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Capella Coin - Smart Contract For Green Energy


Blockchain has a future potential of providing secure storage of ownership documents. The blockchain is a more secure way of documenting ownership, and other related transactions since the records are tamperproof and transparent. Being tamperproof, transparent and decentralized, blockchain opens up a whole world of opportunities for energy certification. Here are two applications for consideration. The first is emission trading; verification of renewable electricity as well as emission allowances. The history of ownership for every certificate could be stored in the blockchain. Since records stored on the blockchain remain tamperproof and transparent, blockchain would provide a safer and faster way of managing certificates for renewable power and emission allowances. The second application is related to the internet of things (IoT). The energy sector could benefit from blockchain through having a blockchain based register that records and regulates the current state of assets as well as their ownership (asset management). Such assets include smart meters, networks and generation facilities like solar systems.
Proof of ownership is at the very center of fraud cases; blockchain with its distributed ledger would help completely eliminate fraudulent activities in the energy sector. This could be possible where individual blockchain applications are combined. The energy that is generated in generational facilities that are distributed would be supplied to end users through smaller networks. Smart meters would, in turn, measure the amounts of energy produced and that which is consumed. Smart contracts would not only facilitate the flow of energy but also manage energy trading transactions and cryptocurrency payments through the blockchain. The use of blockchain to decentralize energy supply and transaction systems ensures the elimination of third parties in the energy sector hence reducing the cost for the end consumers. There will no longer be any need for such intermediaries like energy companies, banks or traders. Instead, with the above system blockchain based smart contract applications would enable direct relationships between producers and consumers. The consumer would be able to manage their electricity supply contracts as well as consumption data.
Capella blockchain network is a decentralized energy network, allowing producers, consumers, traders, utility companies and other stakeholders to interact freely, securely and with greater transparency and trust. Capella changes the way energy is recorded, distributed, transacted and used:
  • Capella Coin will be used to buy and sell renewable energy. Consumers of all types, domestic, industrial, corporate, farming and agriculture will use Capella Coin to buy units of Renewable Energy by paying the Renewable energy Producer with Capella Coin.
  • Prosumers who are generating electricity by installing their own equipments easily sell energy autonomously with consumers in their local marketplace using Capella Coin.
  • Capella Coin will also be used to buy and sell raw materials, machine parts, installations and equipments for renewable energy sources.
  • Capella Coin will invest heavily in the research and development of Renewable energy sources and will be a worldwide proponent in making renewable energy sources more acceptable and making the sources cheaper and affordable for everybody to use and adopt.
  • Capella Coin will incentivize the consumers to use renewable energy sources by bringing those offers, discounts and various other initiatives in association with Prosumers, DSO, and Power Grids.
WORKING METHOD OF CAPELLA COINS –For every 1 kWh of renewable energy, consumers pay 1 Capella Coin. For every KWH of energy produced or traded, the consumer will pay 1 Capella Coin towards the blockchain to confirm the transaction.
The value of capella tokens
Total Supply- 2,000,000,000
ICO Token Sale- 40%
Presale- 6%
Team and Founders- 20%
Reserved for Future Stakeholders- 20%
Market Making- 5%
Advisors -5%
Referrals, Bounty and community building-4%
Expansion of operations — 25% of received funds. Expand the team, further develop tech infrastructure and boost global operational scalability.
10% will be used to expand our subscriber base and brand presence across the Globe.
20% will be used for Technical Development- Building the Trading App for Energy Marketplace and Building a complete trading platform for Green energy trading
20% will be used for investment in research and development of Green Energy Projects in various across the Globe
5% will be used in spreading awareness and benefits of using renewable energy across the Globe through Seminars, Meetings, Social Media, Podcasts, and Webinars thus encouraging Prosumers to generate more power and sell on a distributed environment.
0% would be used to Install and execute Solar Power Generation Projects in rural areas, mega crypto-mining rigs, rural and semi-urban village micro-grids.
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