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IQeon: decentralized gaming PvP platform


IQeon is a decentralized gaming PvP platform, which allows players to earn real (fiat) money on their achievements. IQeon represents an infrastructure that will allow the integration of games, applications and services based on intelligent competitions between users, as well as applications and services for motivation. The name “IQeon” is not chosen by chance and is a combination of two concepts. Part of the name “IQ” implies a common abbreviation of the term “intelligence quotient”. Part of the name “Eon” is a concept from ancient Greek philosophy, meaning epoch, eternity, generation. These two concepts reflect the worldview of the project, which, in the modern era of innovation, actually has human intelligence as a driver that guides the progress of humankind. IQeon is the first platform where players can earn money thanks to their intelligence and achievements. This will be realized by using the internal currency in the IQeon ecosystem, which at any time can be converted to the crypto currency — IQeon tokens (IQN) issued based on Ethereum blockchain. IQeon tokens (IQN) can be freely exchanged at existing cryptocurrency exchanges, or transferred to fiat money on a MasterCard card thanks to the established partnership with bank.


IQeon decentralized gaming PvP platform IQeon represents an infrastructure that will allow the integration of games, applications and services based on intelligent competitions between users (Player vs Player).
Fully supported by Ethereum blockchain, mechanism of smart contracts, on the basis of which IQeon token is issued, will provide permanence and reliability of the conditions of each competition, as well as a guarantee of winning.

vision and solusions IQeon

Solutions, with the help of which you can, playing intellectual games, get as a win real (at) money are not widely used on the market.

So far, 97% of gamers do not have the ability to monetize their achievements in the gameplay. The remaining 3% attempt monetization in the following ways:
specialized services and auctions (20%)
thematic forums (12%)
direct agreements between players (8%)
illegal exchanges (3%)
The remaining 57% of attempts to monetize cannot succeed because of account blocking by developers or fraud, which leads to the loss of all virtual achievements.
IQeon solves this problem by using IQeon game currency. Earned IQeon when transferred to the user’s personal account of the platform is exchanged for IQeon tokens, which can then be freely purchased and sold at the cryptocurrency exchanges.

The market does not have solutions that allow organizing PvP competitions with xing conditions and automatic payment of gain to the winner.

Game scenarios of IQeon platform applications allow players to enter into a dispute between themselves by placing a bet in IQeon on a certain achievement or event. The system will automatically pay the gain to the winner.

The authors of content for intelligent games do not have the ability to monetize their groundworks without serious investments in the development of technology solutions, for example, mobile applications.

An application designer based on the IQeon SDK platform will be implemented. With its help, game content developers will be able to create new applications based on existing scenarios and game mechanics with minimal effort.

Receiving payments in mobile games and applications through the App Store and Google Play is associated with large commissions (30%).

The total commission for exchanging IQeon tokens (IQN) in fiat money will not exceed 10%.

The developers receive one-time earning for in-game purchases.

IQeon platform allows the developer to earn money from each bet. The platform uses the following system of charges and rewards: players who want to make a bet or “fight” in one of the games, place equal bets (for example, 500 IQeon). The amount of bets makes 1000 IQeon, 88% of which comprises a prize fund, that the winner will receive, and 12% (120 IQeon) is the platform’s fee. 50% of the platform’s fee is paid to the developer as a reward.

Bonuses and game points received in one game cannot be used in other games

IQeon platform solves this problem by the possibility of exchanging the local currency for IQeon (IQN) tokens. Through the platform user’s private account, the internal currency on the balance of any game or platform application can be converted to IQeon (IQN) tokens and vice versa.

Advantages of IQeon platform

Purposes of the platform

IQeon team develops a flexible and scalable platform for the rapid launch of new products that allow players to compete among themselves in a variety of intelligent and logical tasks, receiving IQeon internal currency for the best result. Another direction for the development of IQeon platform is motivational applications. This direction is especially important in the field of education, sports, and the observance of a healthy lifestyle. Often people do not have enough inner motivation to study certain material, or force themselves to run in the morning, or lose several kilograms.

