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MEFY : The Global Health Care Community is Decentralized

Welcome my friends to an exciting new Project today and let's take a look at their great idea:
MeFy – Future of Decentralised Healthcare Platform
MeFy, operates under the title listed MeMe Information Technology, in India and its products MeMe Care was once deployed through Sanjay Sinha in 2014 to address its inability to access healthcare on time and its benefits turn to proactive self-care. It inspires him to take his knowledge and spread, for this reason shows MeMe Care's seeds. After years of tough work and with the crew of more than 40 engineers and doctors, MeMe Care was launched. Currently living in India with over 873 subscribers within 2 months. It has over a hundred documents that have joined the platform since its launch on March 11, 2018.
MeFy is a decentralized global health care community built on Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts ("MeFy platform" or "platform"). The MeFy platform is designed to disrupt and replace typical health models through offering easy access for individuals to take a look at their fitness parameters, share real-time fitness reports with doctors somewhere in the world to seek advice from and get 2d opinions.
The MeFy Token will enable on-demand devices that solve contemporary issues of cross-border payments, factual accessibility, and cost risk, allowing areas with the highest fines of health to serve the world over.
Market opportunity
The world's rapidly growing domestic health care market, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8% and will exceed 517 billion USD to 2025. The market of an international self-care medical unit is estimated at USD 10.5 billion in 2012 and is expected to reach USD 16.8 billion by 2019.
The market for self-care medical equipment has experienced a consistent increase in trajectory due to the increasing emphasis on preventive medicine. The device is mainly used for primary care with the help of patients. This is again more frequent than the result of changes to home health care from hospitals. This is coupled with an increase in cases of diabetes, obesity, hypertension, etc. and a soaring focus on health care that serves to catalyze the boom in the market.
Another thing that drives demand in the market of self-care medical equipment is a constant push on product innovation that has led to the emergence of innovative, portable, and innovative digital blood pressure monitoring units offering immediate readability. This market for self-care scientific devices is also expected to be enhanced through the science of long distance communication that allows scientific professionals to interpret the results of these devices for proper diagnosis.
Asia Pacific is the primary market for self-care medical units that are expected to surpass everything else in terms of cost of growth because of the fast growing fast-growing economy in the region. With more and more people entering the workforce in the region and the growing number of middle-class people who have an ever-increasing means of health care and who are also quite vulnerable to lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, the market is expected to advance on a healthy clip.
INDIVIDUAL : Affordable, Accessible & Authentic platform
Keep your every interaction with doctors recorded, your all health statistics and reports at a single place so that its readily available when its needed the most.
Subscribe to our services to test your health vital statistics as many times as you need.
eCONSULT : Consult worldwide doctors anytime anywhere.
REMINDERS : Never miss a medicine or an appointment again.
ACTIVITY : Captures your details to guide you for your health.
DIET : Know what you are consuming.
Captures your health and lifestyle data so that it can guide you on all aspect of your health.
Auto prescription based on condition and old data for of-the-self medicine only.
Manage your multiple clinics and appointments from a single platform and eConsult your patient anywhere anytime with complete health record and vital statistics of the patients.
Stock what you need it and don’t block your hard cash. With MeMe smart AI supply chain know what to stock and how much, when to order and when your customer would need the next refill.
MeMe Intends to open its own hospital or partner with hospitals, who can benefit from the complete hospital management solution linked to EHR, Doctors, Pharmacy and others.
Know the real health issue and the quantum of it rather then speculating.
Use MeMe smart AI supply chain to know how much to manufacture and what drugs to manufacture. Find the data for your new drugs and early adopters of your new drug through MeMe.
Get data to build individual centric health insurance and coverage.
Citizens and / or residents of the following countries are exempted: United States of America, People's Republic of China and other countries and regions where the sale of marks is prohibited.
Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and MoneroV (XMV) prices will be set at the prevailing price at midnight earlier than the token sale begins.
Token will be given after the Crowdsale is done. You must have an ERC-20 bag to get the MEFY token. All tokens can not be traded until MEFY is listed in the exchange
Registration and sale of tokens solely on the official website: https://mefy.io/
The MeFy Team WILL NEVER send ETH / BTC / XMV addresses for non-public contributions, solicit personal data, or receive direct funding. Be wary of rip-off attempts. If you see suspicious activity, please let us know!
MeFy will generate a total of 200,000,000 MEFY tokens, of which 25% will be saved and 75% will be available for public sale.
Summary of Token Metrics
Total Tokens: 200,000,000 MEFY
Soft Cap: $ 10 Million USD
Hard Cap: $ 35 Million USD
Available for Sale Token: 175.600.000 MEFY
Presale Allocation: 50,000,000 MEFY (1 MEFY = 0.20 USD). The presale includes a 15% bonus.
Crowd sale [Date introduced during Presale]
Allocation: 118.100.000 MEFY (1 MEFY = 0.30 USD without bonus)
Round sales crowd no longer has bonuses.
Presale Requirements
Whitelist [Starting June 8]
Presale - will be announced
Min / Max Contribution: 20-300 ETH
Min / Max Contributions: 2-50 BTC
Min / Max Contributions: 30,000-500.000 XMV
Terms of the Crowd Sales
Min / Max Contribution: 0.5-5 ETH
To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:
Author: SanZoldyck

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