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Lucre(LCR) Project : Algorithmic trading Platform on a BLOCKCHAIN Network.

What is the Lucre?
  • LUCRE is an exclusive automated trading system & signal service for Cryptocurrencies, created to outperform the strategy of just holding Cryptocurrencies. It is developed by a team with 8 years of algorithmic trading experience.
  • LUCRE algorithm was build on a philosophy - Don’t HODL; Trade! allowing trading both ways long and short. The great appeal of this project is the ability to generate revenues in all market conditions, buying and selling at every perceived opportunity. Even when the market is going south the algorithm attempts to make profit by shorting it.
  • Lucre Trading Algo will be running on a Metatrader trading platform.
  • LCR token will only be sold during the pre sale and Token sale main event.
The LUCRE Team
  • EMERSON CRUZ: Algorithmic Trading developer
  • AMAN SIDHU: Blockchain Developer
  • VISHAL JAGGI: Frontend Developer
  • ARJUN PURI: Developer Intern
  • YOGESH GAUTAM: Legal Consultant
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The LUCRE Advisors
  • MANU KHULLAR: Director, Innovation & solution Acceleration
  • BOGDAN FIEDUR: ICO advisor, ICObench expert
  • SYDNEY IFERGAN: Crypto & ICO community expert
  • DMITRY PSHENIN: Founder ICOboard, Advisor ICObench
  • GABRIELE BERNASCONI: Co-founder at Genuino Blockchain lab
  • MIKE SNYDER: Co-founder BitcoinATM360
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  1. Distribution of tokens09-09-2018 22-52-36 PM.png
  2. Budget allocation09-09-2018 22-53-53 PM.png
  • The token to ether price ratio is adjusted dynamically such that token price tracks $1 (the bonus
    structure is then applied on top of this).
  • Token Presale: 15th Oct 2018
  • Token Main Sale: 14th Nov 2018
  • Token Type: ERC20 – Ethereum Blockchain
  • Maximum Supply (Hard Cap): 12 500 000 LCR
  • Available for Purchase: 10 000 000 LCR
  • Minimum Token Sale Contribution: 0.1ETH
  • Minimum Raise: $2 000 000 USD
  • Maximum Raise: $7 000 000 USD or 10 000 000 LCR Tokens (whichever happens earlier)
  • Price per token:
    Pre-sale (30 days, up to 10 000 000 tokens): $0.77 (30% Bonus)
    Week 1 of Main Token Sale: $0.83 (20% Bonus)
    Week 2 of Main Token Sale: $0.87 (15% Bonus)
    Week 3 of Main Token Sale: $0.91 (10% Bonus)
    Week 4 of Main Token Sale: $1.00 (No Bonus)
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  • Based on the 8 years of experience in Foreign Exchange Algorithmic Trading, we have seen that the interest may rise once the algorithm is performing well and increased numbers of participants are going to be attracted to the project.
  • LUCRE is an exclusive platform because participants with access to the algorithm signals and autotrading are limited, this exclusivity being controlled by the number of tokens. If you want to receive the signals or utilize Autotrading, and you did not participate in the Token sale event, you will need to buy tokens from the original participants.
  • Trading algorithm will be taking long and short positions and bet in both the bull and bear markets thus diversifying and optimising the portfolio performance.
  • As a Token sale participant, you can decide to earn money selling the tokens, as the benefit of being an exclusive service and the results of the algorithm trading should see a rise in price or hold it and receive the ongoing profit tracking the performance of the trading algo.
  • LUCRE is poised to set a new standard for cryptocurrency participation. It aims to alter the tendency to HODL the crypto assets which doesn’t always give high returns as we have seen since the peak in December 2017. Holding the LCR tokens gives access to the high performing trading Algo which takes aims to better perform than just HODLing it and hoping it will keep going up.
Author: SanZoldyck

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