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BiTSONG: The ultimate decentralized music streaming platform

Over the last century and a half,new devices and formats have made music more portable,customizable and easier to share.
Early record players,once large,immovable objects all have been replaced by sleek and portable innovations.
Music streaming is the future of music consumption with countless different companies currently offering their streaming services in a variety of different manners for the most part,music streaming is great for the consumers.
The artists ,the songwriters,producers,mixers and others involved in the creative aspects of each song are the clear loses.
More often than not,artists are getting paid very little. Any time an artists creates a new musical album,he have to invest his time in order to be able to create that piece from the original idea through the product.
This artists finance this with their own money and they use to contact a record label hoping that they will be interested in their song. They have to invest and published to get the most sales and this use to take many months before their outcome can be achieved.
Many of these artists do not have the necessary funds to create a music video and this is because they do not have the right contants and the record labels don't really invest their effort and time into their songs.
Most of this artists spend huge amount of money and time in a particular music without making any gain at the end they lose millions of funds without making any income.
This issues have been going on in the music industry without any form of solution and this has made many artists to abandon their music projects.
However,due to this challenges, the busting platform was created to tackle this problems. With the help of the ethereum blockchain technology,the bitsong platform wants to resolve these problems that hinders emerging artists within the world of music.
This platform wants to provide opportunities for the advertisers so that they can reach their audience thereby avoiding intermediaries who use to increase the advertising costs.
The platform is going to make it in a way whereby the artists can receive donations in BTSG tokens,they can convert this tokens to cash and can use it to sponsor the development of their own music.
They will get revenues from the advertisement generated by their music and then resell the songs. Fund gotten through bitsong token will be credited to the artist wallet immediately and they can be able to withdraw it.
Initially the artists used to wait for several months before a record label can be sends for various reports but with the bitsong platform every thing have change the artists no longer wait again and they can check the progress of their work in real time directly within his ethereum wallets.
Bitsong is the first ever decentralized music streaming platform that is built on the ethereum blockchain. This platform is basically built to benefit both musicians and the listeners. The listeners are been given the opportunity to access new music and also even for every play.
According to the bitsong platform,each musician can be relieved as their work will reach its audience without any negative influence preventing them.
The platform has putting in place several measures which it plans to implement in order to be able to maximize the musicians potential. The following are what the platform is going to make available to the artists.
(1)They can be able to resell songs and use the social networks to build a fan based loyalty.
(2)They will receive immediate payments
(3)They will have a better idea as to the associated costs without having to spend in excess.
(4) They can be able to get revenues from advertisement generated by ones music.
(5)They will no longer need a record label to upload music.
BTSG is the currency of this platform and it can be used for making donation or sponsorship,buying songs,tickets and merchandise.
In this platform ,the users get paid with the platform token for listening. The initial coin offering will start between mid and end of may 2018 and 47% of the tokens will be distributed.
>Pre ico 05/21/2018
>Bonus 30%
>Duration 7 days
>Hard cap 15,000,000
>Public sale 05/28/2018
>Bonus  20%
>Duration 14 days
>Hard cap 10,000,000
>Symbole  BTSG
>Type ERC20
>Initial value 0.062$
The platform is really awesome and interesting and the ideal behind it is very strong given that many listeners turn to streaming platform to download music.
The platform gave musicians the opportunity to create their own music without the need of record labels,allowing for a more decentralized way of making and earning from ones own music.
For more information on this platform follow the links below.
 Author: SanZoldyck

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