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Raido Financial is a global fintech ecosystem that combines a set of universal crypto tools for trading, exchange, financial and investment operations for all B2B and B2C crypto market players through the single platform.
Our mission is to provide all the market stakeholders with the most efficient, comprehensive and secure tools for carrying out all needed crypto activities. Thus, our main goal is to run and improve the ecosystem, whereby any participant of the crypto market can easily obtain and use highly efficient and profitable tools with any experience level in Blockchain or cryptocurrency technologies.


  • Perform all types of trading operations efficiently with highly technological features.The technical architecture of Raido Financial is capable of providing users with the maximum data processing speed due to the high performance and load-processing system.
  • Launch and effectively manage new ICOs. A tokenized smart-processing system for ICO / TGE / ITO projects will be integrated into the Raido Financial system, which will provide a set of “all in one” tools needed to implement a token sale – including all marketing, legal and technical aspects.
  • Anonymously, securely and profitably carry out trading, exchange, investment activities with crypto assets from a single multi-currency wallet.
  • Proceed legal and transparent trading activity with large volume of crypto assets for B2B and institutional market stakeholders.


High-technology and efficiency of operations
High performance and load-processing system, integrated FIX API, WebSockets, REST protocols
Processes of high-frequency queries and effective use of algorithmic and Machine Learning modules
GEO DNS zones and efficient allocation of queries.
Launch and effective management of new ICOs.
Tokenized Smart-processing system for ICO / TGE / ITO projects with «all in one» tools.
Anonymous and secure operations with multiple currencies for B2C market players
Multicurrency crypto wallet with low fees, integrated processing of plastic cards, money and electronic pay-out systems.
Processing of merchants for tokens and plastic card emissions
Payment accepting module for cryptocurrencies / fiat currencies, dashboard for exchanging, cash-out and control of financial balances.
Large crypto assets volume trading, using leverage and other tools on Raido Exchange
Liquidity aggregators, integrated within a single ecosystem with the largest trading platforms, crypto-exchanges, brokers and other financial institutions.
Legal and transparent trading activity for B2B and institutional market stakeholders
Complex fintech and legal solutions that combine all types of crypto financial activities and currency tools for B2B on a single platform.
High-tech security system of financial assets for all the users of ecosystem
Aggregated solutions – IP filtering, data encryption, two-factor authentication, independent layers of cryptographic protection and much more.


In order to provide stable and full-fledged work, Raido Exchange will have the following features:
  • Automatic purchase/sale of cryptocurrency;
  • At least 50 cryptocurrency tools for exchange and margin trading;
  • Universal tools of technical analysis (sets of indicators, 12 time zones);
  • High-speed API-connection channel with the ability to proceed up to 100 requests per second from each user;
  • The ability to add custom stores, including the ones issued via ICO / ITO / TGE;
  • Scaling and load balancing capacity, GEO DNS zones;
  • Online service support 24/7;
  • Integration with external services such as crypto exchanges, electronic payment systems and cryptocurrency wallets;
  • Encryption of personal and payment data of users, including hot/cold wallets, multi-signatures, two-factor authorization with verification for deposit and withdrawal of fiat funds;
  • Protection from hackers and DDoS attacks;
  • Liquidity aggregation and distribution;
  • Integration with main protocols – REST, WebSocket, FIX and others;


Cross-platform solution for anonymous and secure exchange of cryptocurrencies, deposit and withdrawal of fiat money, and money transfers
Support for Bitcoin, main Altcoins and tokens with the further listing of new currencies
Guarantee of funds’ security thanks to private keys, encryption and wallet cryptography
Confidentiality and anonymity without identification data reference and tracking transactions
Integration with online projects of any complexity and issuance of own cryptocurrency
The transaction process is carried out with one click without additional steps or multiple entries
Maintenance and use of your own funds in all supported coins
Support of English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, localization for other languages is available
The commission fee is calculated dynamically, ensuring the best value for money


Marketing costs – 18 262 500 (21%)
Developing, testing and product
Debugging costs – 31 012 500 (36%)
Administrative expenses – 2 887 500 (3%)
Legal expenses – 8 100 000 (9%)
Company (listing on exchange) – 8 662 500 (10%)
Developers – 8 662 500 (10%)
Advisors – 4 725 000 (6%)
Airdrop – 1 575 000 (2%)
Bounty – 2 362 500 (3%)
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ELISIA - Provide Fast Flash and Free Transactions

