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Raido Financial is a global fintech ecosystem that combines a set of universal crypto tools for trading, exchange, financial and investment operations for all B2B and B2C crypto market players through the single platform.
Our mission is to provide all the market stakeholders with the most efficient, comprehensive and secure tools for carrying out all needed crypto activities. Thus, our main goal is to run and improve the ecosystem, whereby any participant of the crypto market can easily obtain and use highly efficient and profitable tools with any experience level in Blockchain or cryptocurrency technologies.


  • Perform all types of trading operations efficiently with highly technological features.The technical architecture of Raido Financial is capable of providing users with the maximum data processing speed due to the high performance and load-processing system.
  • Launch and effectively manage new ICOs. A tokenized smart-processing system for ICO / TGE / ITO projects will be integrated into the Raido Financial system, which will provide a set of “all in one” tools needed to implement a token sale – including all marketing, legal and technical aspects.
  • Anonymously, securely and profitably carry out trading, exchange, investment activities with crypto assets from a single multi-currency wallet.
  • Proceed legal and transparent trading activity with large volume of crypto assets for B2B and institutional market stakeholders.


High-technology and efficiency of operations
High performance and load-processing system, integrated FIX API, WebSockets, REST protocols
Processes of high-frequency queries and effective use of algorithmic and Machine Learning modules
GEO DNS zones and efficient allocation of queries.
Launch and effective management of new ICOs.
Tokenized Smart-processing system for ICO / TGE / ITO projects with «all in one» tools.
Anonymous and secure operations with multiple currencies for B2C market players
Multicurrency crypto wallet with low fees, integrated processing of plastic cards, money and electronic pay-out systems.
Processing of merchants for tokens and plastic card emissions
Payment accepting module for cryptocurrencies / fiat currencies, dashboard for exchanging, cash-out and control of financial balances.
Large crypto assets volume trading, using leverage and other tools on Raido Exchange
Liquidity aggregators, integrated within a single ecosystem with the largest trading platforms, crypto-exchanges, brokers and other financial institutions.
Legal and transparent trading activity for B2B and institutional market stakeholders
Complex fintech and legal solutions that combine all types of crypto financial activities and currency tools for B2B on a single platform.
High-tech security system of financial assets for all the users of ecosystem
Aggregated solutions – IP filtering, data encryption, two-factor authentication, independent layers of cryptographic protection and much more.


In order to provide stable and full-fledged work, Raido Exchange will have the following features:
  • Automatic purchase/sale of cryptocurrency;
  • At least 50 cryptocurrency tools for exchange and margin trading;
  • Universal tools of technical analysis (sets of indicators, 12 time zones);
  • High-speed API-connection channel with the ability to proceed up to 100 requests per second from each user;
  • The ability to add custom stores, including the ones issued via ICO / ITO / TGE;
  • Scaling and load balancing capacity, GEO DNS zones;
  • Online service support 24/7;
  • Integration with external services such as crypto exchanges, electronic payment systems and cryptocurrency wallets;
  • Encryption of personal and payment data of users, including hot/cold wallets, multi-signatures, two-factor authorization with verification for deposit and withdrawal of fiat funds;
  • Protection from hackers and DDoS attacks;
  • Liquidity aggregation and distribution;
  • Integration with main protocols – REST, WebSocket, FIX and others;


Cross-platform solution for anonymous and secure exchange of cryptocurrencies, deposit and withdrawal of fiat money, and money transfers
Support for Bitcoin, main Altcoins and tokens with the further listing of new currencies
Guarantee of funds’ security thanks to private keys, encryption and wallet cryptography
Confidentiality and anonymity without identification data reference and tracking transactions
Integration with online projects of any complexity and issuance of own cryptocurrency
The transaction process is carried out with one click without additional steps or multiple entries
Maintenance and use of your own funds in all supported coins
Support of English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, localization for other languages is available
The commission fee is calculated dynamically, ensuring the best value for money


Marketing costs – 18 262 500 (21%)
Developing, testing and product
Debugging costs – 31 012 500 (36%)
Administrative expenses – 2 887 500 (3%)
Legal expenses – 8 100 000 (9%)
Company (listing on exchange) – 8 662 500 (10%)
Developers – 8 662 500 (10%)
Advisors – 4 725 000 (6%)
Airdrop – 1 575 000 (2%)
Bounty – 2 362 500 (3%)
Author: SanZoldyck

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