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Tokeneo Exchange: Blockchain Community-Owned Crypto Exchange Platform


The hidden thought behind Tokeneo is making a cryptocurrency trading platform, where everybody could take an interest on an equivalent balance in its advancement, impact its shape and completely add to its prosperity on an accomplice premise that so far have been common for the truth of enormous business.
The team chose that the arrangements connected on the market are exorbitantly shallow and lacking keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish this goal, that is the reason they have built up their own model as per which investors by method for their support in people in general offering would increase considerable control over the created task and they would be joined to it for a more drawn out timeframe and not just for theoretical purposes.
The arranged offers of Tokeneo tokens should fill in as the way to accomplishing the state in which the venture achievement will interpret in an unmistakable way into the outcomes created by their benefits – Tokeneo tokens – and, accordingly, a tasteful return rate for the investors.
With a view to deciphering the most astounding base an incentive into Tokeneo tokens, the company chose to execute the profit based model, in which the token proprietor theorizes concerning its genuine valuation, as well as has the privilege to take an interest in the dissemination of genuine additions that are produced on a progressing premise by the creating platform. In Tokeneo estimation, such an answer not just ensures the premiums of investors and shields them against any extreme hazard, yet in addition ensures that together with the improvement of the item the interest for shares communicated as Tokeneo tokens will continually rise.
There is a real company behind the exchange venture. Its enlisted office has been hand-picked by us fastidiously, when checking the improvement of cryptocurrency markets and the administrative activities of nearby governments in singular nations. Tokeneo saw that the high selection elements and receptiveness to cutting edge innovations on the Asian markets and they concentrated the inquiry endeavors on Asia. In this manner, Tokeneo chose to enroll the company in Hong-Kong as Tokeneo Ltd.
In addition, Tokeneo issued Ethereum-based TEO tokens. The Tokeneo community members will have 90% of tokens and investors will be compensated with 50% of the profits generated (daily payments). This platform should offer a minimum of 25 cryptocurrency markets. Tokeneo users will have access to three types of orders: market buy and sell orders, limit buy and sell orders, stop-loss orders and take-profits. The team also plans to launch TokeneoCash: a crypto currency exchange office for users who cannot go through the verification process.


The Tokeneo's TEO token sold during ICO will be based on the ERC-20 protocol, that is it will be compliant with the principles and guidelines for the digital asset generation in the Ethereum network. The tokens will be generated under the contract operating in the base network. The total supply of TEO token is 100,000,000 tokens and this number will not change with time.
During the first round of private investor acquisition, the Tokeneo pre-ICO 5,000,000 tokens were sold (five million tokens), which is 5 percent of the total supply (the total number of tokens from a collection of partners amounted to 8,000,000 tokens, which is 8 percent of supply). In the second public round open to all interested individuals and institutional investors will offer a standing pool in the 80,000,000 Token token (eighty million tokens).
After the completion of the ICO, the backers of project will be able to repurchase the tokens only from the persons who had purchased them originally during the initial offer. This will be possible in the free exchange market such as, among others, the Tokeneo exchange.

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