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ERISTICA - Progressive P2P platform That Encourages Participation in Demanding Situations

Eristica is a revolutionary P2P platform to participate in 
contests, betting and online competitions. The strong architecture of the project allows to combine the two 
offline tests and e-sports competitions. And by using blocking technology, the project lets users create unlimited Challenges and participate in them transparently.

The most important advantage of the Eristica project is the viral effect of 
user generated entertainment content. Video from Challenge getting 
millions of views, and the average duration of a single session 
is a 13-minute record for the industry. The communities involved and 
socially active in this project gave Eristica a leading position in between 
audience of millenials.


Eristica can even create a platform where a great person's style can interact all the time so as to produce a degree of synergy that way. Young demographics who may have never handled crypto-forex earlier than did, have the possibility to try products and services within the crypto company. This will create the entry of new users and speed up the technique of introducing crypto-forex into the hundreds.

Everyone is consequently thought to benefit from this paradigm. The creator of the crypto project gained access to a vibrant new target market, developers who did not get the platform, where they could apply their ideas. The Eristica network, on the other hand, can have the possibility to get prizes for hobbies and contributions to 
business development.

How to paint the ERT shop?

Token ERT - is a forex in sports that is followed by customers to win a contest or a successful prediction. Through tokens, customers can participate in challenges with celebrities or use them to shop for access to environmental services.
How can I participate in ICO? (BTC / LTC / BCC)

Notice the rules under the instructions here: h ttps: //goo.Gl/CH5oYZ
How can I take part in ICO? (ETH)

Go to https://eristica.Com and click on the "Invest now now" button. The button will be visible because ICO starts.

Copy the deal to overcome the "Buy ERT token for ETH" phase.
Enter or enter your Ethereum wallet.
• Do not send ETH from the stock! If your ETH is exchanged, transfer it to the appropriate wallet (we propose to apply https://www.Myetherwallet.Com ).

• How to make Ethereum bags?
Open MyEtherWallet and go to the "send ether & token" tab ( https://www.Myetherwallet.Com/#ship-transaction )

Fill in the amount that needs to be invested into the contact address
Payment min zero, 01 ETH
Suggested limitation gas two hundred 000
Click on the "Add custom token" button and fill in the following statistics in the field:

Address: 0x92A5B04D0ED5D94D7a193d1d334D3D16996f4E13 
Token Symbol: ERT 
Decimals: 18
Click on the "shop" button

Now you can see the ERT token for your Ethereum pouch.
Sign in / list https://eristica.Com to display your ERT token in your personal account.

Nine) Scroll down the web page to the "the way to get ERT token" tab and input your Ethereal.
Go to Balance faucet, your ERT token can be displayed there about 3 minutes.
Why is it profitable to shop ERT tokens at some point of ICO

During ICO, tokens are offered at low cost. It is expected that when they appear on the alternative key crypto pathways, their rates will grow primarily. Even if making a decision to promote your token on the first day of trading, you can benefit.
What is the inventory limit of the ERT token

687,575,392 ERT tokens may be issued under smart contracts at the commencement date of ICO. All tokens that are not offered may be burned after the ICO.
How the token is shared

70% is allocated for ICO sales, 10% is held for the group, 10% is earmarked for Eristica Challenge Fund and 10% is reserved for early buyers, advisory and reward campaigns.
How can I remove my token?

You can sell it on the stock exchange. 
Compatible exchanges that you can use will be seen in close destiny.

How to create a wallet at https://www.Myetherwallet.Com
Create a password of not less than nine symbols; click "create new pouch"
Download Keystore File (UTC / JSON) and save it.
On your screen you may see "private key", you should back up it. Please, no more losses, can not be recovered.
Access to your wallet via "private key", be it in the right segment.

Click "Unlock your wallet".
You managed to create your pocket! 
Scroll down the webpage, reproduce and save the address of your ethereum pouch. 
You must enter this address for your personal account at https://eristica.Com to display the purchased ERT token.



Eristica's efforts have spearheaded innovation in the realm of a demanding situation that by 2015 and has accepted that assumption is true with more than one million subscribers. Exponential platform growth is a clear indicator of the level of user-generated content created by the fact that movies with the challenge of getting millions of views and encouraging new users to opt-in.

For more information :

Website: https://eristica.com/
Ann thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2473473
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eristica/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eristicaapp

Telegram: https://t.me/eristicachat
BTT Username: HunterXZoldyck
My ETH address: 0x22Ac34EFe105C201C22Dabf975d609439F7FfA4c

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