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ICO Review Authoreon — Authorization, Authentication, Verification & Certification

ICO Authoreon — Authorization, Authentication, Verification & Certification -
Authoreon is a decentralized authorization, authentication, verification & certification and thus securing previously unsafe instances and functions. Authoreon solutions prevent fraud, cyber attacks, identity and immaterial material theft, and they provide a thorough trace-ability to supply and chain ownership.
The Platform The Authoreon platform solution will be accessible via a user friendly GUI that easily manages the graphical user interface (GUI) that will be optimized for MetaMask but will run in decentralized browsers (eg Mist).
Authoreon’s overall platform architecture involves several components that utilize the properties and characteristics of blockchain, cryptography, artificial intelligence (AI) technology and maximum security substitution, authorization and traceability. We achieve this by creating two separate overlay protocols at the top of the blockchain: synapses and key access layers.
Mobile apps
All Platform functions will be fully reflected in mobile apps (for Android, iOS and Windows) to enable key authorization functions, mining interactions and wallets.
This platform will offer a variety of modules, each handling different use cases, each running different smart-contract-as-aservice (SCaaS), each with different processing rates and costs.
Plugins, APIs & Marketplace
In mid-2018 plugins and extensions will be available for 3rd party systems, the platform will be discussed via the protocol²²-key-protocol for external developers and will include markets for third-party extensions.
Authoreon is based on ASUS ‘open source, sensor, and innovative genetic, open source, and distributed computing platforms, which provide a complete ethernet virtual machine (EVM), enabling smart contract execution.A participant wants to add assets or transactions to blockchain all other participants in the network running an evaluation algorithm to verify the transaction. If most nodes agree that the transaction is valid, then the asset or transaction is authorized and written to blockchain.
Blockchain Etaceum reaches consensus using the Proof-of-Work algorithm, which uses hash functions to create conditions in which each participant is allowed to reveal conclusions about the information being transmitted. The results can then be verified by all other participants in the system. The wrong result is excluded by the hash function parameter, because it will fail to calculate.
While blockchain uses the Proof-of-Work algorithm to reach consensus, the access lock layer will implement the Proof-of-Stake function, similar to the Proof-of-Work system, but participation in the consensus-building process is limited to those identified Legitimate shares in blockchain, eg Individuals who have coins or Autheon customers with many assets or transactions in blockchain. Here, the calculation of hash functions is replaced by a simple digital signature that proves ownership of shares.Authoreon aims to be at the forefront of the authorization platform blocked. To this end, Authoreon proposed this initial coin offer (Crowdsale).
Detail Token Authoreon:
Token Symbol: AUTH
Total Supllay: 1,0000,000,000 (1 Billion)Details Crawdsale and AUTH Token Allocation:
Crowdsale starts on: 19th August 2017 to 14th October 2017.
Hard cap Crowdsale: $ 34,000,000
Payment Accept: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH
1% to cover cost tokensale
33% on sale at ICO
33% to provide
33% participation incentives maintained by Authoreon
Token Ethereum ERC20ICO Authoreon targets fundraising from a minimum of $ 500,000 to a maximum of $ 34 million USD due to developments.
1 AUTH available for 0.00133333 ETH.
25% to 5% Bonus in Automotive token offered to original contributor.
BTT Username: HunterXZoldyck

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