Kamis, 18 Oktober 2018

Crypt-ON - Multipurpose blockchain platform for business and life!

Hello Dear Reader!
Recently, I was thinking about what I can bring to the world of crypto-currency?
I was interned by the possibility of providing safe deals between strangers, often located in opposite parts of the world!
And just when I rested on the need to study the basics of writing smart contracts, my friend drew my attention to one most interesting project!
Crypt-ON - social p2p blockchain-platform It is designed to assist the entrepreneurial and other activity of people with the help of four based direction specifically designed for modern needs:
  • This service can assist funding or searsh loans (p2p), taking into account trust rating of the platform participants!
    (Interest rate is 5-10 times lower than typical bank rates)
  • Service helps to conclude safe trade transactions and ensures maximization of their compliance with the contract!
    (Buyer and seller protection, transparent in all deals anywhere in the world.)
  • Help for freelancers in finding reliable partners!
    (Fast job and candidate searches for crypto-projects, which benefits both employers and job seekers.)
  • Secure p2p exchange service!
    (Geotargeting cryptocurrency-to-fiat exchange without mediators)
Current difficulties and methods of solution are proposed by the Crypt-ONteam

Short Project Video Review

Crypt-ON is the project where people meet, make safe purchases in cryptocurrency, borrow cryptocurrency for their projects, find employers and freelancers for their tasks and get reward in cryptocurrency. This is not just another ordinary exchange platform, it is a complex peer-to-peer (p2p) crypto platform, designed to evolve into a full-cycle crypto DAO-system.
DAO is a new format of self-governing society.
Consisting of joint decision-making, based on trust and fair distribution of authority. Thus, creating equal and transparent cooperation.
I wish this guys success, because in my opinion they want to implement a very useful and popular in the crypto world venture, subtly feel the needs of participants in cryptocurrency mutual relations and develop a universal approach to solutions... They make cryptoworld safer!
Author: SanZoldyck

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