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V-ID: Validation on the blockchain

Fraud relating to documents is an aspect that is the subject of much attention worldwide. Yet it happens that fraud is committed in this area, which of course is not desirable. V-ID want to offer a solution on the blockchain to prevent problems related to various types of fraud. With such a solution, it will be possible to use this solution in various industries, which will help prevent fraud committed by documents. In this article you can read more about V-ID, the blockchain solution for blockchain-driven validation.

What is the project?

The project team behind this idea already has a lot of experience in this area and with this experience they hope to lead this project in the right direction. They characterize V-ID itself as a possible alternative to file certifications and digital signatures. Since a lot of online is happening today, it is important that this can be done in a safe and responsible manner. V-ID can be useful in various industries, such as health, technology and education. Another important advantage of the project is that they have already served certain customers in these sectors.

Token Details

The experienced team of V-ID has been developing this idea since the first quarter of last year. In the coming period, according to the road map, it is time for the sale of the coins. This will happen in two phases, namely the pre-sale and the regular sale of the VIDT coins. The price of a coin will be $ 0.20 and the maximum bonus is 35 percent. The sooner you buy, the more bonus you get. The project can be realized when a minimum of 1 million dollars is raised. The hard cap, however, is 8 million dollars and until mid-December it is possible to get tokens.

Other information

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