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433 Token - Empower Football Fans Around the World

Football is the most popular sport in the world. It is estimated that there are more than 3 billion fans in the world, including 520 million fans. But how can a team of 11 football teams interact with 520 million fans? If fans want to support the stars, they can only do it in a way that supports the team.
Football Legends Ltd. is a Hong Kong startup that specializes in blockchain technology. The company hopes to launch "433 Token" by applying blockchain technology and smart contracts to football. 433 Token to go The centralized form draws the distance between the superstar and the fans.
433 Token is a crypto token developed to create an ecosystem which will enable the integration of the blockchain technology with football. The prime objective behind the development of the 433 Token is to empower and enable football fans around the world with three main functions:
  1. Sponsoring the star to nurture rookie players,
  2. Participating on the star auction event,
  3. Voted the venue of the football legend league game, star lineup, game form and so on.
The 433 Token Ecosystem will bring Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts to football, making the sport more transparent and efficient, while at the same time empowering fans with capabilities they could only dream of before. In doing this for the 3 billion football fans around the world, 433 Tokens will, in return, promote Blockchain technology and its acceptance all over the world.
433 Tokens, designed as a ERC-20 token with its DApps and Ecosystem to be run on the Ethereum platform, available for football fans of all ages without any provision for betting or gambling. The 433 Token will allow fans to help in the development of the next football star, interact with the legends of the game, also have a say in the things that matter on the field.
433 Tokens will allow the people around the world to sponsor the mentors, the current legends, to search for the next star in the game. This cryptocurrency will also allow the investors to bid on events, which will reward them with a chance to have a special moment with the legends themselves, whether it is a simple lunch or a Fans vs Legends football match. The 433 Token will allow the investors to vote for the events and the venues at which star-studded Global Legends Series exhibition games will take place. All the above will be done through blockchain technology, allowing transparency, security, and scalability.
433 Token has been developed by Soccer Legends Limited, a company co-founded by entrepreneurs Jason Sze and Raymond Wong. Other members of the team include Dr. Wailok Tam, Alex Fong, and Anthony Huang, all serving key roles in the company. There are nine advisors on board as well, along with football legends like Andriy Shevchenko and Paul Scholes, who have signed up to be mentors to the upcoming stars.
The 433 token standard is ERC-20, Football fans of all ages from all around the world can access and invest in 433 tokens, through the 433 Token official website. There will also be no betting and gambling utilities in the 433 Token Ecosystem. However, residents and citizens of the United States of America and The Peoples Republic of China are not eligible to participate or invest in the 433 token.

Token Detail

Token Ticker: 433
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000
Token for Sale: 300,000,000
Acceptable currencies: ETH
Token price: 1 Token = US$0.09
Hard cap: US$27 million.
Author: SanZoldyck

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