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The design principles which form the basis of the lceChain network are that the platform is able to scale as needed while not compromising on any level of security and without costing users more in transaction fee. Security, scalability and decentralization are at the core of the lceChain model. Cross shard transactions will be able to be created in a seamless manner which will give a high level of quality within the experience to users. All this, on an ecosystem that will be driven by incentives and able to support a wide variety of alternative platforms to provide users the ability to use one account for all their transactions. Security will be maintained at the same high level regardless of how large the platform scales.


Necessary expenses are reduced through a decentralized trading and storage, giving everyday people the chance to gain from technology just like a business or large group would. Decentralization also creates the security for the entire blockchain that is inherent in a good blockchain platform. When smaller mining pools link together to create mining pools, proportional block share rewards can be enjoyed by any miner, in the same time frame that a larger mining pool would gain. Centralization is benefitted by this design of blockchain which is a risk to the decentralized proof of work format blockchain that is envisioned.
Collaborative mining style formations create difficult algorithms which are effectively hard enough to share the hash power across the miners equally, which allows for the system to be evenly spread. This is controlled through the head chain and by ensuring that at least 50% of the overall hash power is spread across the entirety of the network. This acts to prevent any type of double spend attack or attack by a malicious miner.


If you have been trading on cryptocurrencies and have had contact with the blockchain technology, you must have realized that the platform is not entirely free of hitches. Currently, there have been continued delay in transactions and this had necessitated platforms that want to make the system faster.
IceChain is perhaps better than other viable solutions and few citations will suffice to lay credence to the assertion. Most times, there has been comparison between crypto coins and fiat currencies as well as payment solution such as VISA. The reason for this was because blockchain transactions were quite slow.
The solution pioneered by IceChain features the popular shard technology. This allows multiple transactions to be conducted at the same time. When compared with Bitcoin’s, it is crystal clear that IceChain will be able to support concurrent transactions and still have ability to scale all in real-time.


Blockchain Redefined
Double-layer blockchain
IceChain is a double-layer blockchain
Horizontal scalability using clusters of nodes
Smart contracts
Supports smart contracts via EVM
Double spending security
Protected by distribution of the hash power
Mass adoption possibilities
Food-tech, Retailers, Financial Services, Logistics, IoT
Over 100 000 transaction per second
Using sharding, scalability and double-layer blockchain


From the foregoing of its solutions, there leaves no doubt that IceChain might just be the perfect model of what a blockchain should be. For instance, there is complete decentralization and securities that will prevent double spend attacks.
Additionally, transactions fees will be reduced just as the system can be able to conduct transactions in real-time and fast too. Interestingly, IceChain has future prospects as multiple platforms such as IoT, Retailers and financial platforms will find it useful; thereby leading to its faster adoption.


Start: Nov 01, 2018 (20:00 UTC)
ICO RATE: 1 ETH = 16 700 ICH
End: Nov 15, 2018 (20:00 UTC)


40% Private sale
25% Mining, Research, and Development
20% Public sale
10% Team
5% Bounty, rewards
Author: SanZoldyck

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