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NTOK - It's Very Important That We Work Without Intermediaries.

Hello here I will describe about Ntok project, and here is the review:
Ntok.io, a decentralized global learning platform based on the interaction between teachers and students through online platforms using smart contracts. Ntok.io's peculiarity is that the platform facilitates the daily life of students in the offline world, where students should not only agree with the teacher about the lesson, but also visit them at a certain place at a certain time. In Ntok.io, students can find tutors in any subject in just a few clicks and can learn from them anytime and anywhere with no geographical or time zone restrictions you can worry about.
"Our advantages include the reliable teacher classification recorded in the detachment. Thanks to this, students can be sure there is nothing wrong in the classification of teachers. A qualitative increase in the level of trust in the service, which means strong competitive advantage over other Internet schools, "said Maxim Shekhovtsov, CFO and co-founder of Ntok.io. "It's important that we work without intermediaries. In traditional schools, teachers receive from 7 to 20 dollars for lessons, while in school - the rest. We create paths that improve efficiency: we do not rent space for classes, no sales managers, administrators, and more on our platform. That's why we cope well with small commissions, and students save money. «
The primary payment method and getting excess on the platform will use the NTOK token, all course payments will be made exclusively on this token. The service fee on the platform will be determined by the participants themselves, so when the exchange rate for the token increases, the price listed in the token will go down, but eventually it is marketed. "We will make it possible to pay to understand that this may be necessary in the conservative community of students and teachers," explains Shekhovtsov. "However, we charge a small fee of 10%, but we will inform all participants how to buy our tokens and do not pay these fees."
In addition to paying their own training sessions, NTOK token owners can also use it to purchase additional educational content and materials from partners Ntok.io. Privileges will also be available to the medal owners. Teachers will be able to improve their ratings and get more students, while students get a 50% discount for company commissions and thus save dollars in each lesson. It's in a flat commission that the project is planning to make money: it will only be worth $ 2 per lesson on the NTOK tokens. Part of the token goes into the platform's operating costs.
Ntok.io is not the only platform in the field of online education; Platforms like Duolingo, Tutor Varsity and iTutorGroup, work with them. Nonetheless, the founders of Ntok.io say that their main competitor is the off-line market, whereas currently 95% of all teachers and teachers are concentrated. Ntok.io wants to change the current situation and stimulate the mass migration of teachers and students into the online world. According to experts, in the coming years this online market segment will increase by no less than 70%.
To make this plan a reality, Ntok.io has the most important advantage: a very powerful team with remarkable experience not only in the field of EdTech (for example, the launch of an online school tutor Ninja for successful online English learning), but also , retail, media, iOT, artificial intelligence and robotics. The Ntok.io Group is based on Andrey Kravets (CEO and founder), Maxim Shekhovtsov (CFO and founder), Natalia Assenova (Director of Marketing and Sales) and Alexey Borisov (Technical Director). In addition, Ntok.io assembles a group of prominent consultants between managers of major international corporations, ICOBox advisors and leading representatives of crypto exchange businessmen, experienced businessmen and leading Internet service providers such as Auto.ru, HH.ru and KinoPoisk,
For more information :
WEBSITE: https://ntok.io/
BTT Username: HunterXZoldyck
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