Hello everyone, in this new post I want to introduce you about the ELISIA project, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion:
Elisia is a new cryptocurrency based on its own unique Blockchain technology. Elisia provides lightning fast, free transactions and enables users to easily create free DAPPS and the ability to create their own cryptocurrency with the click of a button!
Elisia has been designed with 4 pillars of strength:
1. Speed
2. Free3. Security4. Simplicity
The industry has been waiting for Elisia.
Now the time has come!
Speed: Each Elisia transaction reaches itsdestination at lightning speeds!Free: Elisia transactions are 100% free for sender and receiver!DAPPS: Users can create DAPPS with little to no technical knowledge!
Elisia In The Media
Soft Cap: 5000ETH
Hard Cap: 50000ETHToken Price: 0.0001ETHTOTAL SUPPLY: 1,000,000,000 ELSACONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x96c9126ee53fe08cc28fb08248915c76af3e3568TOKEN ALLOCATION And ALLOCATION OF FUNDS
This timeline details our funding and development goals.
January 2018: Idea/Brainstorming
February 2018: Research PhaseJune 2018: First Tech White PaperOctober 2018: White Paper ReleasedNovember 2018: Token Sale BeginsDecember 2018: Elisia Network Development BeginsJanuary 2019: Token Sale EndsFebruary 2019: Released on Major ExchangesMay 2019: Elisia Network TestingAugust 2019: Elisia Network Development CompleteSeptember 2019: Elisia Network Official ReleaseOctober 2019: ELSA Token SwapNovember 2019: First Annual DAPP Contest
You can find out more about the platform or participate in their crowd sales through the following links:
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Rabu, 21 November 2018


While on the other hand individuals of the so-called senior executives category, representing people well established in their professional life, have little free time and try to free themselves from many routine tasks such as housekeeping, animal care, school support, parcel retrieval, and so on in order to spend more time with their family and for leisure.
From that observation combined with the emergence of the collaborative economy and the digital world, new kinds of employment on the frontier of wage labour are coming up.
Indeed, the collaborative economy has really been booming in Europe in the last few years. The number of transactions in the five main sectors of the European collaborative economy namely finance, accommodation, transport, human and social services to individuals and companies could be multiplied by 20 in 10 years and reach 570 billion euros by 2025 compared with hardly 28 billion euros today. As 85% of this value is captured by individuals, the collaborative platforms turnover should reach 83 billion euros by 2025 compared with 4 billion today, according to the PWC’s audit and consulting firm latest estimates.
France, together with the United Kingdom, appears to be the leader on the market of the European collaborative economy, thanks to its favourable regulations environment.
Stoby has been expanding with this will : to rely on the collaborative economy connecting students who wish to find small jobs easily with individuals who wish to delegate some small tasks from time to time. In view of these different elements, Stoby has positioned itself on a specific segment of this market, in order to get a clear and visible identity to face competition.


The question of time is essential at Stoby : we offer free time to individuals for them to go about their daily business. This is our value proposition.
« The first of human rights is individual freedom, freedom of property, freedom of thought, freedom of work » said Jean Jaur├Ęs. At Stoby, students enjoy their freedom of work and individuals enjoy their own individual freedom.
Trust is the keystone of our concept, both between the platform users and towards Stoby. With all the tools that we make available to our users, we try to establish the best possible relationship of trust between individuals and students.
We provide a complete traceability of the students’ missions background and performance. Transparency will be decentralized and certified when we migrate on the blockchain.


Stoby’s mission is to provide all its support for an optimal deployment of the token in the student environment.
Our role will be to facilitate its access and exchange, both on and outside the platform.
In the coming years, we will strive to communicate and make partnerships with different student organizations for them to accept and re-use our token.


