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The rapid development of global trade covering all fields and almost all countries in the world. The construction market has significant growth in world trade. AIDA developers, especially in the construction sector experienced a sharply increasing on line sales. If payment is made in crypto currency, transacration speed will increase. However, the construction market will have the same problems as other sectors. Let's focus on building material delivery mechanisms: 
There are many construction jobs and foundations to be completed by the construction company in accordance with the demands of the building owner. 
There are many factory and production facilities that produce construction materials such as iron, cement and other complementary products. 
The execution of delivery of construction materials from manufacturing to storage or end users. 
The business process that is also important here is the storage of construction materials in warehousing.
This is an important key to the delivery chain of construction material that has its own problems. We start from the customer. Corruption in the procurement department poses a serious problem in the company and sometimes reduces the company's profit. Complications in delivery control, no procurement system, dishonest suppliers in the procurement of goods are not easily detected because of a good package of goods. Other problems lie in the documentation flow for accounting documentation such as contracts, taxes, reconciliation reports and more. The other potential risks are the quality of the goods caused by the long distance of delivery from suppliers and companies.
Logistics and warehousing typically have problems in the flow of documentation in business processes. Frequent customer and order flow is not good enough. If the warehouse does not have enough goods or unstable workloads cause logistics can not walk which means the company lost profits. While manufacturing works in accordance with standard sales planning that does not allowkakehin to control the flow of production chain and sub-service quality. 
Develop an automated sales service that will solve 90% problems in the market. 
Being number one in the sales service in the world that can consider the core issues of users, but also provide maximum service convenience and functionality.
There are ways to solve problems for all business processes by dividing the equipment that will work in the form of a single organism. AIDA is a decentralized autonomous service that unites participants and provides an advantage in the exchange of information. The service consists of six key elements: 
multi-lingual market 
- customer membership area 
- production 
system - logistics management system - warehouse management system - 
promotional tools for network affiliation and purchase
There is a special market for sales and marketing in the AIDA project. Marketing is designed to extract and select building and building construction. Searching will reduce the price. With AIDA single service. The main issues that AIDA can solve are eliminating intermediaries and corruption, increasing new demand, managing demand, cost optimization, achieving quality and planning analysis, easy to use, relevant data, participant security, digitalization and e-commerce development.
AIDA works with automated platforms for the sale of construction materials, massive customer data updates on a regular basis, systems for ordering, production, and supplying materials, the possibility of working without passing through intermediaries, optimizing marketing and sales costs, cost and time automation in production and contractor search , development of e-commercial market, legalization of payment of construction market production, clarity of composition and quality of goods.
Investment services are developed as a universal that is useful for business process optimization in many markets and helps to enter the international market. AIDA plans the inauguration of blockchain for faster internal setup and for the regulation of all Sercive Level Agreements (SLAs) based on smart contracts that lead to the growth of the crypto community and increase the demand for crypto currencies.
The steps needed to make money is to sign up as a business partner, have affiliate links, put links in ads or on blog / canel / post, verify the process automatically and manually, all colleagues have the same opportunities but all that depends on sales sales.
How to make money service
Economical investment and distribution of tokens and bugets
Application of Blockchain in Construction Business Services
AIDA uses the Etherium platform. Blockchain is installed on all infrastructure and is customized for our needs. Users can refill electronic wallets using exchangers, fill their balances with standard payment systems (PayPal, QIWI, VISA, etc.). The first payment comes to AIDA's service balance, then follows contract performance with SLA manufacturers and amendments. If the supplier wants to withdraw the payment, he / she will receive the money in the account through our billing system. After the introduction of crypto to make payment transactions, the system will be in the location of the profitability point of the fiat. At the same time, with the help of this service, manufacturers will be able to purchase raw materials, they will be able to pay quickly and receive them without frequent delays in the fiat currency.
The main goal of the AIDA project is to establish a crypto economy where tokens will support the ecosystem. AIDcoin is based on the most suitable, and fastest, etherium platform. In the etherium network, the data is recorded as a chain link block. Smart contracts in etherium show in the form of groupings that can be implemented in different languages ​​before being sent to blockchain. In the AIDcoin blockchain, smart contracts will regulate between buyer and supplier transactions of goods and services. This will solve the problem of supplier cheating.
Smart contract AID Token is compiled based on ERC20 standard ( https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/blob/master/EIPS/eip-20-token-standard.md). The hallmark of the smart-contract is the fixed token price and pegged to USD and not the ETH which protects the investor from the risk of volatility of the ETH currency. The platform displays every 30 minutes that transmit the actual ETI / USD exchange rate in the top five cryptocurrency exchange as a parameter of the smart-contract. Ethereum is not the only currency investor that can be used when investing, they can also choose to buy BTC, LTC, BCC and even USD tokens. Transaction processing in this currency is activated on an automated platform, which processes every single incoming transactions equivalent in USD. It also tracks the number of verifications from a single transaction and transmits a token to an investor's Ethereum address.
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