Jumat, 19 Oktober 2018

Resto ICO : Platform Global Foodservice Loyalty Space

Greetings dear friends.
Today I will tell you a new unique project.
And so expensive investors meet new projects. Friends, meeting the Resto platform is a long awaited revolution in cooking skills.
Sweet tooth and cashback? If so, this platform is made for you.
Resto is the implementation of a universal profitable block chain that provides a strong competitive advantage, which offers a variety of marketing and advertising services that are very effective in a period of global loyalty.
A restaurant for investors is the ability to invest in universal currency at Resto - the formation of constant growth by attracting every catering operator and merging into each new country on the market.
This is an important opportunity to get guaranteed passive income and the opportunity to become one of the founders of global loyalty food.
The restaurant for participants is a unique and complete set that solves the main problem of restaurant operators.
This is a free and powerful competitive advantage that offers a variety of marketing and advertising services that are very effective in the general loyalty space of unlimited possibilities.
for consumers - is the common currency to visit for each catering operation.
This gives consumers an unprecedented opportunity to save and get at the same time, to receive the best prices and the cheapest offers without geographic limits, as special participants from the international public community.
Our goal is to integrate the catering loyalty program throughout the world.
Our global approach to developing loyalty programs cannot be compared.
We are happy to welcome you to the food service market, we are here today - the Global Resto loyalty platform.
Resto is not only a simple and practical loyalty program, but a cross-functional marketing platform, an additional source of income, a unique and free competitive advantage in the hospitality industry.
In addition, Resto is a huge database of potential consumers with a very broad focus based on various customer characteristics ranging from average costs to geographic targeting and special taste preferences.
Platform Resto is integrated with leading catering systems, all marketing initiatives and profit costs can be easily done with just a few clicks.
The Resto Marketing Platform allows you to utilize the most innovative tools to attract and encourage customers to return, to increase loyalty and average spending, and to improve the quality of services, such as polls.
The CRM and Mobile App Resto systems, Mobile Catering Operators allow you to maximize all information about the efficiency of the company to improve your services and communication with consumers.
Attributes Platform:
transparent method for taking back money in tokens;
various ways to use stored restaurant tokens;
various daily activities (food in the restaurant, ordering delivery online) with cashback fees at the restaurant token.
Information about ico
Ethereum: ERC20
emission mark: 1.1 billion
Resto Token Price: 0.0001 ETH
Accepted currency: BTC, ETH, LTC
HARD CAP: 50 000 ETH
Bonus Scheme: yes
KYC: yes
Min / staff Max Cap: 0.01 ETH (or equivalent) / unlimited
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Author: SanZoldyck

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