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So, when Chadli scored the final and last goal for the game against Belgium, we jumped for joy. The joy of victory, because even though we expected and wanted Belgium to win, things didn't go as planned from the very start. This was a massive reward for passion.
It's the passions for the games and support of fans from different areas of the world that makes the sports industry a unifying one. In the current world cup, there were a good number of fans from the USA who were passionate about the game, even though their country didn't make it to Russia2018. It is this kind of passion that the games bring.
This passion can be expressed in various forms, there were scenes of passionate fans from Panama who shed tears as their national team made its first entry to the world cup.
Not so long a ago, a passionate fan of Leicester City football club of England did win a huge sum of money by backing his boyhood team to go and win the Premier league. Leicester went on against all odds to do so, earning this passionate fan some really huge amount of money.
This cuts across to other sports too, fans of different sports involve in various sports activities as a show of passion for their teams, clubs, athlete, etc.
The sporting industry is indeed a very large one, and racks in an enormous amount of money yearly, these amounts are achieved through a lot of things and sports betting is a major one. The betting sector of the sport industry has grown over the years to a wider audience and people show their passion for their teams by putting their money where their mouth is.
Problems with the regular sports betting platform.
As a lover of football, I did join the betting sector in show of my passion for the game. So I have a first hand experience of the problems of these platforms.
First, as an African, there were some platforms that didn't take Africans. Those who did had to do a very stringent KYC process. This is rather frustrating and not fair.
Those who did accept without much of hassle did come with the issue of delays in payment, high charges for withdrawal, and even a limited gaming amount per user.
There's also a huge presence of government control in the sector. This makes the entire process centralised and rigid.
Difficulties in claiming payout, because as an African, I had to wait for a while for payouts as a result of the issues of international converting and fees.
With the integration of the blockchain technology in almost all sectors, its only fiat that gamers, players and fans gets an opportunity to partake in sports activities in a decentralized, transparent and secure way like other.
Therefore, I bring you Bitgoals
What is Bitgoals?
This a decentralized blockchain platform where lovers of sports and gamers can interact and carry out sporting activities in a transparent, secure, and fast way. The platform will solve all the issues that comes with a regular betting and sporting industry.
The platform creates a an easy to use interface for users and connects fans and games globally.
Advantages of bitgoals
  • A decentralized platform where users can be free from government regulation.
  • A one currency platform where payout are easily carried out.
  • A secure platform.
  • A transparent platform.
The bitgoals token
The STP token will be the basis of transactions and interactions on the platform. It shall be the use for rewards, a payment means, and the sporting activities currency.
This will transform the enter sports and betting industry, eliminating all the issues of the centralized system and creating a wonderful experience for fans and a reward for their passion.
More information can be found using any of the links below :
Website: https://bitgoals.com/
Author: SanZoldyck

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