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Sabtu, 17 November 2018

EndChain – Logistics Made Simple

EndChain – Logistics Made Simple

In an industry where innovation was growing rarer and tech giants were shelving revolutionary ideas for the fear of competition, decentralized technologies such as blockchain have managed to thrive. The main reason being the removal of the middleman investors who had the money startups needed but took control of the ideas in the process. Every day we see new and unique concepts bubble up to the market’s surface despite their infancy. Decentralized technologies based on blockchain are seeping into every part of the international market. One such innovation is EndChain.

What & For Who?

EndChain is a patent pending company offering a logistical solution for all markets and supply chains. A utility token that impacts the way logistics is handled across industries in a cost-effective manner. End Chain is essentially a public ledger relying on the safety of the blockchain, which companies can use to track items and ensure their safe arrival.
Consumers will also be able to utilize this ledger to confirm the authenticity of products removing the fear of fakes. Their tracking system depends on a unique patent-pending combination of QR and Barcode. This system has enabled them to keep their services affordable as compared to other blockchain companies. Which helps them reach their target audience in the low to the middle market. Most utility tokens have focused on high-value goods and ignored this area for a long time.

A Comprehensive Network

EndChain has packaged their tracking system with an intelligent AI. This AI uses big data being fed through it to identify bottlenecks and fraud. Moreover, the consumer can ensure the authenticity of a product with a single scan of their EndChain’s unique tracking id. Even secondhand goods can be scanned to determine origin and ownership history. EndChain’s token is used to pay for their services such as their AI tool. Two to four percent of the coin fees will be destroyed. This results in the value of remaining coins increasing.

Stable Economy

A blockchain company can only be as strong as its economy. EndChain promises to cater its corporate users as well as its investors. They aim to use a deflationary self-regulating economy to ensure that the needs of its users are met. A token needs a thriving marketplace to be successful. A consistent stream of buyers ensures consistent and stable prices. For such purposes, EndChain is engaging companies to purchase and hold EndChain tokens.

Problem Solved

It has always been a challenge for global consumers to ensure the originality and legitimacy of the products they receive. It is too easy for fraudulent entities to deceive consumers and deliver fake products with low quality. Which works to discourage consumers from the brand and hurts the brand’s reputation.
EndChain is the perfect solution for all such troubles as it focuses on the lower end of the market, providing a reliable and safe tracking system for all the stakeholders involved. Even consumers buying secondhand goods will be able to judge the authenticity of their purchase and the ownership history. Companies will be able to ensure their services reach their consumers as is and their brand names are not misused. EndChain really is one solution for all.

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