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Bitcoin Air - Payments as Light as Air

Bitcoin Air is based on the idea that advancing economic growth must do its best to reduce the negative impact in the space that is used to the maximum extent possible. Through the support of Credit Carbon Assets, and the strategic goal of reducing emissions through routine actions as simple as shopping at your local supermarket, Bitcoin Air plans to create the first environmentally friendly form of currency, which returns the power of health, wealth and governance back to consumers and traders world.
Throughout our analysis of cryptocurrency, volatility has become the biggest problem at the moment. And this is largely due to market manipulation and is helped by low adoption, no regulation, and failed attempts at backup systems. Bitcoin Air will overcome all these problems by ultimately providing a decentralized payment system and decentralized reserve system that can operate 100% free and decentralized trust from central forces.
Throughout the constant development there has been extensive brand growth that has led to the final and true vision of Bitcoin Air. Initially it began as an initiative to create the first collateral supported by a stable double-chain coin that can give back to the planet through consumer-based trade use. This vision has developed into a large-scale partnership that will help create the most flexible and measurable merchant-based payment system derived from cryptocurrency development.
What is Bitcoin Air?
Bitcoin Air is a new lightweight cryptocurrency dedicated to bringing cryptocurrency main-stream adoption to small businesses worldwide. Bitcoin Air is the first bilaterally operating blockchain that will feature two chains uniquely operating as one!
Bitcoin Air seeks to provide a global solution to many of the key issues faced with traditional emissions, banking and financial systems. By combining the feature rich and populated base of Bitcoin, with the environmental and user-friendly consensus method of Peercoin, we produce the perfect dual-chain Blockchain that has ability to maintain both stable and volatile value. Bitcoin Air goes one step further to implement Atomic Swap to remove the need for exchanges and centralized trade forces.
What coins will you be forking?
Bitcoin Air is a bilateral merge fork between Bitcoin ($BTC) and Peercoin ($PPC). We are currently discussing if we would like to include Bitcoin Cash into the Airdrop as well!
Bitcoin Air's Mission
Bitcoin Air’s mission is to design and produce the first viable attempt at tackling the key issues associated with cryptocurrency, small business and environmental risks at hand today. By producing the first Carbon Credit Asset-Backed Dual-Chain Blockchain, Bitcoin Air leads the way in pioneering the adoptability, scalability, and overall benefits of using the Blockchain. Combining this technology with Green Initiatives and a viable means of Asset-Backing, Bitcoin Air creates the first Living Ecosystem dedicated to reducing the Human Footprint, lowering the cost of living, and increasing the overall quality of life.
Minimum Viable Product
This minimum product demo will display an easy-to-use App Store demo that will give you a feeling of how Bitcoin Air will operate when released. This is not our final product template at all, also our demo will not be used as a collection of our main features. We will drastically expand this MVP when we receive feedback on how people react to the use and nuances of our demonstrations.
You can take advantage of this demonstration via a tablet, cellular or desktop interface. This will display the basic features that will come to the Air Pay Bitcoin System which will allow some key features for smooth merchant transactions and consumer use.
The idea behind the MVP is to provide a hands on template of use for people to gather what is to come before deciding to support Bitcoin Air in it’s endeavors to becoming the largest small business based consumer stable coin.
Bitcoin Air Team
Bitcoin Air is constantly expanding our partnerships to attain the best possible outreach for our products. You can view some of our amazing partners to the right. If you are interested in becoming a partner of Bitcoin Air, please send an email to
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