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ZAMZAM BLOCKCHAIN BANK - Our Future is for Cryptocurrency


The best investment one can take part in this 21st century is in the Cryptocurrency.No doubt about because if you really understand how the blockchain system works and how it is making a lot of investors millionaires then partake in the open testing of digital money exchanges by telephone number and acquire extra ZAM tokens.


Zamzam mission is to accelerate the procedure of the change from a customary money related framework to a completely computerized economy all together for banks and monetary establishments everywhere throughout the world to wind up open, reasonable and productive through the execution of blockchain and decentralized frameworks.

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* Straightforwardness of all activities in blockchain. Continuous distribution of the Zamzam bank's nitty-gritty money related exercises. Open consequences of bank review. You have never worked with such an open managing an accounting framework! 

* Diminish costs by dodging the chain of delegates and relinquishing out of date techniques for overseeing budgetary associations. 

* Give clients a decision among brought together and decentralized resources stockpiling. Future is for half breed frameworks, which give an opportunity of a decision. 


Quit squandering your consideration on many money-related applications with extremely constrained functionalities. The zam.wallet eradicates the limits between conventional cash and digital currencies while staying more productive than the market by 2-3 times.


Easy budgetary administration for your business! 
Working together has never been so natural, instinctive and computerized. While building up the zam.merchant, we considered the requirements of thousands of businessmĐľn from everywhere throughout the world. 


Quick budgetary blockchain in light of Stellar fork.
We are making a free blockchain save money with the most minimal commissions for the end client. This innovation is framed based on our money-related framework to make the Zamzam items decentralized.


platform: Ethereum
Token standard: ERC-20
Power token: 8 500 000 000 ZAM
Token face value: $ 0.02
Total amount OF Zam tokens for sale: 65%| 5 525 000 000 ZAM | $ 110,500,00 at face value
Soft Cap: $ 11 100,000
Hard Cap: $ 55 400 000
Accepted cryptocurrencies: ETH, BTC, LTC
Private sale period: June 18-December 3
Bonus for participants pre-sale: 35%
Pre-sale: October 22 to November 5
Bonus for participants pre-sale: 25%
The duration of the Token Sale: November 5, December 3
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Author: SanZoldyck

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