Technical advantages

The blockchain technology guarantees reliability and anonymity of all payment transactions in IQeon system, and IQeon (IQN) token itself corresponds to the ERC20 standard, which makes it compatible with existing wallets and stock exchange crypto-currencies, and allows its easy integration into a variety of products and solutions. Fully supported by Ethereum block chain, mechanism of smart contracts, on the basis of which IQeon token is issued, will provide permanence and reliability of the conditions of each competition (bet), as well as a guarantee of winning.

Advantages of the platform for developers of games/content

A ready developed infrastructure for the introduction of payments based on the cryptocurrency into its own products.
The use of IQeon tokens is consistent with the App Store Review Guidelines and the Google Play Developer Policy.
Reduction of charges for developer fees withdrawal (from 30% Google Play and Apple Store to 10%).
Additional game audience for your own products.
API that allows quick integration of your products into an existing ecosystem.
SDK for rapid deployment of new applications based on IQeon platform.

Advantages of the platform for players

Genericity. The internal currency IQeon, earned in one game, can be used in another one. Liquidity. Using your own platform wallet IQeon tokens can be exchanged for fiat money and sent to the MasterCard card.
Convertibility. Using multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, IQeon tokens can be exchanged for any other crypto currency (bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, etc.).
Reliability. Thanks to the blockchain technology, all transactions of IQeon tokens in the ecosystem are of no return; they are repeatedly recorded in the decentralized transaction register, and thus are protected from forgery and any types of fraud. The use of smart contracts ensures that the terms and conditions of each dispute are recorded and invariable and guarantees payment of the winnings.
Anonymity. IQeon platform allows players to remain anonymous.

Advantages of the platform for investors

Games and applications for self-development field shows rapid growth, and IQeon platform is the first solution in this area that allows players to receive income in the form of liquid crypto currency.
Developed partnership system, involvement of third party developers in IQeon ecosystem and expansion of its own product line will lead to a growth in the audience of users and increase in demand for IQeon token.
These facts should ensure the growth of the value of IQeon token, which can be purchased at the lowest price during the Crowdsale period.

Platform description

IQeon platform focuses on the range of applications for self-development, logical games and PvP disputes. Below are the developed scenarios for applications that will be implemented in the platform. This list will be constantly supplemented in the process of platform development:

Scenario for motivation and self-development

This scenario assumes that two players bet on the fact that one of them (player A) will perform a certain action (lose weight by X kilogram, go to college, hit a basketball in the basket 10-peat, etc.). Each of them contributes the same amount, which will be paid, after deducting the platform fee and developer’s reward (total 12%), to player A if he performs the action, or to player B, if player A would not perform the described action.
All transaction terms pass through IQeon API to the blockchain and cannot be changed. After completing or not of what is described in the conditions of the action, both players must confirm the corresponding result in the application. Payment of rewards is accomplished through the mechanism of smart contracts.
For cases, if the players do not agree on the result of the dispute, the mechanism of remote conflict resolvers is implemented in the application. Players can choose an arbitration option for their dispute, and a remote conflict resolver will make a sound decision about the results of the dispute according to the materials provided (picture, video). An additional charge for invocation of a conflict resolver will be deducted from the prize fund.
Both friends and unfamiliar with each other players can participate in the scenario. The second option will be implemented through the listings of achievements. The first listing will contain requests from players “I’m ready to bet on XX IQN that I will do …”, and each player can respond to such a request. The second listing will contain the queries “I bet on XX IQN that no one can do …”, and again each player respond to this challenge.

Scenario for PvP disputes

This scenario is similar to the previous one, however in such a scenario the dispute can be concluded for any event (the result of a sports match, election results, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, whether it will rain tomorrow, whether the morning train will arrive on time, etc.) and between a group of players.
In addition, in this scenario, there may be differences in the mechanism for determining the results. For many events, the result can be automatically loaded from the trusted resource API and entered into the system by a smart contract. In this case, no confirmation of the outcome of the dispute is required by all players. If the result cannot automated, the approach described in the first scenario is applied. Arbitration is involved in disputable cases.
The mechanism for fixing the terms of the dispute and paying out winnings is also similar to the first scenario.

The mechanism for fixing the terms of the dispute and paying out winnings is also similar to the first scenario.

