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MEDIA Protocol

MEDIA Protocol is a new solution providing exchange between the content market participants for a win-win cooperation. The economic function of the protocol is to create a direct channel for content creators to promote content  directly to consumers, so that they could pay directly to the creators. Content consumers could also gain special tokens to reward content creators and publishers. Tokens will support ecosystems localising content distribution apps to reduce the monopoly of the content distribution platforms.
MEDIA Protocol is a new solution building the relations between content publishers and consumers. The project provides an ecosystem for the content exchange. 
Besides, the MEDIA Protocol gives a lot of financial incentives. It encourages content creators and brandsto upload the most relevant content in order to give the most transparent, efficient and enjoyable online UX.

How does it work?

The MEDIA Protocol is an open architecture with an omnidirectional economy, where publishers, creators and content consumers can exchange content, data and financial incentives. The MEDIA Protocol promotes a direct two-way token flow: from publisher to consumer, and vice versa. It facilitates the payment for the content. The MEDIA Protocol is a new ecosystem where the content creators can directly interact with consumers to build a more transparent, efficient and enjoyable online content experience for everyone. 


The blockchain provides several key advances making the MEDIA Protocol realization possible. Blockchain decentralisation is the way to remove intermediaries. As the network is completely transparent, the blockchain prevents any system manipulation and fraud. The blockchain also enables fast micropayments with fiat money for each interaction. With the blockchain technologies, transaction processing costs will be almost eliminated.
The two key advantages of the MEDIA Protocol
  • New economic rules are optimised to create the highest value for content publishers, promoters, distributors and consumers;
  • The implementation of innovative functions provides a better UX (an offline wallet of the in-app wallet). 

Consumer benefits

Content consumers will be able to earn and spend tokens on the MEDIA Protocol platforms. Consumers will be able to:        
  • Receive reward payments from publishers and content promoters for their interactions with the content, and for distribution and expression of their preferences;              
  • Accumulate tokens in their accounts that can be exchanged for valuable assets on the MEDIA Protocol ecosystem;
  • Pay discretionary tips to publishers and content distribution platforms providing relevant and interesting content;              
  • Make micro-transactions by tokens in order to pay for content access in the form of paywalls or subscriptions.


The content distribution and payment is a relevant and up-to-date question. The details of the MEDIA Protocol ICO are still unidentified. But, no doubt, this is a really perspective project, attractive for investors.
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Team behind the project is consisted of highly educated professionals, each an expert in their field of work.
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You can find detailed information on the following links:
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