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MoolyaCoin: Its role in the global digital startup ecosystem(moolya.global)

When the topic of entrepreneurship is raised, what comes into most people’s mind is channeled to the difficulties and challenges associated with it. Many individuals had the dream since youth of becoming an entrepreneur. However, the hard truth is, the economy isn’t favorable to these people with great ambitions. The lack of resources has shuttered the ideas of most potential entrepreneurs all over the world to this day.
Having this problem at hand, the Estonian based company (Moolya) developed a comprehensive ecosystem to help make this uncomfortable situation much better.

In early January this year, the Moolya platform (moolya.global- A global digital startup ecosystem built on the blockchain technology) was unleashed to the general public to make good use of this great initiative. The platform offers a wide range of services including interactive network, a marketplace and an on-demand services infrastructure. The project is focused on diverse stakeholders like institutions, innovators, start-up companies, investors, businesses, service suppliers and several others.
The idea of maximum satisfaction and effectiveness of this amazing platform led the birth of the “MOOLYACOIN”. In the subsequent paragraphs, we going to look at the moolyacoin in depth and analyze how best it can improve the existing platform.
The moolyacoin (MOOLYA) is an ERC20 token that is going to harness most payment transactions on moolya.global (SaaS platform). Most use cases of the moolyacoin will be observed in the integrated marketplace on that platform. Others services rendered on the platform will be rewarded with MOOLYA (ie. the primary payment mode on moolya.global).
The use of the moolyacoin comes with great benefits to various individuals. Some of the benefits of the coin may include:
• Global coverage: The problem relating to entrepreneurship is suffered by most part of the world. It will be of less importance for Moolya to deploy a project that will have geographical restrictions. Moolya.global is available to individual and firms all around to make good use of this amazing initiative. There is no constraint, irrespective of where you are on the globe, you can still enjoy moolya.global full functionalities.
• Reliability: The moolyacoin has good liquidity. This makes it easy to convert to other currencies without losing it value completely. Applications built on the blockchain comes with peculiar advantages that make the application safe and reliable. A typical example is the smart contract. These contracts are blockchain based contracts that are executed as soon the underlying conditions are matched. Since there is no centralized authority, these contracts are free from frauds, interference or speculation. These contracts can be used to facilitate the exchange of anything valuable like money, shares, content, etc.
• Usability: One of the most important criteria most investors look for in a coin before investing is its usability. There should be numerous instances of the coin's usage. The moolya.global platform having global coverage capabilities will help the coin to be adopted worldwide. Besides, the majority of the activities on the platform will have the moolyacoin play a key role. Moolyacoin could also be exchanged for FIAT money on exchanges.
• Big Partnership: The usage of moolyacoin on the platform comes with no payment gateway charges and transaction charges. This in combination with the project’s potentials has won the hearts of mainstream partners and counting.


Below are some of the basics about the moolyacoin schedule that stakeholders and investors will like to know.
Token Ticker:- MOOLYA
Soft Cap:- 3 million USD
Hard Cap:- 25 million USD
Pre-Sale:- 10th July 2018 – 10th Aug 2018
Private-Sale:- 1st Sep 2018 – 30th Sep 2018
Crowd-Sale:- 15th Oct 2018 – 15th Jan 2019
Coin Price in ICO:- 1 MOOLYA = 0.06 USD or 0.000114 ETH
Minimum Investment:- 0.2 ETH
Currencies Accepted:- Only ETH
Token Delivery Date:- Within 48 hours of receipt of ETH and TX hash whitelisted backer
Coin Lock:- All used coins will be locked for the duration of the ICO
KYC:- Mandatory
Leftover coins:- Will be burned after the ICO ends
Breakup of coin distribution is as follows:
Total of moolyacoin is 1,000,000,000 MOOLYA
Reserve: 24%
Private Sale: 20%
Crowd Sale: 20%
Advisors: 14%
Founders & Team: 14%
Pre-Sale: 8%


The image below depicts the timeline, achievements and future goals of MOOYLACOIN. This gives the general public a sneak preview of the entire project and what it is all about.
road map.PNG


Author: SanZoldyck

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