This scenario is applied to already existing and new services and applications of aimed at education (training courses, learning foreign languages, etc.).
In such applications, on-line training is paid. The course usually consists of theoretical information, audio recordings, video clips, and interactive assignments, tests for intermediate and final control.
For additional motivation of trainees, the following mechanism is applied: the user pays the cost of the course in IQeon tokens and starts training. For high results in tests, as well as for certain activities, the trainee receives a reward in IQeon internal currency, thereby returning a part of the paid course cost. The application developer or the author of the course determines what part of the cost (maximum) the learner can return in the form of rewards is determined.

Scenario for quest game with AR

The given scenario involves player’s passing of a sequence of levels for time. Each level represents an intellectual puzzle for determining the location (park, public building, courtyard, bridge), after arriving at which the player looks for a code placed with the help of AR or a hint that will help the player to give an answer to the current level. After entering the answer in the application, the player moves to the next level, gets the next puzzle, etc. The quest is announced in advance and starts for all participants at the appointed time. The participant who has passed all levels in a minimum of time wins. The prize fund is divided among the players who have taken the first 3 places, commensurate with the occupied position and the difference in the time of passing.

Advanced scenarios

The IQeon team plans to expand the list of game scenarios using modern technologies, such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and VR/AR (Virtual / Augmented Reality) after the launch of the platform.
AI based on neural networks will use a constantly improving self-learning algorithm for creation and generation of logical tasks.
VR/AR will add the games with contests implemented in virtual reality to the IQeon platform.

What are the benefits of IQeon tokens holders

for users

General ecosystem

IQeon internal currency, earned in one game, can be used in another.

Exchange for other crypto currency

Using multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, IQeon tokens can be exchanged for any other crypto currency (bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, etc.).

Transfer to Mastercard card

IQeon tokens can be exchanged for fiat money and sent to MasterCard card using your own platform wallet.

Growth of IQeon’s value

Involvement of third-party developers into IQeon ecosystem and expansion of our own product line will lead to growth in users’ audience and increase in demand for IQeon token.

Protection against fraud

The use of blockchain technology and smart contracts ensures that the terms and conditions of each dispute are recorded and invariable and guarantees payment of the winnings.


IQeon platform allows players to remain anonymous.

for deveopers

Additional game audience

Additional game audience for your own products.


Availability of API that allows quick integration of your products into existing IQeon ecosystem.


The use of IQeon tokens is consistent with App Store Review Guidelines and Google Play Developer Policy.

Reduction of commissions on withdrawal

Reduction of charges for developer fees withdrawal (from 30% Google Play and Apple Store to 10%).

Solid audience

The gaming audience competes on IQeon tokens, which are easily converted to fiat money.

The use of Ethereum blockchain

The block system technology guarantees reliability and anonymity of all payment transactions in IQeon system, and IQeon token itself corresponds to ERC20 standard.

IQeon ecosystem

IQeon token

General release
10,000,000 IQN

General description

IQeon token will be released on the basis of Ethereum platform and fully comply with ERC20* standard. Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration.
Herewith, the use of IQeon token is not limited to just the platform ecosystem. After platform startup, IQeon token will be available for buying/selling on the crypto currency exchanges.

Functions of tokens

  • bets and remunerations in game rooms and disputes.
  • remuneration for a certain activity (player of the day, player of the month, etc.)
  • payment of game developers’ remuneration.
  • payment of remuneration to digital content copyright owners.
  • payment of remuneration for partner programs.

Tokens sale

Tokens pre-sale (Round 2)

January 8, 2018 (9:00 AM UTC)
January 15, 2018 (9:00 AM UTC)
Acceptable currencies
Number of tokens for sale
800,000 IQN (8%)
Tokens exchange rate
1 ETH = 550 IQN
Minimal transaction amount

Main offer of tokens

January 30, 2018
Acceptable currencies
Maximum raise goal
20,000 ETH
Number of tokens for sale
6,500,000 IQN
Tokens exchange rate
1 ETH = 325 IQEON
Minimal transaction amount
0.1 ETH
Maximum transaction amount
not limited

