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Yanu is platform of Advantage


Yanu’s specialty

Yan is a program that uses blocks to fix problems directly linked to this end user, and a loyalty course implemented by undesirable and developing obligations to the business consequences of using way too many loyalty applications. It integrates the central side Points, along with providing an individual Status User Spots and a single loyalty course. For the least expensive with maximum security. Furthermore to its dependability and low purchase costs, it offers users and companions a far more sensible result through the use of block circuit technology to eliminate the auto from the side.
Blockchain technology implemented helps to protect users’ info and permits transparent transactions. All robots are constructed of high-quality parts made by dominant firms. Robots implementation is vital due to the increasing want for automation in every industry. It is more rewarding for companies to work with robotic units since it is cheaper, better and only needs frequent maintenance.
Points and miles are being used mainly in our commercial activities. Based on the study, two-thirds of the typical American population is by using a point program from 29 different corporations. For instance, use points for organization excursions when flying on an airplane, a debit card, or web stores collected anytime. Often these things receive some percentage of the order amount when purchasing merchandise and offerings. For a customer, decrease the selling price of commodities that permit you to make use of your points later on as points in income to acquire goods and providers. Increasing consumer loyalty for the organization can get loyalty and inspire customers to give attention to their services.
While it is evident a robot cannot replicate a number of the intricate elements of the human bartender encounter (at least certainly not yet), Yanu might prove itself very useful in favorite pubs, clubs, and lounges with high turnouts. Robolabs possesses reportedly previously entered into agreements with five airports in European countries and two beverage businesses whose flagship cocktails will become among Yanu’s specialty after its launch.
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