Senin, 22 Januari 2018

AstorGame:  a new generation of e-sports and gambling

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Today I would like to start a conversation about a rather interesting area. Sphere of eSports. I think many have heard that at the moment, online toys have begun to be recognized as a real sport. In fact, this is the case. After all, people sitting at computers, show their skills in a particular game and are fighting for victory. And this is at least a competition for the right to be a champion in this or that game. Take, for example, CS or Dota 2. It’s only on one side that it seems that everything is simple. But in fact you need to have direct hands and very good knowledge. At the moment there are major championships, with big prize funds for the victory. And how many people are watching these events, there are generally sky-high figures. So, well, everything is clear. But what about the casino? Than not eSports. Bets, what can be steeper and exciting, how can this be? Take the same poker, this is a game. Action and adrenaline is complete! So, okay, everything is cool, but, for example, how to be sure of the transparency of their rates. What kind of uncle, does not take your money yourself? Or on one or another platform does not happen a failure and your finances will sing romances? Or, for example, that the game is being honest? And here comes to us such a wonderful project, like AstorGame. I suggest getting to know him better. that the game is being honest? And here comes to us such a wonderful project, like AstorGame. I suggest getting to know him better. that the game is being honest? And here comes to us such a wonderful project, like AstorGame. I suggest getting to know him better.
AstorGame is a platform for e-sports and gambling, based on modern technologies such as Blockchain and smart contracts. This platform is suitable for absolutely any category of users. Those who love eSports, or those who like to bet. Fans of kibsporta, can take part in such games as, for example, FIFA 2017 or for fans to shoot — CS. Well, lovers of bets can accordingly do them on kibsport either simply, for some events. So to say everything that your heart desires. Well, or if a person simply loves gambling, he can enjoy all the delights of the casino. The platform is unique. Moreover, its uniqueness lies in the use in this direction of the technologies Blockchain and smart contract. We are all worried about the integrity and purity of the win. Well, or even for the state of our funds in a common bank, for example, in a casino. Well, accordingly, many people often thought about honesty. And is not their computer fooling with a win? And how to be in this situation? The sense in what, no matter what happens to the platform, the means that users have made, will be returned using a smart contract. And, it will be done instantly. So that the user can not be afraid for their blood. What about information on payments and winnings. The platform will make entries in Blockchain and use smart contracts to manage the logical part of the business, programming prize payments, paying tickets, bets, lotteries, programming tournaments and results. All these data are public and can be checked at any time. Which is also a huge plus.
Let’s see, what do we have with honesty in the casino? On the platform there is a bunch of technologies that would inspire confidence in users that no one manipulates the results of games and everything is honest. For example, such technology is provable fairness (Provably Fair). This technology allows you to check the user’s compliance with the rules of the game. And so to conduct a check, whether none of the third parties, did not impact on these very results, that would put players at a disadvantage. Also, such encryption methods are used by the means of the cryptographic algorithm. Using a hash function (SHA256), and executing a series of fonts, we get several hashes (alphanumeric lines: combined numbers + letters). One of these values ​​is provided directly by the user’s browser and this value will not be known to AstorGame,
What about selling tokens:
A total of 100,000,000 ASTOR tokens will be issued. This token is compatible with ERC20 based on Ethereum. There will not be any additional issues! After the end of sales, all tokens that will not be implemented will be burned.
As the main goal of the company is in 10 years to become the leading online gambling company in the world market. And that would be great. It’s not even difficult to sum up. This project is very promising. So, how will it combine what is needed by a huge number of the public, and most importantly thanks to those technologies that are being implemented in the project, it should earn 100% user confidence.
BTT Username: HunterXZoldyck
My ETH address: 0x22Ac34EFe105C201C22Dabf975d609439F7FfA4c

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