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The Mission is to build a self-sustaining crypto ecosystem of small businesses, experts, freelancers and technology providers that are incentivized to Grow, Co-Create and Prosper.

WHO WE ARE? has been built out of a proof of concept prototype, eRational Marketing Inc. Smashing over a
million dollars in revenue and qualifying for the Startup 50: The 50 fastest growing companies in Canada.


Successfully Operating and Growing a Business is Very Hard
Owners waste a lot of time and money trying to figure out how to grow instead of focusing on their product and what they do best. As a result, 50% of them fail within 5 years.
Owners Don’t Know What to do or Who to Trust to Grow
Owners often come up with their own growth strategy even though they don’t know what they’re doing. They end up picking the wrong people, processes and technologies leading to failure and bankruptcy.
Business Ecosystem Filled by WASTE and Inefficiencies
50B dollars are invested in growth per year in North America alone. According to experts, 50%-80% is wasted causing business failure..
No Protection of Intellectual Property
What makes Experts valuable is their wisdom, but they are reluctant to share it due to a tendency for others to absorb, modify, and commoditize their ideas without sharing profit or credit for that wisdom.
Hard to Monetize Knowledge in a Scalable Way
The only way to monetize knowledge in a scalable way is through digital courses. This is hard to create and once the information is out, the intellectual property can be stolen.
Inhouse Sales Are Very Expensive
Client acquisition costs in the technology industry are on the rise. Internal sales teams are expensive and difficult to staff well.
Technology Companies often need to spread themselves thin to defend their territory in the market, leading to a decline in the services and features where they truly excel.
Getting business is Hard
Freelancers are best at their field of expertise, but may not have the sales skills needed to acquire new business consistently.
Difficult to Learn Skills that Produce Results
Freelancers often lack the specific processes that are best suited to meet their client’s needs, and are devalued and treated as a commodity.


The owner Focuses on What They do BEST, Integrity Does the Rest
Integrity empowers owners to focus their strengths and products, by taking care of growth and operations.
All Participants in Integrity are VETTED
Integrity’s Trust Protocols: Proof of Wisdom for Experts, Proof of Results for Technology and Proof of Reputation for Freelancers, ensure that only the best players and products are allowed in the ecosystem.
We Connect the Dots For You
Integrity connects the dots between experts and freelancers, eliminating some of the overlap in technology. Payments are performance based, resulting in prompt and efficient performance.
Knowledge Rights Are Protected by the Blockchain
Integrity extracts and maps the processes that are fruits of the wisdom the experts have cultivated. We then store those processes as specialized online training that is secured on the blockchain.
Expert Gets Paid EVERY Time Knowledge Gets Used
Any time another small business utilizes expert wisdom in the form of receiving the online training, the expert is paid out, generating passive income similar to a royalty.
Integrity bring the business automatically
Integrity brings thousands of qualified users who pay per use of the technology , so there is no need for a sales force.
Focus on their best features
Tech providers can further develop what makes them special because they are paid per API call. The best tech will be the tech that is used for all of our clients.
Integrity Brings the Business
Integrity’s Platform ensures that the work opportunities continue to flow by bringing the work to them. The better the freelancers can accomplish their tasks, the more work they receive.
Integrity Training Opens Opportunities
Freelancers can build specific and applicable skills through the Integrity Platform’s online training to perform the tasks needed by small business owners. They can also use the tokens they have earned to reinvest in themselves in the form of new training to get more work opportunities.


The Trust Protocols vet all participants of the Integrity Ecosystem and makes sure that ONLY those who have/do things that produce results are allowed on.
Proof of Wisdom
This is the vetting protocol for Experts. The protocol ensures the expert process truly drives growth. Integrity tests the process directly and checks client cases. If the process is proven to work , the process is mapped and placed on the blockchain.
Proof of Results
This protocol vets technology providers. It makes sure that the technology produces the outcome that it promises. No more vapor-ware: if they check out, the tech provider is added to the Integrity Platform Technology Stack for use by clients.
Proof of Reputation
The vetting protocol for freelancers and agencies makes sure that the freelancers and processes can do the work and produce results. Integrity tests the work and validates test cases. If the freelancers are proven, they gain access to tasks on the platform and start building a reputation.


