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While on the other hand individuals of the so-called senior executives category, representing people well established in their professional life, have little free time and try to free themselves from many routine tasks such as housekeeping, animal care, school support, parcel retrieval, and so on in order to spend more time with their family and for leisure.
From that observation combined with the emergence of the collaborative economy and the digital world, new kinds of employment on the frontier of wage labour are coming up.
Indeed, the collaborative economy has really been booming in Europe in the last few years. The number of transactions in the five main sectors of the European collaborative economy namely finance, accommodation, transport, human and social services to individuals and companies could be multiplied by 20 in 10 years and reach 570 billion euros by 2025 compared with hardly 28 billion euros today. As 85% of this value is captured by individuals, the collaborative platforms turnover should reach 83 billion euros by 2025 compared with 4 billion today, according to the PWC’s audit and consulting firm latest estimates.
France, together with the United Kingdom, appears to be the leader on the market of the European collaborative economy, thanks to its favourable regulations environment.
Stoby has been expanding with this will : to rely on the collaborative economy connecting students who wish to find small jobs easily with individuals who wish to delegate some small tasks from time to time. In view of these different elements, Stoby has positioned itself on a specific segment of this market, in order to get a clear and visible identity to face competition.


The question of time is essential at Stoby : we offer free time to individuals for them to go about their daily business. This is our value proposition.
« The first of human rights is individual freedom, freedom of property, freedom of thought, freedom of work » said Jean Jaur├Ęs. At Stoby, students enjoy their freedom of work and individuals enjoy their own individual freedom.
Trust is the keystone of our concept, both between the platform users and towards Stoby. With all the tools that we make available to our users, we try to establish the best possible relationship of trust between individuals and students.
We provide a complete traceability of the students’ missions background and performance. Transparency will be decentralized and certified when we migrate on the blockchain.


Stoby’s mission is to provide all its support for an optimal deployment of the token in the student environment.
Our role will be to facilitate its access and exchange, both on and outside the platform.
In the coming years, we will strive to communicate and make partnerships with different student organizations for them to accept and re-use our token.


Stoby’s platform is at the core. This is where individuals and students get together to offer and accept missions, where payments and assessments are made, where people can maintain a relationship.
The platform is a true meeting place where every user has his profile, preferences and references. The individual has the possibility to evaluate and give a mark to the student at the end of the mission. Our services are insured by the Allianz insurance company.
The application will be available in 2019. 
The application is the answer to the need for speed. It will allow the student to quickly find the closest offers according to his position. This application will become the essential element for any student who needs a complementary income. In addition, it will facilitate access to the payment and its validation by the individual, who will be able to validate directly the selected student anywhere. Individuals and students will have the possibility to chat directly on their smartphone via Stoby’s messenger. This application will permit us to expand the This application will enable STOBY to become a multiplatform and thus extend its services offer.


In Stoby’s shop, the STB tokens will be used directly on the platform to have access to offers and services related to the jobs. On our shop, individuals will have the opportunity to buy or rent some products corresponding to the available services on the platform. Payments in STB tokens will enable to get reductions in the price of the sold products.
For example, a dog owner will be able to buy a new leash on the site. Or a couple that moves can rent a hand-truck on the platform for the student who works with them.
Why pay with STB tokens ?
Investors in STB tokens will have the opportunity to benefit from competitive rates when purchasing those products. Fast delivery.


Token name: Stoby Token
Token symbol: STB
STB rate per €: 5 STB
€ rate per STB: 0,20 €
Maximum number of tokens generated (total supply): 25 000 000 STB
Soft cap: 2 400 000 STB
Date of crowdsale start: End of 2018
Date of crowdsale end: End of 2018
Jurisdiction of insuance: FRANCE


Author: SanZoldyck

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