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PlayGame : Raising the Indie Games Era

PlayGame is a blockchain platform which developing a decentralized place for game developers. The game developers will be able to very easily fund their projects on this platform. The platform also provides technical features such as smart contracts, expertise from management team etc. The crypto enthusiasts can play games with the helps of tokens and in turn can gain more tokens on winning. The solution provided by this project will solve the problems faced by indie game developers. The project is also providing solution for the users to turn their game ideas into reality. 
The number of mobile games has increased from 16 thousand to 3.5 million from the year 2009 till 2017. This creates problem to the game developers as they are not able to retain the players. Due to established studios present today, the indie games studios are facing problems with increasing CPI (Cost-Per-Installs) and competition F2P (Free-to-Play) Games. The game developers also need to pay high commissions to the platform providers which does not allow them to get the maximum profit. 
PlayGame is providing solution to the indie game developers with the help of blockchain technology. The platform has integrated cryptocurrencies so that the indie game developers can easily fund their games and provide these games to the crypto enthusiasts. PXG token will be used on this platform. Payers need to pay PXG tokens to play games and participate in tournaments over this platform. The game developers also need to pay PXG tokens for getting their games listed on the platform. Gamers can support their favourite games to get listed by voting. Voting also require PXG tokens to be paid on the platform. Game developers can also reward tokens to their supporters. 
Anton Soeharyo – CEO
Anton founded one of the most successful mobile game company in Indonesia – TouchTen Pte Ltd. It has published over 50 mobile game titles, accumulating over 50 million downloads with many reaching the top charts. Anton graduated from Japan’s Waseda University and China’s Top Peking University (Beijing University), earning a double-degree in International Liberal Studies. 
 Aria Rajasa – CIO Product Lead
Aria Rajasa is a serial entrepreneur with over 10+ years in the digital marketing, digital marketplace, and ecommerce space in Indonesia. He founded Tees.co.id, a leading online custom clothing, procurement, and custom goods solution provider. Aria graduated from the country’s most prestigious national University – Universitas Indonesia and hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science. 
 Batista Harahap – CTO Residence Hacker
Batista has been building startups since 2007. He first built DuniaQuiz.com in 2007, a quiz website that grew to a million pageviews in its first 3 months of conception. He joined his second startup Urbanesia (Indonesia’s Yelp) because of his passion to help local businesses in 2010. He created Coral, a marketplace focusing on a chat-only flow to purchase from sellers. Seeing opportunity, he created PrismApp and Selly as spin-offs targeting e-Commerce customers and their sellers. 
 Token Matrix:
Token – PXG
Total Supply – 1 Billion PXG
Price – 1 ETH = 18,000 PXG (Pre-Sale) & 1 ETH = 15,000 PXG (Crowd Sale)
Soft Cap – 200 Million PXG
Hard Cap – 600 Million PXG
Pre-Sale – 10th to 24th September 2018
Crowd Sale – 24th September to 22nd October 2018 
• The team behind the project has experience in fields like gaming industry, digital marketing, computer science, IPO etc.
• There are 10 advisors for this project who have different backgrounds which include gaming, blockchain, ICO, computer science, social media management etc.
• The project has investors which include Ideasource and Digital Nusantara Capital.
• The demo of this platform is available. 
• The project has low social media hype as it has around 170 followers on Twitter and 200+ members on Telegram.
• The whitepaper does not have detailed explanation of the solution the project is trying to give.
• The partners of this project are not displayed on the website. 
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