The Integrity Platform connects Small Businesses with the best Expert Processes, the best technologies and the best freelancers to execute the best growth strategy for their unique needs…so they can focus on what they love most.
Small Business
The small business buys growth-on-demand using the Integrity Token which is placed in what is essentially Escrow by a smart contract on the blockchain. Token is released to the expert, freelancer and tech provider only after they have successfully done their part: one step at a time.
Every time the Expert Process they contributed is used by a small business to grow, or accessed by another participant of the platform, a smart contract ensures they get paid a royalty in Integrity Token.
The freelancer gets paid in Integrity Token when they successfully perform the activity they were contracted to do. When the quality has been validated by the platform, the smart contract automatically deposits Integrity Token in their wallet.
Technology Provider
Technology is used in most growth processes. Whenever the tech is used, payment in Integrity Token is released by Smart Contract to compensate for the exact usage of the technology’s feature by the small business.


Supply: 300,000,000 ITX
Hard cap: 30,000,000 USD
Token Price: 0.15 USD/ITX
BTC Exchange price: $10,000
ETH Exchange Price: $600
Current Sales stage: Seed
Minimum Investment: $100,000


77% Crowdsale
9% Founders
8% Liquidity
6% Legal & Advisors


40% Operations
31% Product Development
29% Sales & Marketing


Helped Nutrition Expert become #1 Best Selling Author on Amazon in 24 hour + generated 12,000 lead
  • Did 1st digital product launch arround Leadership Expertise: created membership Course Framework and generated $128,000 in sales in 2 weeks with 27,000 lead
  • Did second Lunch Arround “How to be a Professional Speaker” generated $353,000 in 2 weeks and 50,000 lead
January 2015
Launched ESF English School: generated $850,000 in sales and 83,000 leads in 10 days
July 2015
Erational Marketing is launched as a full service agency to help experts grow
December 2015
Client launches an international events: we will 2700 paid seats in 4 cities in 6 weeks
January 2016
Automated Video Conversion Process Developed: 1-2% of client list turning into qualified leads automatically
December 2016
Company grows by 302% year over year
April 2017
Cold Email Lead Generation Process developed: generating 25 salesqualified lead per days.
September 2017
B2B Telemarketing Process Developed: highly qualified sales opportunities generated daily.
October 2017
Integrity v1 analogue prototype testing begins
November 2017
eRational team deploys all growth system to see if we can double the company in 50 days
December 2017
eRational team succeds and qualify for the Start-up 50 – the 50 fastest growing companies in Canada- 211% Year over Year Growth
February 2018
Beta of the Integrity expert Process Extration: test with 2 expert partners
April 2018
Smart contract for ICO are mapped and development work begins
May 2018
Expert Process Mapping a succes: client deploying their strategies and expert receive 5 figure recurring revenue source and double profits
July 2018
Integrity seed Round Begins


Thomas: Co-founder, CEO
Niko: Co-founder, President/COO
Dmitry: Head of Technology
Jose: Head of Growth


Rob: Head of Information Systems
Ross: Head of Automation
Camilla: Team Lead – Fulfillment
Bryan: Subject Matter Expert Business and marketing
Mark: Subject Matter Expert Sales training
Victor: Growth Engineer
Edgar: Back End Maestro
Asif: Creative Lead
Daryl: Video Buff
Ashlyn: Video Queen
Jenn: Client Success Manager


Kelsey: ICO Co-Founder
Angelo: ICO Co-Founder
Samuel: Security Token
Peter: Privacy.Tech.Innovation
Edmund: ICO Founder
Robert: Blockchain.Machine Learning
Author: SanZoldyck

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