Stoby’s platform is at the core. This is where individuals and students get together to offer and accept missions, where payments and assessments are made, where people can maintain a relationship.
The platform is a true meeting place where every user has his profile, preferences and references. The individual has the possibility to evaluate and give a mark to the student at the end of the mission. Our services are insured by the Allianz insurance company.
The application will be available in 2019. 
The application is the answer to the need for speed. It will allow the student to quickly find the closest offers according to his position. This application will become the essential element for any student who needs a complementary income. In addition, it will facilitate access to the payment and its validation by the individual, who will be able to validate directly the selected student anywhere. Individuals and students will have the possibility to chat directly on their smartphone via Stoby’s messenger. This application will permit us to expand the This application will enable STOBY to become a multiplatform and thus extend its services offer.


In Stoby’s shop, the STB tokens will be used directly on the platform to have access to offers and services related to the jobs. On our shop, individuals will have the opportunity to buy or rent some products corresponding to the available services on the platform. Payments in STB tokens will enable to get reductions in the price of the sold products.
For example, a dog owner will be able to buy a new leash on the site. Or a couple that moves can rent a hand-truck on the platform for the student who works with them.
Why pay with STB tokens ?
Investors in STB tokens will have the opportunity to benefit from competitive rates when purchasing those products. Fast delivery.


Token name: Stoby Token
Token symbol: STB
STB rate per €: 5 STB
€ rate per STB: 0,20 €
Maximum number of tokens generated (total supply): 25 000 000 STB
Soft cap: 2 400 000 STB
Date of crowdsale start: End of 2018
Date of crowdsale end: End of 2018
Jurisdiction of insuance: FRANCE


Author: SanZoldyck



XendBit is a decentralised blockchain platform for remittances, payments, aid disbursement, store-of-value and credit.
Centralised exchanges are susceptible to internal and external security risks. The XendBit wallet uses bank-verified KYC and is being developed as an exchange.
XendBit will be a platform to enable new blockchain-based financial services, taking advantage of the new opportunities presented by the blockchain ecosystem such as smart contracts, ICOs, crypto-loans, venture financing, and tokenization which will power digital identities, certificate registration and verification services.


XendBit is a fully decentralised blockchain platform that allows users to trade safely and securely without risking customer funds.
Remitting cryptocurrencies and instantly transferring value in any currency anywhere in the world through instant settlements.
Leveraging blockchain technology to empower and provide grants and disburse aid by transparent, immutable & cryptograhic processes.
Application of blockchain technology for financial inclusion with access to credit after account creation.


Unlike most global exchanges which are centralised, XendBit is the first decentralised digital asset exchange focusing on Africa.
Reduced Transaction Cost
XendBit features Xendcoin, which is native to the XendBit DEX. Transactions based on Xendcoin will attract lower fees.
Localised Tether Coins
As P2P trading becomes more fluid, traders can engage and settle trades faster than bank transfers or foreign TetherCoins.
Easy Bank Integration
The XendBit blockchain platform is able to integrate with most banks in Africa and beyond including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Rwanda.


Smart Identity
Creating an identity on the blockchain can give individuals greater control over who has access to their personal information. Through the blockchain, identities can become globally accessible in a way that creates more transparency for service providers such as financial services, charities, donors, grant makers and sponsors. A blockchain-verified identity also addresses the challenges of establishing provenance, authentication and reconciliation faced by many industries. Xend’s Smart ID is a DApp that enables the use of blockchain in areas such as digital identities, banking, passports, e-residency, birth certificates; wedding certificates and online IDs.
The Xend Smart ID Card offers a convenient way for individuals to make micropayments through an embedded RFID which stores the Xend wallet’s private key, encrypted with a two-word phrase.
Smart Nodes
Smart nodes are blockchain nodes that require KYC registration of node owners, whereby the nodes run in a semi-permissioned mode with incentives (harvesting). Smart nodes are associated with a registered and verified XendBit wallet in a way that prevents the possibility of a 51% attack on the blockchain network.
Smart nodes will be further protected by a specially built Linux Operating System (OS) Live image comprising of uniquely selected applications, tools and packages with zero vulnerabilities that will ensure the highest level of OS security.
Smart Java Beans
SJBs are based on the concept of java beans, originally conceived by James Gosling, that can be run on the NXT blockchain. SJBs stateful smart contracts design is also drawn from the lessons of flexibility, scale, and security from digital circuit design principles.
SJBs must follow approapriate naming conventions. For example, methods that must return a value must begin with ‘get’ e.g. ‘public long getAccountBalance(). These types of methods cost 0 to execute and don’t affect the state of the SJB on the blockchain.
Xend dApps Platform
The Xend dApps platform inherently employs Java technology scalability features to handle high transaction volume. Often known to clog dApps networks, high transaction volume leads to slower transaction times and inflated fees as seen on other popular dApps-based blockchain platforms. Examples of Xend dApps include XendCash for remittance, XendAid for transparent and more efficient aid disbursement, and the upcoming XendCredit for financial inclusion.
Originally, NXT presented a powerful blockchain with a robust set of features as a leading 2nd generation blockchain. While NXT did not originally suppport smart contracts, they have now been added as part of Jerulda’s implementation of lightweight contracts. It is noteworthy however that the XendBit team was able to implement smart contracts alongside Jerulda’s current initiative.