Distribution of issued tokens

Use of funds

Road map

  • 2016Q3
  • The origin of IQeon platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.
  • 2016Q4
  • Elaboration of IQeon platform legal model in various jurisdictions. Attracting of $ 50,000 investment. Development of the gameplay mechanics. Development of a pilot application IQ Clash for the future platform.
  • 2017Q1
  • Attracting of $ 300,000 investment. IQ Clash OU company registration. Team building.
  • 2017Q2
  • Attraction of advisors. Development of the IQeon platform mock-up. Technical audit.
  • 2017Q3
  • Development of a partnership model in IQeon ecosystem. Trade enquiries. Agreement with a partner bank. Development of IQ Clash API. Start of the platform development. Start of ecosystem formation (more than 30 partners).
  • 2017Q4
  • Preparation for ICO. Development of a smart contract for IQN token release. PreICO conducting. Continue the development of the platform. Ecosystem formation continuation (more than 100 partners).
  • 2018Q1
  • ICO conducting. IQeon API development. IQeon web application development. IQeon API and IQ Clash API link testing. New IQ Clash applications development. IQN tokens listing on crypto-currency stocks. Start of the marketing campaign to attrac
  • 2018Q2
  • The platform integration with Ethereum blockchain. Development of IQeon blockchain control subsystem. Integration of IQeon API with partner applications. Release of platform’s beta version. Start of IQeon wallet and tournament functionality development.
  • 2018Q3
  • Platform and IQeon wallet release. MasterCard debit cards issue. Gaming services API integration and tournaments release. Continuation of an active marketing campaign to attract end-users.
  • 2018Q4
  • Further development of the ecosystem (2000+ partners, 45+ IQ Clash applications, 2.5 million active users). Development of IQeon SDK.
  • 2019Q1
  • IQeon SDK release. Additional game mechanics development. Involvement of partners to develop new applications based on SDK.
  • 2019Q2
  • Implementation of AI technology in IQeon API and IQeon SDK. Addition of new mechanics using AI into the list of game mechanics.
  • 2019Q3
  • Development of game mechanics using AR/VR technologies. Integration with IQeon API applications for PS, Xbox, etc.
  • 2019Q4
  • Further development of IQeon ecosystem (10,000 partners, 150 IQ Clash applications, 15,000,000 active users).

Project team

Vadim Dovguchits

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Business Analyst, Blockchain Enthusiast, MBA. Supervisor of startup projects, expert in trademark rights (IT sphere).
Has many years’ experience in the creation of IT-projects monetization strategies, development and sale of mobile apps and games (the total value of trade inside the network exceeds $1M).

Igor Podlesny

CSO (Chief Strategy Officer)
18+ years in IT & T, financial services, launch and promotion of new products and services experience. Master’s degree in ’Computer Science’, Bachelor in ’Computing systems and networks’. Founder and owner of companies in different spheres such as:
  • hosting and virtual servers (Latvia)
  • fixed-line telecom carrier (Latvia)
  • provision of worldwide roaming mobile services (Estonia)
  • financial services consulting (Latvia)
  • Android OS mobile platform for confidential communications (United Kingdom).

Pavel Kazimirenko

CTO (Chief Technical Officer)
10+ years IT experience. C ++ developer, Founder & managing director at BESK Complex Solutions (a group of companies having more than 100 employees in 4 countries).
Customers: Bloomberg, ORION, Hyundai, Microsoft, Ulmart. 500+ realized projects, 10+ successful start-ups, mobile apps OS dev expert.

Samoilo Alexander

Financial Consultant
Financial advisor, a subject of Swedish Kingdom, with the right to counsel the management of banks and other financial institutions. Financial director of the institutional investment company ‘ABA Marketing’.
Since 2002 is a Forex expert. Author of the book ‘Complexity in simple words. Real advice on how to achieve financial independence’.

Alexander Pavlov

COO (Chief Operating Officer)
9+ years IT experience. CEO & founder of ‘Webinsight’ LLC. It is among TOP-10 companies of web developers, rated by the RU-part of the Internet.
Clients: Regula Ltd., SOLAR Laser Systems, Lumenix Fabrika.

Roman Glushchuk

The representative of IQeon in the United States and Canada
IT-entrepreneur. In the IT business during more than 10 years. Founder of three IT companies. President of REDLINE IT, INC. (Boston, USA). CEO of Red Technologies company (Minsk, Belarus).
Successful management of an outsourcing company with the staff of more than 150 developers, the offices of companies are located in 4 countries.
There are Siemens, Citrix, Cisco, AT&T and other international companies among the company’s clients.

