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MeVu: Decentralized Gaming Network

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About MeVu

Mevu is a platform that allows people to bet on anything at any time with anyone. This peer to peer network is decentralized allowing for social betting. Basically, you can bet on anything from a game of golf to who will be the first to lose a couple of pounds.

The interesting thing is that you don’t have to bet with your friends only; it’s possible to make new betting buddies on the MEVU network. The MEVU platform is aiming at bringing back betting back to the people.

The logic of MEVU platform is the use of smart contracts powered by the Ethereum blockchain which gives a chance to players to transparently view their funds. This ensures that bets placed can be executed quickly an seamlessly without any threat to security. MEVU provides a fun-filled betting platform where players can enjoy without the need of a bookie. Players can indeed choose their own odds and bet on anything they may so wish. This comes at an incredibly low fee of 2%.

MeVu Features

  • Peer to Peer Bets: MEVU can be used for two friends to bet on any outcome. Thus, making it a good social app for people who like to foster competitive relationships.
  • Gamification: MEVU is created like a game where users can bet against each other. This helps reduce the average age for betters from 45 to 38.
  • Sports Betting: Want to bet on the next Superbowl? Or the next Olympic Event? With MEVU, it helps you do so!
  • Blockchain Reliability: With Blockchain, MEVU helps users by securing their payments and allowing them to process instantly.
  • Decentralized Oracle: MEVU allows users to bet at any time and for any moment. Because of this, you don’t have to wait for a booker to start a bet between with your friends.

MeVu Benefits 

  • The platform uses the Ethehreum blockchain that utilises smart contracts which allows for transparency and increased security.
  • The elimination of bookies and 3rd party institutions accelerates the rate at which players receive their funds. The automatic pay out system ensures that bets are paid out at an incredibly low fee.
  • The token is set to receive accelerated growth. Though not guaranteed, the team intends to have it listed on credible exchanges after the public sale to offer an opportunity to trade it. Doing so will also increase its demand.
  • The MEVU platform also eliminates 3rd party gouging which makes betting a fun-filled affair without much complications or limitations.
  • Through the token there’s minimized regulatory interference which often brings about a lag in betting activities. Since the platform is decentralized, players can place their bets at any given time from wherever they are.
  • Competition is foster due to the global leader boards. Placing bets on this platform can be done from any part of the globe which helps bring in a competitive spirit.

MeVu's MVU Token 

Token Name: MeVu Token
Symbol: MVU
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Total: Supply: 105,000,000 MVU
Tokens for sale: 60,000,000 MVU
Price in ICO: 1 MVU = 0.34 USD
Min. investment: 10 USD
Accepting: ETH
Softcap: 2,000,000 USD
Hardcap: 15,300,000 USD

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