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Atomic Swaps Wallet - Multicurrency wallet with decentralized exchange.

Maintaining digital assets and make it genuine and safe has become more complicated over a few years ago since the invention of digital assets E.g Crypto-Currencies. To make the platform more suitable and beneficial for users, Atomic Wallet uses the best UI and SECURED technology to make full utilization of the Atomic Wallet
Atomic Swaps Wallet is a Multi-Purpose Wallet with decentralized auto-exchange. It renders a robust on-demand service that empowers users to overcome the costs consumed by managing the assets of the cryptocurrency and makes them more genuine and credible.It provides a powerful on-demand service that allows users to reduce the costs associated with managing the assets of the encryption currency and make it transparent and reliable. As a currency holder you can transfer coins to your friends, buy goods, store them as valuable investments and sell them on the exchange market. This technology provides you with more transparent and reliable transactions, because everything can be done faster or more fairly.
AtomicWallet allows users to:
1. Receive crypto assets in the generated wallet.
2. Import assets into the wallet using secret keys of various formats.
3. Store secret keys in a secure encrypted environment.
4. Transfer assets to other addresses.
5. Choose a node for use in crypto currency.
The functionality of the wallet is based on SPV technology (simplified payment), which allows customers to avoid long-term synchronization of the block, while maintaining security. Keys are stored in encrypted form on the end user device or hardware purse (for example, Ledger, Trezor). Keys can be copied with a passphrase for all currencies presented on the platform or by using a string format for each currency.
Atomic DOB 
A Distributed Book (DOB) is a way of presenting market proposals in a decentralized manner. DOB is based on the BitTorrent protocol. 
Atomic DOB is an immutable and decentralized solution designed to convey information about transactions among users of the Atomic wallet platform.
Characteristics of DOB
1. An order is a proposal, not an obligation. When creating an order, the client sends an advertisement for the future trade. When the trading time comes, the client can avoid processing the transaction if he so desires. He faces a moderate decline in his rating in case of abandonment of trade.
2. Placement of orders does not block customer funds. If the orders do not coincide between the two traders, the funds do not move.
3. The order can be executed by several transactions.
4. Offline traders cannot trade. If a user leaves the Internet or closes a wallet application, the order becomes invisible to other traders.
5. Control over private keys 

Atomic Swapping
Atomic Wallet allows conversion of one crypto coin to another via Atomic Swapping. In the present system, swapping can be a costly transaction, especially with those other exchange platforms that impose high charges. Add to that, there is the issue of wallet incompatibility if different coins are involved. The process starts when the initiator wishes to trade or swap Coin 1 for Coin 2 with another trader (called the participant) and thereafter creates a contract called the secret. The secret, containing the initiator’s desired price, is not known to any participant at this point. The participant, on the other hand, creates his own contract for Coin 2 and to do so, he needs the encryption of the initiator’s secret. While the both parties have furnished their respective contracts at this time, coin transfers are only facilitated when the defined time has expired, usually an hour or so. The fact that the swapping is dependent on time earns the term, “atomic”. This gives the participant enough allowance to redeem the initiator’s contract, and unless he does, no tokens are moved.
The Atomic Wallet presently supports over 250 coins and tokens. It's the most suitable way to manage all of your encrypted assets.
The Atomic Wallet atomic token will issue its own token, called AWC (Atomic Wallet Coin). A tight limit of 100M AWC will be created, never upgraded. 
 Type: ERC20 Token
• Ticker: AWC
• Full Name: Atomic Wallet Coins
• Decimal: 8
• Total supply: 100,000,000 AWC
The purpose of crowd funding 
The following numbers are shared to meet the intended objectives, reduce the possible risks, and fill the market with liquidity.
• A minimum of $ 5,000,000 is required for the successful implementation of Atom.
• The maximum amount at which each token emission will expire is $ 22.5 million.
Personal Sales 
Prior to the release of the AWC token release, we will invite potential investors to submit an Investor Questionnaire consisting of the following:
1. Description of the purpose of the investor, which they want to achieve by taking part in the Atom project
2. Information about the source of funds invested
3. Contact
4. The amount of planned investment 
Based on the data obtained, the White List will be compiled, consisting of people who are allowed to invest. The Atom Wallet is open to all investors who are ready to contribute at least $ 100,000.

Crowdsale public sales will begin on September 1, 2018. 
The maximum number of tokens issued is 100,000,000. This amount of emission is only possible on condition that all investments are collected up to the maximum allowable amount of 1,000,000, and a hard cap is achieved. 
The minimum number of tokens to be published is set to 25,000,000. This amount of emissions is only possible on condition that all investments are collected with a minimum amount of 100,000 allowed, and the minimum amount required for project development is achieved. 

Allocation of Token
1. Personal sales token 35.000.000,00 - Percent 35% - Token Price $ 0.3 - Total $ 10,500,000 
2a. Bounties and airdrops - Token 5,000,000.00 - Percent 5% 
2b. Founder and advisor - Token 30.000.000,00 - Percent 30%
2. Public sale token 30.000.000,00 - Percent 30% - Token Price $ 0.4 - Total $ 12,000,000
Budget Allocation
• Team: 30% of budget
• Marketing: 20% of budget
• Initial Liquidity: 40%.
• Legal and Operational: 5% of budget
• Contingencies: 5% of budget.
Basic Project Links
• Official website:
• Telegram channel:
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