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AIRCRAFT - Blockchain-based Environmental System

Hello Everyone, I will introduce the project about Aircraft, If you are willing to join the Aircraft project, let's look at the following reviews:
Aircraft Company is a blockchain based eco-system, the main mission is to expand the boundaries of cryptocurrency influence in the whole world and to ensure the availability of cryptocurrency payments.
Our network is an association of high-quality specialists and companies in tourism industry. This union represents the worldwide professionals who set as primary aim to make the use of the cryptocurrency in the tourism field affordable, as well as to provide a higher level of security and quality of services in travel.
Unique platform allows to pay with more than 30 currencies, including cryptocurrencies. Special AIRT token opens doors to the world of discounts and special offers to its holders!
Aircraft Network is designed to solve such financial and tourism problems as fraud, charge-back, overbooking, reservation mistakes and low quality of services provided. We believe that gathering, stortage and updating information in once connected system will help both clients and partners of the network to avoid problems. Aircraft aims to ensure that each transaction for each reservation and ticket is fare and no one client will be deceived.

Features Aircraft

  • Flights
    The fastest and the most comfortable way to travel is by plane. Enjoy excellent level of onboard service!
  • Cars
    Take a ride in a reliable and fast car, which is provided by our partners in car rent!
  • Hotels
    Get acquainted with the best hotels all around the world with splendid services in everything from location to cuisine and many facilities like spa and gym.
Learn the unique culture of new places, taste the cuisine of different peoples and take part in enchanting festivals.
Ferry & Cruise Ship
We offer best prices on ferries and cruise ships in the North Eupore, in the Mediterranian sea, in and around Asia. Enjoy piqturesque views from your comfortable cabin, taste meals in restorans and just relax during the vacation.
More than 500 cruises will be available to book.
Nothing can overshadow your journey, if it is prepared by professionals. We will take care of your life insurance and your luggage during the trip!
Trip insurance could cover anything from lost luggage to emergency medical care. It can reimburse covearge in case of cancellation insurance. Just choose the perfect fit travel insurance plan from one of our trusted providers.
Aircraft tokens are working like a coin-shield for payment system, that protects wallet information and transactions.
Tokens are accepted for all services on the platform. By using tokens for payments client gets discount if amount of tokens covers more than 50% of the price.
  • Platform with the best offers
    The best price offers depend on choosen currency or more complex travel packages on the site, which were compiled by our best agents. Every client will get the adventure he desires.
    If client needs a full escort of trip, he or she will be assigned a personal agent who will monitor the safety and high maintenance during the journey.
  • Aircraft App with AI
    Aircraft Application is a complex mobile app which consists of wallet to make payments in the system and the search engine to find the best offers from out platform.
    The app is secured with 2-factor authentication for dashboard and transactions. In the app you can interact with our Artificial Intelligence - Airberry. It can answer question about future trip, announce currency rates, inform the traveler about critical situations in the country, rallies, unfavorable areas (with high crime rates), notification of mass events.
  • Aircraft Payment Bracelets
    This payment bracelet is equipped with NFC-module, which provide the payments in the system. The bracelet is connected to mobile app and allows to pay for services on our resorts. Aircraft will provide the bracelet with a special NFC-module for payments, as well as a Bluetooth module for connecting to the smartphone. Synchronization with Apple iOS and Android will be available. The bracelet allows to get access to a lot of entertainment and cultural events, the tourist will be able to see a full list after the acquiring a tour. This waterproof bracelet will be given for free to the VIP clients of the Aircraft platform during their stay in our 5-stars hotels-partners.

Pre-ICO Details

  • Start : September 15 13:00 UTC
  • End : October 10 13:00 UTC
  • Price per token : $0.60
  • Amount of tokens : 10.000.000
  • Hard Cap : $5.000.000

ICO stage 1 Details

  • Start : November
  • Duration : 40 days
  • Price per token : $0.80
  • Amount of tokens : 20.000.000
  • Hard Cap : $15.000.000

ICO stage 2 Details

  • Start : TBA
  • Duration : 60 days
  • Price per token : Dynamic price
  • Amount of tokens : 40.000.000
  • Hard Cap : None

Distribution Token



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