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Era Swap : Brings You a Time Trading Social Community Platform

Era Swap Technologies is building a marketplace token which empowers users to tokenize their time via smart contracts on a community based exchange. The uniqueness of our ecosystem offers users the ability to tokenize time as a service. EST allows peer to peer transactions and a specialized reward system.
Era Swap has carefully planned to address different aspects of the ecosystem such as growing the demand, reducing the volatility, increasing the adoption of cryptocurrencies etc
Era Swap is the ecosystem incorporates many interlinked platforms such as time trading, free education, investment plans that makes it self-sustainable based on blockchain platform.
The journey of Era Swap began with research from the Kmpards team—the core team behind the formation of the Era Swap token and its ecosystem. The team determined that the current community at large needs a middle-man-free, transparent ecosystem where they can get paid directly without commissions from any employer. To establish said platform for this worldwide community, we came up with the idea to launch the Era Swap technological ecosystem, which will be supported by the Era Swap token. Our unique token ecosystem defines time as a service and offers bot services for crypto trading and crypto investment plans. The first and foremost aim behind developing the Era Swap ecosystem is to provide the benefits to the public. This token is designed to be a token of “time for work” via smart contracts that can never be bought. 5% of the total tokens will be available only during the crowd sale period. It is the last and best chance to secure your Era Swap Tokens.
The value of any token is a product of supply and demand. Though there can never be a perfect guarantee about the future valuation of a token, we have designed our token ecosystem so that each and every stakeholder benefits from it. We plan to control the supply disruptions through TimeAlly smart contracts and carefully measured token burns. To grow the platform, several ways to create demand have been devised. We’ve taken precautions with the utmost care to keep volatility in check.
Era Swap has several moving parts in its ecosystem that are designed to turn its vision into reality over a period of time. More often than not most of the projects have their focus on one product, and they tend to neglect the intra-ecosystem forces that tend to destabilize the ecosystem. Era Swap has carefully planned to address different aspects of the ecosystem such as growing demand, reducing the volatility, increasing the adoption of cryptocurrencies, minimizing transaction charges for all the users, etc. Apart from the token itself, Era Swap has the following solutions to tackle various problems in the world of cryptocurrencies
Time Swappers Platform: Time Swappers is a community based platform where people extend and avail services from each other on the basis of per unit time cost quoted by the person offering the service. The most important components of this platform are time traders (who offer and avail services), curators (who monitor the platform), day-swappers (active members who help in growing and maintaining the platform) etc. As this platform is completely decentralized, blockchain and a native token, Era Swap, are inseparable parts of the platform.
Era Swap Wallet: Era Swap understands that to power the distributed community platform, there needs to be a solid and secure payment network. For this purpose, Era Swap will be launching a wallet that supports multiple digital currencies and is highly secured. This wallet will also allow you to exchange a few selected tokens within the wallet so that a user can save extra the transaction charges to move tokens to and from exchanges
ComputeEx: Today there are so many cryptocurrency exchanges that it becomes difficult for a user to keep a track of rates at different exchanges. Era Swap will leverage AI technology to deploy bots that provide best deals to Era Swap users from various crypto exchanges across the world even though they are not registered on these exchanges. If this isn’t enough, ComputeEx offers a 50% discount to EST users.
TimeAlly: TimeAlly is a meticulously crafted smart contract to reduce the volatility of EST. It rewards users who choose to lock their tokens in the smart contract according to their vesting periods. Of all the rewards by Era Swap, 50% are given up front in liquid tokens and 50% are routed through TimeAlly over a period of time to keep the volatility of EST in check. TimeAlly is a very crucial part of the ecosystem as it controls some of the demand-supply dynamics of the token
Block logy:Blocklogy is an educational initiative by Kmpards, an organization funding Era Swap. Blocklogy is an E-learning platform for students from 8th grade onwards. The courseware is specially designed to expose students to blockchain and gradually increase their level so that within 5 years they are able to code for blockchain related projects
The ICO is a natural supplementary funding source to further accelerate the development and global adoption of the EraSwap PLATFORM.
Token Symbol »»EST
Price »» 1 EST = 0.00005804 ETH
Bonus »» Available
Platform »» Ethereum
Accepting »» ETH
Minimum investment »» 1 ETH
Hard cap »» 21197.98724 ETH
Country »» Maltese
Whitelist/KYC »» KYC & Whitelist
Thanks to Blockchain Technology andEraSwap Platform for introducing better and incomparable ideas in theWorld Crypto.
Here is an explanation from me and to avoid all forms of fraud, please look for the correct information and reliably or visit the following link:
★TELEGRAM: https://t.me/eraswap
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