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Hello meet again with me sarta afdal, i will explain Blog i will introduce about BOUNCY COIN project, and for more detail let' s go to the following discussion :
Gambling addiction is a public health problem. It has been estimated that approximately 5% of all adults have symptoms of problem gambling. Neural states measured in problem gamblers have been compared to neural states invoked in cocaine dependence. Specifically, problem gamblers experience problems with impulsivity in making healthy gambling decisions. Lottery gambling has shown to have purchase patterns consistent with addiction. In fact, research has shown that up to 15% of lottery players have symptoms of problem gambling.
What is needed for the good of people everywhere are social ‘engagements’ that provide all participants the ability to create and manage risk and on terms that they control if they choose to engage in gambling-like behavior.
Bouncy Coin will stop the hemorrhaging of cash to State-run Lotteries by offering socially networked engagements where participants can win small amounts of cryptocurrency and/or prizes and where they create and control the odds of their engagements.
BOUNCYCOIN introduces the world of gambling to blockchain. The main effect of this is to tilt opportunities away from traditional casinos and gambling houses and return even with all players. Technology and applications made will be licensed to companies that have already done business with their prospective customer base. This changes the legal landscape for BOUNCYCOIN and allows them to operate in a 'gambling' business without the need for a license to run gambling operations. BOUNCYCOIN intends to be a standard supplier of technology and new game applications for casinos and gambling operations around the world creating almost unlimited growth space for companies.
BOUNCYCOIN intends to completely redesign gambling applications from the ground up providing flexibility in playing games where users control many variables. That, plus BOUNCYCOIN builds universal trust and transparency by using the Ethereum blockchain as the backbone for applications and information gathering.
BouncyCoin is a Blockchain based software that allows players to win money in games where they create and control odds. BouncyCoin games are social games that run on a universal blockchain that enables safe gambling behavior in a controlled environment and where Monetary success = winning small amounts of money over time.
  • Product Details - Features and Benefits
  • Technology Stack
  • Blockchain
  • Why Blockchain? We use blockchain for universal trust and transparency.
    We will initially write Solidity contracts to execute our Random Number Generation and associated logic. This source code will be published on GitHub for public inspection and will allow any party to examine and conclude that our random number logic is 100% fair. Also, since our contracts are on the blockchain other developers will be able to call these same Contracts in their offerings with correct access control. We plan to write contracts for networks other than Ethereum.
    Random Number Generation
    Our RNG algorithms do not use external Oracles. We are currently testing Commit–reveal and RANDAO approaches to be published for review.
    Off-chain components
    The client-side game module is completely decoupled from the blockchain and communicates with the blockchain via a bridge API that we have defined. Our MVP is written in Unity 3D which talks to a Javascript API which then talks to our Solidity Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.
    Open Source Considerations
    Bouncy Coin filed for a US Utility Patent in 2017 for aspects of the MVP that is referenced here. Because of this Bouncy Coin will expose only the parts of our Solidity source code that do not implement our patent pending. We are doing this because if we are granted patents from the USPTO we can then defend them, but only if we have not open sourced our implementation of these patents. Bouncy Coin will open source all software that we create not directly related to patents that we hold or plan to apply for.
    Big Data Analysis/Machine Learning (AI)
    Bouncy coin will data mine the Ethereum Blockchain Contracts it creates and transactions from users engaging in Bouncy Coin games. This will allow us to create predictive models to better serve our clients ability to maximize their earnings. We will hire AI experts right after the ICO to write programs to assist players in real-time to make better investment decisions.
    How It Works
    Once the demo launches:
  • Zoom in with your mouse wheel.
  • Put bets in the grid by clicking once to place and twice to acknowledge.
  • Rotate the scene by holding down your right mouse button. • Change the table size by clicking on the pulldown located on the left side of the table
  • Players submit a bet and enter a virtual queue. Bets are made in ETH or the BOUNCY token.
  • If the queue does not fill, the game is never played.
  • If the queue does fill, the game is played.
  • The queue size = max amount a player can win.
  • Everybody Wins
    'The House' wins…
  • Win or lose, “the house” makes money either way. The Player wins…
  • When a player wins, a minor fee is taken out of the winnings. The Token Holders win …
  • The fee is distributed to all BOUNCY token holders. They are incentivized to buy and hold BOUNCY tokens because they will be paid a dividend every time a player wins.
  • Token Distribution
    Token Sale
    The BOUNCY token will function as a utility entry fee into Bouncy Coin games and as a dividend endpoint for these same token holders. For the time being we will also allow users to play games with ETH.
    In the Casino partner scenario, the Casino makes money when players lose and when players win. When a player wins a game, there is a slight fee taken out of the winnings. This fee is distributed to all BOUNCY token holders. Tokens pay a dividend every time *any* player wins although this dividend is not paid immediately. Every time a fee is collected it will be aggregated and distributed periodically by our smart contracts. This distribution frequency will be configurable.
    ICO Breakdown A total of 100 Million BOUNCY tokens will be issued
  • 10% ( 10 M BOUNCY) - Pre ICO sale
  • 70% ( 70 M BOUNCY) - ICO sale
  • 5% ( 5 M BOUNCY) - Advisors
  • 5% ( 5 M BOUNCY) - Bounty program
  • 10% ( 10 M BOUNCY) - Bouncy Coin Company and Employees
  • Pre-ICO
  • 10M tokens will be offered at Pre-ICO.
  • minimum contribution during Pre- ICO: 5 ETH (Approx. 2500 EUR / 2900 USD)
  • Pre ICO price = 0.0001 (1 ETH = 10000 BOUNCY)
  • maximum collected amount: 1000 ETH (Approx. $580k)
  • ICO
  • 70M tokens will be offered at ICO.
  • minimum contribution during ICO: 0.1 ETH (Approx. 50 EUR / 58 USD)
  • Two price levels First 20M tokens sold:
  • price = 0.0002 (1 ETH = 5000 BOUNCY)
  • maximum collected amount: 4000 ETH (Approx. $2.3M)
    Next 50M tokens sold:
  • price = 0.00025 (1 ETH = 4000 BOUNCY)
  • maximum collected amount: 12500 ETH (approx. $7.25M)
    For More Information about the project please visit the links below:
  • Website: https://bouncycoin.com
  • Whitepaper: https://bouncycoin.com/whitepaper
  • Medium: https://medium.com/@bouncycoin
  • Github: https://github.com/BouncyCoin
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bouncycoin/
  • Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqQD0wRwf0oyWA8-AxHUsmw
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bouncy-coin/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/bouncycoin
  • Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/bouncycoin/posts/
  • Roulette: https://bouncycoin.com/ruelet/WHgd9iqt9eZlCxGuTGbk.html

    Author: SanZoldyck

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