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LabelsCoin™ - The Blockchain of Music Copyrights

The LabelsCoin ™ blockchain is an automated blockchain technology that exchanges music with a set of related services. In combination, this facilitates the transparency of copyright and related royalty exchanges - enabling fair and transparent remuneration for musicians.
The blockchain LabelsCoin is built on a copyrighted instrument that checks the status of a music against its licensing model, violates plagiarism and redistributes rights and means. However, to protect our contributors, we have been patented and industrial equipment is being manufactured and will be available on the market in 2019.
Vision LabelsCoin: Raise awareness of the redistribution of royalties, provide solutions for positive change.
The goal of LabelsCoin is to create a strong, comprehensive and advanced global music channel that the entire music industry will use to create an advantage that all stakeholders can benefit from. to be fair

Details about ICO

The LBSC Token is a tool for the entire platform workflow. It can be used to reward stakeholders in the LabelsCoin ecosystem. Of course, its role is not limited to reward, but it can also be used to buy and sell any product or service, while saving money, like any technical currency. any other number on the market.
  • Token symbol - LBSC
  • The cost of the token: 1 LBSC = 0.0001515 BTC
  • Pre-sales will take place from September 7 to October 7, 2018.
  • Soft cap 5500000 LBSC
  • Exchange rate: BTC 0.10605 = 1000 LBSC
  • Pre-sale bonus: 30%
  • Total Available - 10,000,000 LBSC
  • Tokens available: 20,000,000 LBSC
  • The accepted currency is MTC, ETS

Distribute the token

Fund distribution

This project has every opportunity to occupy it appropriately. Now, the market is down, but when the sales of the Sacred Market are going up in the mountains. And with a smart and fast list, the project will generate good returns. Although the investment represents a potential risk of loss, this project can expect a good return. As the group is actively trying to develop their project. Yes, I will follow the project closely.
Author: SanZoldyck

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