Alexander Paramonov

CLO (Chief Legal Officer)
10+ years of experience in the legal support of IT companies: start-ups, gambling, and blockchain projects around the world.

Mikhail Larchanka

Blockchain dev
Blockchain, React, Nodejs, Docker, Solidity developer.
Front-end dev, speaker, startups and hackathons meetups judge.
Professional experience:
  • Sytac (Technical lead)
  • Liberty Global (Front-end Engineer)
  • EPAM Systems (Senior Software Engineer).

Timur Latfulin

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
Founder of Digital agency ‘Webmart Group’. Specializes in the development and promotion of mobile games and applications.
Implemented more than 300 projects around the world with DAU 150,000 people.

Denis Tolstashov

Head of Mobile Development
Denis is involved in the commercial software development since 1999.
Wide and strong IT architecture skills were gained and proved by him during the paling the important role in developing and delivering more than 80 products to market. IQeon is a fifth blockchain-related project where he is involved as a technical expert.
He is CEO and co-founder of Wimix LLC, which is producing complex software solutions (Fintech/Crypto, mHealth for US, EU, and Israel markets).

Dmitri Markevich

Smart Contract Developer
9+ years in IT experience. System and network administration specialist, blockchain and web developer, teacher. Implemented more than 100 projects.

Anastasia Petrenko

PM/BA (Project Manager, Business Analyst)
Participated in the development and maintenance of large projects in the field of e-commerce, mobile games and applications. Customers: Ulmart, Smart SATU, Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange, etc.

Pavel Sakun

Software Development Engineer
Developer, 10+ years experience in data integration and business intelligence in Hyperion solutions, Oracle, Pentaho, Hitachi, EPAM.

Paul Moukhin

Digital Marketing Strategist
Digital marketing, Blockchain, and Crypto competence. 8 years management experience.
Clients: Yandex, Marriott, Eurovision, Tente, Ford.

Vitalik Lagutik

Community Coordinator
Community, bounty and account manager. 5 years experience in game development (VironIT — TOP 25 software development companies published in LinkedIn).


Genadijs Dola

Financial Consultant
The founder of the institutional financial company ABA Marketing group Inc.
Has an MBA and over 20 years of experience in financial consulting.
He is one of the first directors of the Swiss company SI Save-Invest Ltd. (investment in life insurance programs)

Richard Dilendorf

Business consultant, mining expert
Leader of Bitclub Network mining-group.
Founder of the mining pool with the capacity of >409 PH/s.
Founder, manager, fintech advisor of a number of companies from the USA, Japan and the EU.

Maksim Halinouski

PMO / ICO Expert / Blockchain Expert — BESK Commerce
Aplikasi e-niaga, seluler, iOS, platform Android dan cross-platform dev, blockchain, kompetensi AR. Pengalaman 11+ tahun IT. Sampai 3000 proyek selesai. Klien: Bloomberg, ORION, BOSCH, Range-Rover, Bayer, Vodafone, McDonald’s, Parrot.com, Nestle, Schick, NHTICO, dll.

Vyacheslav Fedorov

Expert in the field of the payment systems organization (infrastructure, business processes, protection against fraud, etc.), marketing and online projects promotion (Web and Mobile). Speaker, mentor and an expert in e-commerce conferences, StartUp schools and business incubators.
Projects: Yandex.Money — the head of regional development. Yota — the head of the department of payment systems development. MoneyOnline [dengionline.com] — the head of the marketing department. Go2See — the commercial director of the air tickets aggregator.

Aleksejs Cepulskis

Private Banker (Bank is among the 10 TOP largest banks in Latvia),
Rural Support Service (Ministry of Agriculture of Republic of Latvia),
Graduate Data Researcher (“Bloomberg LP” Commodities Team, Quality assurance).
Graduation: King’s College (London, UK) MSc — Accounting and Financial Management; The University of York (York, UK) BSc — Economics and Finance.

IQeon in media


Further Information:

BTT Username: HunterXZoldyck
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