  • Token Symbol: XTN
  • Tokens for sale: 100,000,000
  • Token Price: $0.20 USD
  • Specifications: XEND token
  • Max circulating supply: 200,000,000




With help from our team, contributors and investors, these are the milestones we have achieved and goals we are working to acomplish.
2017 Q1
Android Bitcoin Wallet.
Brokerage and asset custodian service development.
2017 Q2
Multi-Chain Wallet implementation
Support for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum e.t.c.
2017 Q3
Investigation of Various Blockchain Technologies.
Development of Wallet with Utility Coin.
2017 Q4
Semi-Centralised Exchange
Server-Side Implementation.
Remote Transaction Signing.
2018 Q1
XendBit Blockchain Forked
Alpha Release of XendBit Exchange
2018 Q2
Multi-Chain Decentralised Exchange Features
Fiat-to-Crypto & Crypto-to-Crypto
2018 Q3
Alpha Release of XendCoin Blockchain
Smart Contract Support
2018 Q4
Token Sale
Private Sale, Public Presale
Full Service Launch
Partner Onboarding for XendCash & XendAid
2019 Q1
Public Sale (ICO)
XendCash & XendAid Blockchain Applications v1.0 Release
API Development
2019 Q2
XendCredit Development
XendCredit Will Reduce the Cost of Micro-lending.
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Wellmee - Rewarding People for Their Wellbeing

Wellmee may be a mobile application that completely serves its users in varied significant ways that. From mentoring, advising, engaging, diverting to relaxation. Its essence is to contribute to users´ successfulness. (See additional on successfulness see in three.3.1) It helps individuals to feel higher and additional consummated in their lives.
By victimization the Wellmee application its users ar perpetually enhancing their successfulness. The study done by CAGE analysis centre found that happy staff ar up to twenty additional productive than sad staff.1 whereas happiness may be stricken by desoxyribonucleic acid and life circumstances, professor, at University of Calif. Riverside, Sonja Lyubomirsky suggests in her bestseller The however of Happiness that we have a tendency to still management roughly four-hundredth of our happiness.” a pair of this can be the operating ground for the Wellmee application.
Since happier individuals ar additional productive it’s conjointly employers United Nations agency can enjoy Wellmee usage outcome. supported a posh formula and therefore the metrics behind the appliance, employers are going to be able to see however economical the usage of the appliance has been by their staff and supported this they’ll be able to reward their staff with Wellmee tokens – e.g. on a yearly basis.
Wellmee application is only non-public. it’s solely the user United Nations agency experiences the content of the app. What happens in Wellmee stays in Wellmee. Employers are going to be solely capable to induce extracted knowledge of trailing the progress of usage – the content of however and by what was the progress created won’t be transferred to alternative parties by any manner.
That is why the connection between the user and his Wellmee application is build upon trust.
The app may be utilized by each smartphone holder victimization either iOS or mechanical man operational system.
There area unit lots of relevant studies that describes the problem with low productivity in work because of the shortage of worker happiness and disengagement. for example, in keeping with yank world performance-management firm Gallup, sad staff price the U.S. itself between $450 and $550 billion in lost productivity every year7
Another analysis shows that eighty seven of C-Suite executives acknowledge that disengaged staff is one in every of the largest threats to their business.8
One half that Wellmee is close to cowl is relaxation/meditation. mental state disorders price the worldwide economy $1 trillion in lost productivity a year, with depression being the leading explanation for pathological state and incapacity, in keeping with the globe Health Organization.
At Wellmee we have a tendency to aren’t reinventing the wheel. we have a tendency to rest on the foremost findings of latest decades on the topics of positive scientific discipline, wellbeing, happiness and a flourishing life. Combining it with provenly effective technology solutions to form actually useful application.
We take the basics of many worthy world psychologists as for example pH scale.D. Martin Seligman and his Well-Being Theory10 wherever he explains however upbeat is measured and wherever he articulates the account of PERMA (Positive feeling, Engagement, Relationships, that means and Accomplishment), (more on our approach in following chapter three.3.1). Another approach of our interest comes from the work of Dr. Ellen Langer World Health Organization uses the word form GLADO to explain that upbeat could be a results of being Generous, Loving, Authentic, Direct and Open11 within the chapter zero we have a tendency to address our competitors that ar additional or less productive within the field of “mindfulness-based” application so as to point out there’s still presently an enormous house within the world welfare market.
All the on top of mentioned is in compliance with the result of the project of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland office of Science that in 2008 discharged a report on Mental Capital and upbeat. This study brings five ways that to mental upbeat. All of them to be lined, promoted and inspired by the Wellmee application These are:
  1. Connect,
  2. Be active,
  3. notice,
  4. continue learning,
  5. Give. Moreover, enhancing
wellbeing of people can cause enhancing upbeat in society. “It is projected that achieving atiny low modification within the average level of upbeat across the population would turn out an outsized decrease within the share with folie, and additionally within the share World Health Organization have sub-clinical disorder.
The purpose of the Wellmee application isn’t to form the person use it for hours and hours day by day. Since humans can’t be separated from reality, the digital life through the appliance can serve solely as. More detail information visit here https://www.wellmee.com/
Whitepaper: http://bit.ly/2PF7j1V
Author: SanZoldyck

