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ESPORTS ECOSYSTEM - the cryptocurrency for all eSports


eSports Ecosystem Vision

eSports ecosystem vision is to make a standard cryptocurrency for eSports ecosystem to increase its level in the present market and give more growth to cash pool. This currency will be used for trading, paying fees to players and teams and to organise tournaments. It will provide players, teams and tournaments for gamers and charities make their each games special and innovative and also it will increase cash price pool by providing its ESE tokens to the gamers.


In the present marketplace only few gamers have fully involved for play games because they are skilful and non skilled gamers will not entering to play games but eSports ecosystem is here to bring all skilled and non skilled gamers into the platform by giving them a digital currency. Current market has three main problems such as currently many tournaments are not payout high prizes to the gamers, many tournaments like that which are not giving any prizes to more number winners means they only give top 3 to top 10 gamers, so which is very hard to top 10 below players and many tournament organisers are not getting more money by organising the events, so this is also a big draw back for gamers. If organisers are not ready to organise events then how can gamers will show their skills.

eSports ecosystem solutions

This platform will help to increase all payouts by providing ESE mobile wallet app which will hold ESE tokens.
It will increase the all payout system for organisers that helps to give more prizes for gamers and also organisers and top 10 below players will get better prizes. With this ecosystem top 100 can be able to earn ESE tokens by winning their games.
eSports ecosystem will help to organise events by giving them ESE tokens from the community wallet.


eSports ecosystem is the first innovative project which is bring cryptocurrency into the gaming industry this crypto currency is will compete with fiat currency, using eSports ecosystem tokens(ESE) organisers will pay the prizes to winners these tokens are tradable on different exchanges and it will be used for making transactions or will pay fees for gamers. eSports is giving players, teams and tournaments to viable the gaming events for charities, advertisers and gamers. Totally it is the best eSports platform.

eSports Token Introduction

Token name : ESE
Token price : 1ESE = 0.0039 USD
Soft cap : 300,000 USD
Hard cap : 22,147,000 USD
Accepting : ETH, BTC
Total supply of the token : 10,000,000,000

Token distribution


Road map


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