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Sonata was created in cooperation with experienced exchange brokers and Forex analytics.
Our product is built with security as the highest priority. All coins are securely stored on cutting-edge hardware wallets. The user-friendly interface of Sonata is fine-tuned for beginners and skilled brokers alike. It is packed with advanced functionality, including custom AI price prediction. We know our customers love social interaction and so do we. Use the full potential of chat rooms on the platform and learn directly from expert brokers


It is surprising that in the multibillion-dollar cryptocurrency market, there is no single exchange that answers all the needs of investors.
Wherever we looked, we always found flaws or discrepancies where there should be a top-notch fintech product. Terrible user interfaces, a convoluted registration process, a lack of basic exchange features or poor efficiency – these are only few of the most common problems. Sonata, our revolutionary exchange application, provides a solution to all of these issues and adds a plenty of new ideas to the game.


The only exchange you will ever need. Our trading platform has been fine-tuned to perfection.
  • A sophisticated UI. A customizable trading platform with several display options
  • A wide range of cryptocurrencies, with listing of new established currencies
  • Very low trading fees for everyone
  • High speed thanks to modern technology
  • Margin (leverage) trading with a custom interest rate
  • Your funds are automatically stored on your hardware
  • Features used by Forex professionals
  • Optimized UX
  • Bot-friendly API


Your security is our priority. We want you to know you that your coins are safe with us. That is why deposits are stored in various hardware wallets with the highest level of security.
  • Anti DDos protection – if an attack occurs, we are able to detect it within seconds and prevent the servers from overloading
  • Two-factor authentication at login
  • Wallet address whitelisting


Everyone would like to know the price development of the currency they invested in. It is possible with us. Thanks to a unique algorithm and our own AI, we can make very precise future price predictions.
  • Future price prediction displayed in a chart
  • Smart Trade Assistant that can help you make purchase and sale decisions


Not everybody is an expert when it comes to trading. That is why our platform aims to support also novice traders and holders. With Sonata, everyone makes money.
  • Lending cryptocurrencies with an interest rate set by you
  • Profit sharing for all token holders
  • Distribution of (SONT) tokens for each exchange transaction


People interested in cryptocurrencies have formed a great community. Users of our platform will have a chance to improve their knowledge in the field, share their experience, help beginners or simply chat with other cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
  • Group chats on different topics
  • Private chats protected by blockchain technology


The cryptocurrency market never sleeps. That is why it is important to have access to the trading platform at all times.
  • Native applications for Android and iOS
  • Notifications by Trade Assistant, Alerts, Limits etc.


Unlike other ICO projects, Sonata exchange does not need additional resources to be developed. Thanks to the strong investor behind our back, funds acquired during the ICO phase will not affect the development process. The main reason, why we release our token, is to attract early investors and share 80% of the profit.
There are multiple ways to obtain SONT tokens – via public sale, our referral program or as payment for successful trades on the exchange. Exchange fees will be one of a few means of passive income for both investors and Sonata developers.
Token symbol: SONT
Token standard: ERC20
Total token supply: 500,000,000
Total tokens for sale: 250,000,000
Value of token: 1 ETH = 2066 SONT
Currencies accepted: ВТС, LТС, ЕТН
Minimal transaction: 1,000 SONT
Hardcap: $21,000,000
Token sale date: October 8, 2018


50% Public Token Sale
5% Bounty system
20% Team, investors, advisors
25% Acquisitions


16% Infrastructure
25% Development
9% Legal
23% Marketing, PR, advert
8% Operations, admin
19% Security


Q2 2015
First cryptocurrency investments. We are searching for a single exchange platform that fulfils all our expectations. We fail to find one.
Q3 2015
We enjoy cryptocurrency trading and we see enormous potential in this field. We are thinking about ways to enter the cryptocurrency market with a new product.
Q4 2016
The idea is born: Sonata will become a cryptocurrency platform designed for exchange, stock trading, P2P lending and maybe even more.
Q3 2017
We set up a team of designers, developers, marketers and specialists in the field of stock market analysis.
Q4 2016
The idea is born: Sonata will become a cryptocurrency platform designed for exchange, stock trading, P2P lending and maybe even more.
Q3 2017
We set up a team of designers, developers, marketers and specialists in the field of stock market analysis.
Q1 2018
We create a simple currency exchange aimed for the European market: SonataCoin.com. There is a lot of potential for a new full-fledged exchange and the team agrees to start the development of such a service.
Q2 2018
The team lays the groundwork for Sonata.ai. We have a chance to meet with partners and advisers who are as enthusiastic about our idea as we are.
Q3 2018
The first internal version of the exchange is released. The AI for price prediction is consulted with AI experts and we can see the first results of short-term predictions.
Q4 2018
The public sale of SONT tokens is launched. We strongly believe that the investment will be beneficial for investors thanks to our smart payment mechanism. The mechanism pays out 80 percent of trade fees back to holders.
Q1 2019
The sale of SONT tokens is closed. We are expanding our team of developers and other specialists focusing on different tasks in order to innovate and upgrade the platform.
Q2 2019
The first public beta version of our stock trading platform is released. Holders of our tokens are given the opportunity to be the first ones to try using it.
Q3 2019
We are focusing on further development and testing of our platform and upgrading our mobile applications. The first batch of altcoins is listed.
Q4 2019
The first versions of mobile apps for Android and iOS are released to public. We are publicly testing AI price prediction.
Q1 2020
The stock trading application is continuously upgraded. We implement our own AI prediction of cryptocurrency prices. A large number of altcoins is listed.
Q2 2020
We expect almost 200,000 active users and the average daily trading volume of roughly $300,000,000.
Q3 2020
Public listing of altcoins and other tokens. Listing of SONT tokens expanded to other stock markets.
Author: SanZoldyck

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