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TANZO : Social Marketplace for Homemade Goods

What is TANZO?
TANZO is a blockchain-based social market for handmade items. TANZO allows craftsmen to easily create and develop their own storefront profiles and list their handmade items for sale. The TANZO community is supported by the TANZO (TZO) token award system, the Ethereum Blockchain-based token, created to ignite the platform, provide incentives to members of the platform and to generate wealth in the community. TANZO's distributed ledger technology enables transparency in the platform, making it open and safe for buyers and craftsmen. It also simplifies the purchasing process and reduces transaction costs.

TANZO for artisans
  1. TANZO offers a complete e-commerce turnkey platform that allows artisans to organize their own online storefront. Crafters are encouraged to list their products on TANZO easily while enjoying very low transaction costs for each sale they produce.
  2. TANZO will also be a social network, similar in some aspects on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, where artisans can create and run their own storefronts where they can showcase various handmade items and display photos / videos from their actual workshops. Adding to TANZO's uniqueness as an e-commerce social platform is a guarantee of security in the community - for buyers and craftsmen - by using solid evidence of the identity elements implemented during the making of each profile of the craftsman.
  3. TANZO also proposes solutions for organizations and guilds that can verify their authenticity. Once verified, they can create their own personal group as part of the platform. Every new member who wants to join a certain union or organization must be examined and accepted by the group administration.

Case of using Crafter: Lee from East China
Lee is a ceramic craftsman. He is considered one of the best among his colleagues at a small local craft union in the East Chinese province. Lee has a small family workshop where he makes vases and other porcelain products along with his daughter. However, they are only able to sell one vase per month and several other small products. The low demand for its products and the lack of access to online outlets makes it difficult to get a comfortable life. This changed overnight when Lee and fellow artisans from the same organization were invited to join the online social market for handmade goods called TANZO.
TANZO does not require upfront fees and / or recurring fees, but only a small symbolic fee for each sale. Lee was forced to join TANZO and within a week he enrolled and was verified as a craftsman. A month later, Lee managed to sell one medium size vase to German buyers and the other, 40 inches, the expensive vase was sent to another in North America. Lee received a very good rating for his product and received an award as a craftsman. This is how, 4 months and 19 sales later using TANZO, Lee was noticed by Chris from Succasunna who was looking for a special vase for his home office. Lee was very satisfied with the level of service provided by TANZO, this helped him improve his lifestyle and gave his daughter a better prospect of education.

Identification verification on the blockchain
TANZO has partnered with the Civic, a blockchain ecosystem that verifies established identity. Thanks to the Civic, TANZO became the first digital market that will verify and guarantee the identity of every craftsman. The registration process for new seller profiles requires TANZO mobile app downloads.

Using the application is an easy and easy to use process:
  1. These artisans take real-time photos from ID cards, faces, handmade products and workshop interiors
  2. The geolocation function and timestamp of the application, along with the Civic blockchain ID service, verifies the identity and authenticity of the craftsman. This identity verification process ensures that all craftsmen who use real TANZO and sell their own handmade items under their own name / brand.


Proof of work: QR code system
TANZO is currently developing its own QR code system, which will ensure the validity of both sides of each transaction: crafters and buyers. Here's how it works: For each new list, crafters will receive a unique QR code.

They must show some information points for each and every item they made:
  1. Item image (time and location stamp)
  2. List of raw materials used to produce goods
  3. The amount of time needed to complete an item
  4. Other details depend on the nature of the product

This system will have several advantages compared to other e-commerce markets currently available:
  1. The authenticity of handmade items guaranteed
  2. The authenticity of the guaranteed material used in the manufacturing process
  3. Full transparency of the identity of craftsmen
  4. Full protection from false claims from the buyer


Bonus and prize system
TANZO uses the Ethereum blockchain to build a comprehensive trading platform that utilizes social capital and creates communities that foster social interaction among users. Contributions to social capital in terms of value creation on the TANZO platform are facilitated through the User Prize System (URS).

URS is based on TANZO tokens (TZO), ERC-20 tokens allocated on the platform. Prizes relative to the participation and individual contributions of each user. This makes TANZO a real meritocracy - a model that excludes the needs of third parties and provides the most efficient distribution of wealth among users.
The gift system at TANZO encourages users to engage in social activities, which increase ecosystem value and the value of TZO tokens.

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Author: SanZoldyck

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