to find reliable people among your network of friends and your region, so that the process of contracting offline services into the technological environment, focusing on the needs average user.
Faced with the development and consolidation of the Ethereal blockade technology, the new concept of decentralized applications offers the most promising path to JUBS dreams to create a sustainable future for modern working relationships.
HONOR appears only as transactional crypto, but also a token utility that reinforces the entire JUBS platform. These include: The decentralized market for the supply and demand of jobs, services and tasks. Conversion of bank credit, installment and fiduciary money in repetitive crypto payments or repeated services. The permanence of informal history of work and professional identification has not changed. Maintenance awards, penalties and professional reputation in a transparent manner. A trustworthy and conflicting resolution in online and offline services. Communications tapes and collective liability insurance are unchanged. In addition to the provision of services and long-term guarantee execution.
It was developed under the vision of not only feeding the JUBS platform, but also building a decentralized service exchange community between Latin American clients and professionals, with the primary objective of making it the main source of income and between young workers employed
The cryptocurrency HONOR (HONOR cryptocurrency (HNR) will be distributed with an HNR ratio per 1 ETH to participants based on daily rates in the initial contribution period, beginning on 15 January 2018. The initial contribution period will run for 4 weeks or less than 24 hours if the USD 15M ceiling is reached.
About the JUBS ecosystem as a whole, the problem with which the platform aims to resolve, implementing blockchain and smart-contract and lots of other information you can find in learning about Whitepaper and its official website  . You should also check their ANN Thread in the bitcointalk forum.
A few words about ICO and the ongoing PRE-ICO, the HNR token, and about the team standing behind the project.
Will be available 63 million coins with a total value of 100 million. All revenues relating to the initial contribution period will be used to finance research & development, information security and the international expansion sector. 5% of the currency will be used as working capital between the large HONOR membership phase and the buyback of the investor currency in the partner exchange, the other 5% will be part of the award machine as an incentive for good reputation and court involvement among platform users Also 10 % of the coins will be distributed evenly among JUBS team members, whose numbers will be frozen in the smart contract for 2 years. The remaining value will be distributed between launch marketing and project advisor.
HONOR is a utility token:
According to the Howie test, tokens that have utility functions on the platform and the investor or buyer not getting any reward or interest simply by investing in tokens are considered to be utility tokens. HONOR currency must be used by superiors on platforms to hire and accept jobs. HONOR coins have utility functions in our platform
HNR will be sold in a fixed ETH relationship with a bonus period. The goal is to raise the equivalent of $ 15 million in ET by selling 100 million HONOR tokens, which will determine the exchange rate and will be determined shortly before the execution of the contract.
Links to LinkedIn profiles can be found here:https://honor.appjubs.com/#descricao-honor
Also the ICON HONOR Project can be found at icobench.com:https://icobench.com/ico/honor-jubs/ratings#ratings where its rankings are at 4.2 / 5
And of course I must say that it is the PRE-ICO stage now, and if you decide to invest in it now you will get a BONUS + 50% big for your HNR token amount. So I wish good luck and earn money with HONOR!
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BABB: is a decentralized bank for micro economics.

Friends, I fell in love with a young and ambitious project team BABB! I read the story of the leader of the BABB how he came to this idea, what problems and obstacles stood in his way. I can say that this project was created for ordinary people, like all of us. I am very pleased to inform all readers of my blog that the Baab team collected the hard cap of its pre-sale! Congratulations!

BABB is a decentralized bank for microeconomics, providing individuals and businesses with a bank account ,equipped with blockchain technology.

The new bank will be based in the Great Britain.Account management is carried out through the application for smartphones and provides access to a decentralized payment card and will allow users to use both fiat and crypto-currency.
BABB will give everyone the chance to become their own bank. Anyone in the world will be able to open a UK bank account. Anyone in the world will have access to banking, regardless of their income, background or nationality. All they need is a smartphone.
So, BABB plans to release 50,000,000,000 BAX tokens.

What is the BAX Token?

  • BAX is the native token for use on the BABB platform. It will be at the core of BABB’s operations, both as a medium of exchange, a store of value, and a unit of account.
  • It will enable local digital currencies issued by central banks to access international remittances and payment gateways for their local citizens
  • It is a settlement protocol token for transactions over blockchain.
BABB has an excellent plan that includes 2 phases with an interval of at least 1 year. In this interval, the team plans to release the finished product to the market-application.
First phase
20 000 000 000 BAX will be released at the first stage — 0,12 cents (0,0012 US dollars) for a token. Pre-sale opens on January 15 with a 25% discount. The main sale is in mid-February, with a discount, including 15% on the first day.
Second phase
As soon as a workable product is released and a banking license is obtained, the BABBteam plans to release another 10 billion BAX tokens to meet the increasing demand, either as a next round of token sales, or via mobile application. This will happen no earlier than in the third quarter of 2019.
The money that will be collected in the second issue will be used to finance expansion into new markets and the development of full functionality of applications.

The finished products from the BABB team are :

-a high-quality application for smartphones to make the banking system simple for its customers.With the BABBapp, you can open a UK bank account from anywhere in the world by taking a selfie and saying a passphrase.You can send money to any other BABB user anywhere in the world instantly and for almost no charge.Also you will have the opportunity to exchange currency without any middlemen.It’s cheaper, faster and easier than doing it any other way.
-Payment card: The new card will be attached to the application without any data stored on the card itself. This will allow users to buy goods from any seller who has an account on the platform.
The new card will work without the need for VISA or Mastercard.
The Black Card it is a secure payment card that links directly with your BABBbank account via a secure QR code or NFC tag.

Why would I want a bank account based on blockchain technology?

No one wants to be a victim of fraud, does not want his personal data to be stolen.
BABB uses blockchain technology to protect your data.
Data protection will be implemented through various means of storage and encryption. They will be optimized for security by default and presented in a clear and intuitive user interface.
The blockchain allows you to carry out a transaction without an intermediary. Your account will be connected to the account of any other BABB user in the world, and any financial services that you need can be crowdsourced through peer-to-peer transactions.
You can trust other users on the platform BABB,because all BABB users will have digital identification provided by several technologies, including biometric data and geolocation. This means that you always know who you are communicating with.
Also, the use of AI for “dynamic KYC” will be introduced, creating a profile for each user to make it easier to detect scammers.
BABB’s platform promotes trust,therefore introduces an innovative ‘Social KYC’ process into platform.
“Social KYC” allows anyone who is completely KYC-ed, with proven documentation, to vouch for other users and place them on the platform.
BABB has formed 3 levels, differing in limits and functional. The level of the user will be determined depending on the level of identification he has passed.
Level 1: the full functionality of the application, a modest balance and transaction limits.
Level 2: full application functionality, generous balance and transaction limits.
Level 3: full functionality, generous limitations and the ability to vouch for others.
As you can see, the BABB team is a team of successful businessmen, scientists, crypto-investors, researchers and engineers, with a promising idea that is already being implemented!
Do not miss the opportunity to make a successful investment in the new year!
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