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Aeternumcoin - Popularly used platform for mining

The Aeternumcoin and initiators have set well defined objective for themselves of easily generating the digital money, in kind of cycle that assures growth of intrinsic value steadily. For such purpose, the group of professionals in a team has been put altogether that is consisting of some specialists from sectors like programming, IT, distribution, law, mining, and management and also from high-frequency trading.
ICO- Details- 
AET or Aeternumcoin or token as you know is an ERC20 standard that is based on an Ethereum token that grants all its holder full right in doing investment in Aeternum funds. The users could also get profits from the professionals trading into digital currency or sell on the exchange by following the registrations. AET coins or tokens are not granting any shareholder or corporate rights. The proceed resulting out from Aeternum coin offerings will be given to the Aeternum fund as Ethereum for doing trading in digital monetary and invested to mining rig for subsequent operations.  The operation mining gains are re-invested to both Aeternum fund and in collecting the mining rigs; it continually increases net value assets of AET coins and AET funds. The holder of AET funds only is entitled in collecting by well-managed account share into AET funds.  
The tokens to users will be offered at the beginning of pre-sale phase on January 1st 2k18 and official offerings is on 1st March 2k18. Offering will going to get ends by earlier sale of coins or by 30th June 2k18. Offerings are opened up for global public, except for the investors that is Slovak Republic and US based.  
Use of proceeds- 
• Covers third-party prices like marketing, administration and regulatory, ICO cost, contingency and legal for an unexpected third party 
• For trading through AET funds 
• The investment in mining rig and is those subsequent operations.  
With the lesser of Ethereum contributions might buy AET coins that will receive a credited to respective wallet through ICO. The proceeds are resulting through ICO and are converted in EUR or USD for buying and operate mining rigs. It is provided into Ethereum form to AET funds to do the trading in virtual currencies. Profits through operation of mining rigs is splits in further investments as purchase form of mining rigs and is giving out funds as cryptocurrency form to AET funds. The contributors purchased AET tokens, and then in sole secretion choose whether to invest by AET tokens in Aeternum funds, sell some of the tokens on cash exchange or various digital currencies. 
Official links for more details,
Telegram Url : https://t.me/aeternumcoin
Author: SanZoldyck

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