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Cryptolancers - Decentralized peer-to-peer Freelancing Platform

About Cryptolancers
The CryptoLancers ecosystem uses distributed computing to solve transactions problems of Online payment services and also to guarantee, orchestrate and enhance the security of the services provided, inherent in existing systems, in a single distributed peer-to-peer platform.
CryptoLancers allows platform publishers to assign tasks to the affected character. CryptoLancers provides several services in one platform using a fully distributed network and a very secure payment method.
What is Cryptolancers?
It is a global community of freelancers and a marketplace for the free exchange of financial assets. Our platform ICO started in 2018 with a hope to find the balance between freelancers and clients using the latest blockchain technology and payment.
CryptoLancers tokens or CLT are decentralized ERC20 tokens based on Ethereum blockchain. It is a general purpose cryptocurrency that is:
  • Fixed supply
  • Fractionally divisible
  • Non-inflationary
  • Fungible and transferable, likely via third party exchanges.
CryptoLancers platform
CryptoLancers platform is a decentralized peer-to-peer freelancing platform and CryptoLancers token for online payment services, it allows to link between project leaders and service providers by helping people bring innovative projects to life, and hire freelancers to deliver related work and services. CryptoLancers is going to solve many issues involved in the market freelancing process, including the late and refusals of payment for the agreed on amount of money for a project. CryptoLancers is implemented on Ethereum as a Smart Contract and includes an ERC20 compatible utility token, called CLT, which is used for payments.
How does Cryptolancers platform work?
This peer to peer platform aids entrepreneurs to find and hire workers who can help to build their brand or improve their marketing. The best part is you can view all the reviews given to them. For instance, you can view freelancer details such as number of feedback, ratings, and cancellation instances. This way you can get rid of unworthy candidates and select only those with proven skills to ensure you get quality work. In addition, the platform protects the private and financial data of employers and gives them the confidence to make fast and secure payment because payments are made directly when the work is finished and if there is a dispute, our platform will step in and resolve it to the satisfaction of both parties.
Cryptolancers mission
Our mission is to contribute to the development of the payment security for freelancing projects and to ensure the perfection of value-added services. We will develop a fair and transparent CryptoLancers service that allows the exchange of crypto-currencies for fiduciary chips CLCC without intermediaries. This will help users protect their money against fraud through the use of smart contracts, and also encourage lifelong learning for all users.
CryptoLancers Solution
  • What do freelancers want ?
    CryptoLancers makes it easy to pay and fast to receive
    Freelance workers present a special challenge in terms of the collective labor organization. As an individualistic and highly dispersed workforce, they face several obstacles that prevent them from carrying out their duties to the fullest. Almost 50% of freelancers and self-employed workers report that they have systematic problems in obtaining their payments within the agreed time frame.
  • What do clients want ?
    CryptoLancers offers the best service that meets the client's objectives and issues with the least expense and the best timing possible
    Due to the diversity of the offer request, clients want the best offer that meets their expectations in terms of quality, price and time of completion. They want a help to set expectations that fits their projects. They also want the total satisfaction of the result obtained at the end of the contract or the total outflow in the opposite case. The security of their projects is one of the essential requirements, for this, the follow-up of the work carried out is a primordial task. Clients want quality servers and to be able to exchange easily and cheaply throughout the market without getting ripped off. But most of all, they just want to find everything in one secure platform!
  • What do traders want ?
    CryptoLancers offers market stability and seeks to ensure profit for its investors
    Traders and their companies want above all to benefit from their investment. They want to promote loyalty to their tokens by acquiring and retaining them for the long term and attracting the greatest titles, subscriptions and freelance content. They want to limit their exposure to risk as much as possible.
  • What we want to give to all of you ?
    Our unified CryptoLancers platform provides a solution for everyone
    Satisfy the needs of the freelancers in terms of the fastness of payment, the needs of the clients in terms of the quality of the obtained services, and the needs of the traders in terms of the desired profit are the major challenge to take into account.
Token Allocation
crypt allo.jpg
Funds & revenues distribution
crypt tok.jpg
The meeting of the team of founders, developers, designers, and the team of security web to confirm the ideas of the decentralized freelancing platform
  • Start in the whitepaper and apply all the suggestions of the whole team.
  • Market analysis of the token and the study of: All algorithm of token sell, Platform, Freelancing application cost.
  • The whitepaper has been completed.
  • Meeting conference with all interested investors and all the team.
  • Token pre-sale initiating over 45 days.
  • Listing CLT token on exchange safter one month of starting the pre-sale.
  • Defining and initial development of the platform structure.
  • Beta test version release.
  • The realization of the official version of the platform website.
  • Initial development steps of the blockchain technology .
  • Hard fork of CLT token distribution of all exchange.
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