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A huge number of modern people are constantly using the opportunities of digital technologies – social networks,various advertising platforms, content exchanges. All this is very popular. Today, blockchain technology is being actively introduced – an excellent opportunity to create decentralized, secure platforms for working with different types of data.Phenomenal Network  is an innovative media platform based on the existing advantages of blockchain technology. This is an excellent opportunity for users– they can not only access the necessary content, but also monetize their own efforts to create this content.
Phenomenal Network aims and vision
The Phenomenal Network is the first affiliate blockchain-powered ecosystem designed explicitly for the affiliate industry. The inclusion of blockchain technology ensures the obtainment of highly scalable, decentralized and secured systems, for absolute elimination of fraud in affiliate marketing. The design for the Phenomenal Network is based on the major advantages of the affiliate blockchain-powered ecosystem which include:The utilization of sharding to achieve million of transactions per second. . Enhanced security and scalability of the ecosystem. . Instant and accurate notification of both fraudulent and quality traffic . Secured and scalable AD network for all categories of affiliates . Simple and easy to register accounts for both merchant and affiliate marketers . Create a good and honest affiliate community based on the technology and environment that we are managing to create . Ensure that qualified marketers will get what they deserve fast and secured than ever with high satisfaction . Help affiliate to get more motivation by conducting Golden Affiliate Rewards . Make advertisers and affiliate network to feel secured and safe with Anti-Fraudulent Traffic Alert - AFTA and . Fast financial transaction.
Phenomenal Network is a new decentralized peer to peer platform which aims to establish fastest transaction platform for new ICO start-ups and. ICO that are planning to create their own chains can also access the services of Phenomenal Network. Phenomenal Network aims to bring a revolution in the blockchain transactions technology by bringing new block concept whereby sharding technology would be used to achieve the pace to perform more than million transactions without crashing or blocking the system. Phenomenal Network makes available the fastest peer to peer network. Phenomenal Network specialized blockchain is based on Ethereum ERC20. Phenomenal Network is determined to make way for new ICOs where they would be able to carry on fast transactions between the platforms. Start-ups that qualify for the standards of Phenomenal Network will be assisted and allowed to join the Phenomenal Network ecosystem. Phenomenal Network’s fast transaction will be globally available to widespread its accessibility and usability. Start-ups all over the world will be able to use the Phenomenal Network fast transaction free of cost. Phenomenal Network has designed a crypto-token that will be used by members within the Phenomenal Network platform. It will make possible the transactions on the decentralized, fast, secure and safe transaction platform that will be accessible by the new ICO starts-up. One of the objectives of the Phenomenal Network is to autonomize and speed up every transaction of the click and referral process in the affiliate marketing. This objective will be accomplished with the help of the Ethereum blockchain-based smart contracts. A preliminary investigation by tour team indicated that current Ethereum network lacks the potential to fulfill the planned high-performance requirement of the Phenomenal Network. This motivated us to develop the Phenomenal Network ecosystem from the scratch so as to obtain the best possible solution for the Affiliate Marketing user case.
Additionally, there are three primary reasons that prompted us to develop the Phenomenal Network ecosystem from scratch. These are discussed as follows: .
1.Costs: With current blockchain technologies, it is quite impossible to obtain our anticipated performance of million transactions per second in a cost-effective manner. This is probably the major reasons why other projects opt to conduct their affiliate outside the blockchain technology. .
2.Customizability: Affiliate marketing is unique and quite different from other forms of digital marketing. For instance, the industry requires private settings for all participants. But this objective cannot be achieved completely without blockchain technology. Thus, Phenomenal Network aims to proffer solutions to these challenges by integrating blockchain functionalities into the operations. .
3.Stability: Current affiliate marketing has always been associated with third party operational risk. The Phenomenal Network is specially designed to eliminate this 10 requirement, irrespective of the network’s size or proposition. Thus, the successful implementation of our blockchain ecosystem will help us to get rid of decision that is not in the user’s interest. Our block chain technology will also ensure lower cost of operation without compromising the quality of business operation. Indeed, the implementation of our Phenomenal Network will help in the elimination of all the major problems that are currently confronting the affiliate marketing.
Our solution can integrated into all levels of affiliate marketing including functionality, blockchain data structures, network protocols, and parameters, as well as the market’s functionality and storing of data. Multiple low-level optimizations are used in the development of core network layers. The network layers in the case include smart contract, network and storage types. In our case, the core network layers can be and will be developed with the evolution of the community protocol in mind. In addition to other provision, we have to proffer some solutions. First, we have to make efficient use of the binary storage medium that supports sophisticated compression; Secondly, we have to batch all the protocol’s layers; Thirdly, we have to change network parameters. This can be achieved through the use of voting weighted by the stake. This primarily entails the minimization of forks so as to ensure natural evolving changes; Using the sharding to achieve scalability at both the shard and network level; Optimization of the data models with the help of the cryptographic algorithms; Encryption of the short-term volatile streaming data feeds for private data; Incorporating all transaction process to the affiliate business logic; and Ensure client nodes are affiliate-business aware and expose developer friendly API’s.


Date: Presale is estimated to take place on September 15 — September 29 (will be announced later)

Total token supply: 900.000.000 PN
Total hard cap: 69.000 ETH = 450.000.000 PN
Soft cap : 18.000 ETH
Hard cap : 69.000 ETH

Pre-sale: 150.000.000 PN = 18.000 ETH
30% bonus for presale. 1 ETH = 8.427 PN
Crowdsale : 300.000.000 PN = 51.000 ETH

No bonus for crowdsale. 1 ETH = 5.900 PN

WEBSITE: https://phenomenal.network/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Phenomenalnetworksg/
MEDIUM:  http://medium.com/@phenomenalnetworkico
REDDIT:  https://www.reddit.com/r/PhenomenalNetwork/
Author: SanZoldyck

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