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Algorithm trading is a form of trading used often in investment banks, pension funds, mutual funds to reduce the cost and impact of risk involving the trading. The main aim of this form of trading is not to make profits, but to transact higher volume of trade transactions.
OptiToken is a hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency, supported by an automated tokenized portfolio that utilizes professional trading techniques and economic strategies for token value optimization like strategic buy pressure and supply scarcity. The project was launched in November 2017.
The Ecosystem
It can be divided into three parts- the Exchange, The server and the Application. There are also two sub blocks , one to receive the market data and the other to order request to the exchange. The exchange basically acts as a storage hub for data that is received by the server. The exchange consists of latest order book, traded volumes, and last traded price (LTP) of scrip.
The algorithm works on taking the advantage of price changes among a select group of tokens in a basket. There are various coins in the ecosystem such as the growth coins, stable coins, undervalued coins, and coins which will be used by the ecosystem for relevant transactions. They basically empower anyone and everyone to trade like a professional. Also, to ensure that profits are continuously met, they may trade a small part of their portfolio in fiat currency.
The Features
They are a diversified platform that where all forms of cryptocurrencies can be traded. They charge low fees than self-managed portfolios and also are open 24/7 as the world of cryptocurrencies do not sleep. Algorithm trading is their USP to create a highly secure and transparent ecosystem for users to trade with confidence. Since they are using Blockchain technology for their transactions, we can expect tracking and verification of data at all points of time.
The Algorithm trading platform is has on-going issues related to robustness and consistent safety measures. To tackle such issues from occurring, they have split the active portfolio into divided the tasks into smaller groups where some are left to manual trading to keep the balance in place. Also, another issues that could crop up is the development to implement machine learning. This is again, handled by allowing the system to integrate learning patterns and behaviour based on cryptocurrency metrics. Hence, this kind of trading will benefit small portion of portfolio.
The Token
The ICO is scheduled for April 2018,Their token is built on Ethereum ERC20 whose value addition comes from trading profits made by transactions. They will focus on Opti will focus on are tokens with strong communities, sufficient volume, strong marketing presence, strategic partnerships. For further details, do visit their website.
This is one of a kind unique portfolio to help investors maximise their profits with their algorithm trading. With the kind of advancements that they have already made, they are on the mission to jump to greater heights. They have a confident and creative team of tech enthusiasts who continue to contribute to growth driven operations. Apart from this, they are currently creating and testing 2.0 user interfaces.
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