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BitCoin ONE - Decentralized And Community Driven

When you see Ann 2018 Cryptocurrency and the essence of Satoshi Nakamoto first launching the Bitcoin whitepaper on October, 31 2008. An idea of the Digital Currency Peer-to-Peer system was born. You might be able to clearly see some of the challenges of what the cryptocurrency faces now.
The fact that we are facing 2018 is what happens to Bitcoin is expensive transaction fee and slow transactions speed. Bitcoin and Litecoin team are working on lightning technology. further the atomic swap, this might speed up transaction times and then be able to easily exchange Cryptocurrency and others.
Further we see governments around the world are trying to regulate Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency and create Cryptocurrency from their own countries.
The fact you can say that no one can really stop Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency. The only way to stop bitcoin is to stop the entire internet. They have no other choice but to accept Cryptocurrency in the world.

Why BitcoinOne?

Bitcoin One supports decentralized Cryptocurrency, unlike Riple, which is controlled by banks and state issues.
BitCoin ONE is a community-based project. Decentralized means that no country or company controls it. Ecosystems are based on people who help in marketing, support & development.
"What is needed is an electronic payments system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust, Allowing any two willing parties to transact directly witch each other without the need for a trusted third." explains Nakamoto in the Bitcoin whitepaper.
BitCoin ONE is developing projects with use cases, which are Crypto Wallets and Applications. They have a good set of core values and even have a pool with 2 million BTCONE / 2 million B1P allocated to charity projects. This will be distributed to 40 different projects around the world.
Team members are attending the 5 BlockChain Summits / events in 2018. They have influence on what is happening at the scene.

Market Analysis

The BitCoin ONE team has analyzed the market and they are seeing global demand for the crypto market APP.
APP where people can easily buy and sell goods using crypto. Marketplace will support many crypto coins, as well as BTCONE & B1P.

APP function

This application will have an easy user interface than before. People who have crypto knowledge will be able to easily exchange items with Crypto and store their crypto further in an integrated wallet.

Core Values

The BitCoin ONE team believes in doing good and therefore, they are based on the BitCoin ONE Project. The BitCoin ONE project has a pool for charity 4 million Bitcoin ONE tokens that will be distributed to good projects around the world.


BitCoin ONE will find partners for their market platform. They are looking for a Fiat / backup Creditcard solution.


Their final goal is to bring crypto to the masses. They have 3 billion unbanked in the world and they must be able to buy and sell crypto.

Snapshot Already Taken

They have taken snapshots and now is waiting for new site. After that it will hit Exchange.
How do they work?
They take a copy of all BitCoin ONE token holders when the countdown is complete.
Which wallet?
You must have your BitCoin ONE token stored on Myetherwallet or Trust Wallet. Not in Exchange.
How much you will recive?
If you have 1000 BitCoin ONE. you receive 1,000 B ONE Payment.
Can I buy B ONE Token?
Not before the snapshot been taken, only the way to buy BitCoin ONE
Snapshot is being taken in 1: 1 ratio.
Coin Distribution?
We will send out B ONE payment mark for free, after the snapshot has been taken, expect some time.

Token Distribution

For more detail about BitCoin ONE project, you can visit the folowing link.
Author: SanZoldyck

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