Minggu, 30 September 2018

EXCALIBUR OS : Revolutionary System for Computer Systems

An Operating System Designed for PCs & Laptops, which will solve the problem of Virus and Data Theft with a unique method of data security systems, and also solve the second major problem of the System users where users can now experience several platform applications on Excalibur OS, which means application files from Large OSes like "Android, Windows, Mac, iOS & Linux" will be supported by the Excalibur Operating System.
The concept project is called the Excalibur Operating System, which will solve the problem of Virus and Data Theft with a unique method of data security systems, and additionally it solves the second major problem of users of the System where users can now experience different platform applications on Excalibur, meaning file applications from the main OS will be supported by Excalibur Operating System.
  • No Virus can affect - Computer security is that level so there is no Virus that can affect the work of the Excalibur Operating System.
  • Supported applications from various platforms - The second most interesting part is that Excalibur supports application files from Google Android, Apple iOS, Apple Mac, Ubuntu Linux, and Microsoft Windows. The system easily executes all file types supported by the system listed above without problems.
  • Mining & Trading Management System - This system is designed with a Mining & Trading Management system that helps in managing various coins or tokens. It also has script editing tools such as registering different coins for mining, with access to virtual money conversion and transfer systems.

Benefits are rewards for token holders who have invested in our Business Model or Token. We will provide various types of benefits for the token holders described below
  • The price of the ICO Market will increase in the near future, which will be a benefit to the token holder according to the trade point of view.
  • The BETA Version Operating System will initially be launched for Token Holders in Quarter 1 of 2019
  • Mining Management will be very easy by Excalibur OS.
  • There is no more expensive fee for Antivirus
  • Tokens can be sold internationally via the internet
  • Tokens have a liquidity premium (> 1000X increase in time-to-liquidity)
  • Transparency of use of funds, escrow can be used to verify how funds are spent after the ICO
  • Initial contributors will have more liquidity at the initial stage
  • Initial access to tokens that have fast capital growth potential
  • Contributors are usually the first users of tokens - so it's not like holding a company whose products have never been used, ironically our tokens can be more real than securities.
Excalibur Features:

  • Artificial Intelligence - Artificial Intelligence is the future of the world and Excalibur will lead this
  • Easy maintenance - The Game Industry is widely known and accepted in the world and Excalibur will work and improve over time
  • Market For E-Commerce - Excalibur Will Extend The Market Through The E-Commerce Market.
Token Sales

  • Starting - 3 Sep 2018 (08:00 IST)
  • The number of tokens sold - 2,000,000,000 XOS
  • End - October 3, 2018
  • Token exchange rate - 1 USD = 100 XOS Tokens
  • Acceptable currencies - ETH, BTC,
  • Minimum transaction amount - 100 USD
  • Bonus & Referral - 500,000,000
  • Bonus & Referral - 500,000,000
  • Pre ICO - PRE ICO: 200,000,000 ICO: 1,800,000,000

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