Senin, 19 November 2018

Gooreo - It's time for a decentralized recruitment process now

How does it work?
• Every student registers his own account in the application and writes his professional resume.
• The company will publish the job application and write the required competencies and determine whether the work is local or online.
• The letter will go directly to all students studying in the same field (and in the same country if the job is local) to be applied to companies seeking employees.
• Applicants are accepted through the same site and applicants can be accepted to social networking platforms, especially (LinkedIn).
• After completion of the work period given to students obtaining a certificate certified by the site and company and giving him a degree (good, average, very good).
At this point, it's no secret that sites like Linkedin or Glassdoor are the leading authorities in the recruitment industry. However, these products have disadvantages that cannot be avoided by conventional technology stacks. Experienced hackers and malicious people can bypass all security measures to get what they want. The latest data leaked this statement because it was increasingly difficult to store your online personal data in a reliable way.
Moreover, companies that want to recruit new personnel must start a crusade to seek and verify the validity of candidate claims on their resumes. This usually requires sunk costs which can be easily used in other areas to grow companies in the sectors that most need financial assistance.
Individuals also know the struggle of having to adjust resumes for certain job applications that in the end, they may not even get it and thus the cycle never ends until they find suitable jobs through their own intelligence. This complex process can be significantly simplified thanks to a pile of revolutionary technologies called the Blockchain!
Gooreo Platform: A decentralized recruitment platform where everyone wins!
Thanks to its decentralized nature, users who decide to use the Gooreo platform can feel confident that no hackers can get their personal data because it is stored in a distributed ledger that can hardly be hacked.
Employers can utilize the power of the platform to find the next employee knowing that valid store credentials and store information are supported by blockchain authorities. With the help of OREO Coin, companies can even create passive income streams by guaranteeing their employees and the characteristics and credentials of former employees.
Individuals and Graduates looking to find work in their fields will find at Gooreo a department store for all their career needs. By registering a profile on the platform and validating all of their data, they can immediately apply it to the work posted by the company directly at Gooreo. AI agents will also help match candidates with jobs that best suit their preferences.
Implementation in the future will also allow receiving payment for work in the form of Oreo Coins thanks to Smart Contracts technology. When this platform is used by more people, the value of Oreo Coins will increase because of increased organic demand for it.
Further information:
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