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The Trex Token (symbol: TXT) will be used as currency within our platform, and will therefore be used for donations, purchases. Using the Ethereum blockchain our community will be able to receive payments safely and quickly, thus eliminating the annoying problems and slowness of the fiat currencies.

About the Project

Through Trex Token, musicians will have the opportunity of producing their own songs and listeners will enjoy and hear new content from any device they own Trex Token will provide the user with the possibility of using the platform in a number of ways from, free streaming, to requests for donations, payments and the insertion of advertising sponsors.
It differentiates itself from other music streaming platforms by assisting to finance music and video artists and gifting tokens to its users, from music/video enthusiasts to those for commercial activities. 


When an artist creates a new single or musical album, he must invest his time to create that piece from an original idea through to the product. They finance it with their own money, contact a record label in the hope that they are interested in the song, investing and publishing it to get the most sales. This all takes many months before outcomes can be achieved.
Often however, this does not happen, as the artist does not have the necessary funds to create a music video, because he does not have the right contacts, and because the record label (given the huge amount of songs they receive) rarely invests their time and effort into the song. An artist can often find they have spent substancial time and funds without gains or revenue.
Trex Token, due to the Ethereum blockchain, finally wants to resolve these problems that hinder emerging artists within the world of music. Trex Token will provide opportunities for the advertiser to easily reach their audience, thus avoiding intermediaries who only increase the advertising cost. We will give them the choice to choose the amount to invest in each individual advertising. In addition, advertisers will get data to measure the results of their marketing campaign.


Trex Token has resolved problems for the artist by permitting them to upload their songs without any need for a record label. The artist can receive donations in TXT tokens which can be converted to cash or it can help sponsor the development of their own piece of music. 
Artists can also get revenues from advertising generated by their piece of music and by reselling
their own songs. This will be enhanced by the social network created on the Trex Token platform and the loyalty of fans.
Funds via the Trex Token’s token $ TXT will be credited to the artist wallet immediately and they will be able to withdraw or convert as they see fit.
Artists need no longer wait several months before a record label sends various reports, they can check the progress in real time directly within his Ethereum Wallet.
Through Trex Token, the advertiser will also have greater clarity on costs and will not have to pay additional intermediaries. They can create their own advertising campaign through a special advertising tool within the Trex Token platform, choosing the appropriate target.
Once a target is selected, the advertiser can choose the amount (in $ TXT he wants to invest for each advertising session. The higher the bid, the more visibility the advertising will have. 
Finally the advertiser will not have to pay astronomical figures, as Trex Token completely eliminates the intermediaries and allows the advertiser to decide the budget they wish to spend for individual Trex Token accepts within their platform, all songs, that are not plagiarism, but the result of the originality and work of an artist, without thereby harming the work of other artists. 


In recent years, the music industry has experienced a huge increase in sales thanks to the streaming and sale of digital albums.
The music industry is projected to grow exponentially over the next few years and is expected to reach a $52 billion USD capitalization by 2020. 
The revenues arising from music streaming show a sharp increase and the trend remains bullish.
At Trex Token, we are revolutionizing the music industry by making the user and artist the main actors.

Token Details

Token Distribution
ICO Token Sales
Sold Globaly
Reserve Fund
ICO Program
Pre sale Token
Team Advisor
Reserve Fund
Team Advisor
Sold globaly
Token Information
Smart Contract:
Max supply:
Accepted payment:
Term of token sale:
30 days with the possibility of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of ICO 


2018 August ICO preparation (white paper, website)
2018 October TXT release on some exchanges
2018 December TXT site release
2019 March Release TXT on iOS
2019 April Wallet Integration on iOS
2019 July Cancel Android App
2019 November Release version 1.0 (user can use VTXT to purchase songs) 
Author: SanZoldyck

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