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Drive Deal is Developing an open and decentralized platform as the foundational layer for future mobility and transportation applications in the sharing economy.
DriveDeal is a blockchain tech project developing a platform for asset and service sharing in the field of mobility and transportation. From day one, we were building a new kind of organization that connects people from all around the world fully embracing the idea of decentralization. We are a multinational team striving for our vision to become reality by combining our individual expertise and valuable experience from different industries in order to build the platform that serves its community in the best way.
Decentralized Blockchain Economy
Using smart contracts on the blockchain a marketplace of transportation application will be created to allow trade without intermediaries.
Mobility-on Demand P2P Network
According to current transportation requests available resources from all sources will be connected to satisfy demand efficiently.
Open Source Vehicle Intregation
The enable shared access all participating vehicles used for carsharing application will be equipped with an open source technical device.


Nowadays most mobility providers address isolated target groups. They provide service based on expected demand trying to anticipate what their customers will want.


All mobility providers address the whole community. They provide services based on market demand and tailor solutions to satisfy customers’ true needs.


Only customers and service providers together can design the network they really need. In an environment of mutual trust and the right incentives a fruitful and productive sharing community will emerge.


On one single decentralized platform, hybrid use cases improve mobility services. Providers react quickly to mobility-on-demand requests in order to offer a suitable supply. Existing resources are used flexibly and more efficiently.


P2P Car Sharing
P2P car sharing is the most effective way to leverage the efficiency of car ownership and reduce the individual total cost of ownership
Ride Hailing
As all resources can be made accessible for every platform participant, ride hailing services can be offered by anyone
Car Pooling
Instead of driving around four empty seats, car pooling offers inexpensive transportation for users and an additional revenue stream for providers of a ride
Delivery Services
A vast potential for transportation of goods lies within the routes covered by millions of car users every moment
Data Control
As a key property of the platform, every user regains the control over his data. If preferred he can then monetize this data or use it for optimization applications
Yet uncovered Applications
The possibilities in the transportation and mobility sector are endless. Everyone is invited to deploy own services and applications on top of the DriveDeal platform


Multi Smart Contract
All applications will by developed using individually designed smart contracts on the ethereum network.
Javascript Library
Ethereum and IPFS network interaction is abstracted away using a Javascript library.
Vehicle integration
The platforms enables the creation of a digital twin for every mobility asset, connecting it to the decentralized world.


Monetary Function
Store of Value, Consistent Medium of Exchange, Unit of Account
Guidance, Encouragement, Transparency & Display of Intent, Confirmation & Truthfulness
Control & Oversight
Governance, Decision & Voting, Security, Compliance, Consensus & Resolvement of Conflict


In order to maximize the utility of the platform, developers are invited to contribute ideas and help to let the platform grow. Token rewards for contributions will be given.
As a consumer as well as provider of services individuals will benefit from the platform capabilities most, which is also an added value for the public good.
Companies & Institutions
Already existing or newly established service providers will be represented on the platform as an important part of a holistic ecosystem.


Q2 2017
First concepts for an innovative solution formalized
Increase utilization rate of cars and activate unused mobility resources
Challenging various concepts for potential business realization and elaborate potentials, threats and preliminaries
Q3 2017
Outlines for redefining the mobility paradigm
Core team formed: multi-disciplinary approaches and strong crypto focus
Clear aim of building an ecosystem to supersede existing weak points
Q1 2018
Setup of Team, Partnerships and Early Advisors
Ideation process
System Conceptualization
Feasibility Study
Visual Identity Design
Q2 2018
System Design
Token economics Design
ICO Structuring and Components
Whitepaper Draft
Q3 2018
Development & Deployment of Crowdsale Smart Contracts
Code Audit
Whitepaper final Version
Promotion & Marketing
Q4 2018
Listing on Exchanges
Platform Prototype
Developer Program
Partnerships with Institutes and Universities
Q1 2019
First DriveDeal Demo App released
Command-line tool beta release
Q3 2019
Platform MVP: listing, discovery, booking, rating and data upload
Car sharing application MVP
Q1 2020
Car sharing devices integration
Platform beta release
Car sharing beta release
Q3 2020
Platform and car sharing application stable release
further Use Case integration
Cooperation with related concepts in sharing economy


Core Team
Arjun Ahluwalia: CEO
Pedro Andrade: CTO
Alexander Frank: COO
Krzysztof Paruch: CFO
Extended Team
Marc Oliver Gestefeld: Project Manager
Michal Bican: Blockchain Development
Benjamin Wang: Blockchain Consultant
Philipp Omenitsch: ICO Consultant
Maria Jordan: Graphic Design
Philipp Schwinger: Motion Design


Laurence Kirk
Stephan Yue
Dr. Bernhard Haselhofer
Florian Kleedorfer
Alexander Kargol
Author: SanZoldyck

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