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LiveTalk : Livestream 1st Channel Combined With Electronic Money

What are the advantages of direct chat compared to other applications or live streaming? …
Check Live Talk quotes to distinguish the conversation directly from other live streams.
  • Active Content: As before, brands can really rely on DPR to broadcast radio programs in real time. Now you can master the game with live streaming technology. Location The contents of the program do not work as a special requirement.
  • Cost Savings: The development of live streaming technology has brought the program to viewers with minimal equipment needs (for smartphones and Internet connections) and is not dependent on the TV station itself, and supports that the optimal brand is the direct cost of the program. Increase interaction
  • Effectiveness: Interaction in the social media boom has become an indispensable activity for all media content. Only LiveTalk.tech, which is made directly from live streaming, will make the program more recognizable and create interactive channels that connect brands and messages to users. “
Through the above quote, Live Talk provides more features than most live streaming that is directly or directly in the Live Streaming application, and allows direct streaming and brand users to interact more effectively with users. .
Live Talk also learns live streaming and has several disadvantages that already exist in most of the live streaming quoted on Live Talk.
Problems in the live streaming market
• There is still a limited integration of streaming application platforms on the market today
Block chain flow.
• Live streaming applications like YouTube or FaceBook don’t have built-in features.
You can contribute to the Streamer application.
• Applications approach real-time flow and single user traffic is not high.
• Many live streaming applications are domestic applications that are not connected
• Realizing the potential, we have begun extensive research on the LiveTalk project network.
We provide an ambitious streaming market throughout the world.
Live Talk opens an ICO token based on the Ethereum platform, which is not only in live streaming, but also allows direct conversations to have a wider network. Let’s look at the following road map for Live Talk.
  • ICO Token: September 24 2018 – November 15 2018
  • LVT token symbol
  • Type ERC20
  • Price of LVT 1 ICO Token = 0.007 USD
  • $ 3,000,000 soft cover ($ 18,000,000 strict limit)
ETHEREUM platform
  • Total tokens 5 000 000 000
  • Whitelist NO
  • Customer Identification (KYC) Yes
  • Armenia and China cannot participate.

You can also support the project by joining the gift of the company, which is done by the legendary Wapinter. The bounty pool is 3.5% and is distributed as follows:
  • 10% BitcoinTalk Signature and Avatar Campaign
  • 5% Pre-Bounty Bounty
  • 10% Translating and Assessing Ann and Technical Descriptions
  • 10% Blog and Bounty Article
  • 40% Twitter + Facebook (Twitter 20%, Facebook 20%)
  • 15% generosity Youtube
  • 10% Reserved
All benefits of 

The Team

Advisory Team 
For more info on this project, please visit the link below:

TwitterLive Talkhttps://twitter.com/livetokenlvt
Live chat electronic dictionaryhttps: //t.me/joinchat/F2qSAA2a-cS9XWHCeXhFGQ
ICO Live Talk websitehttps: //livetalk.tech/
Whitepaper Direct Talkshttps: //livetalk.tech/#Paper

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