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U-SAVE : Revolutionizing the entire Gold Supply Chain Industry

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the USAVE project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in seeing their vision and mission, as follows:
What is Usave?
U.SAVE BLOCKCHAIN LTD, a Maltese company, is a Global Tracking Solution, Producing, Securing, Storing and Marketing Gold with Environmental Responsibility, which uses blockchain technology to revolutionize the entire gold supply chain industry. Supported by the Ethereum blockchain, our network will track and record data throughout the process from miners, through the supply chain, and finally to end consumers.
It emphasizes on Sustainable Mining, Transparency, Security, and the ability of its customers to transact in Gold Spot Physical Exchange (MGX). The USAVE ecosystem also uses Blockchain technology to make social and environmental impacts.
U.SAVE is preparing to introduce its golden ecosystem in the Kingdom of Monaco, an unprecedented adventure driven by Responsible Ethics and Blockchain Technology in the physical gold industry.
For the first time in the history, We create a sustainable eco-system based on blockchain technology. We are able to completely reinvent the gold supply chain from mines to refinery
We refine the metal in ecological conditions, store it in a secure vault in Monaco and finally create a perfect environment to exchange gold
In addition to be unfalsifiable, buyers are also guaranteed that gold extraction has been carried out in legal and healthy conditions
  • Track: from mines to consumers, gold is physically tracked with specific hardware
  • Secure: U.SAVE ecosystem creates a secure space for datas on the entire lifecycle ut also provide a physic security thanks to a vault in Monaco
  • Market: unfalsifiable garantee of the cleanliness of the gold
  • Transparency: thanks to the use of a public blockchain, everyone can check and verify the origin of gold
  • Eco-responsible: we ensure full environmental compliance, without using any dangerous chemical products, but we also protect miners as well
  • Exchange: while gold derivatives are backed by a stock of untraceable gold and physical purchases, we provide a dedicated exchange built with GMEX
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  • SUPPLY CHAIN – By creating an incorruptible end-to-end system that is ethical, reliable and dynamic. Designed to bring traceability to chaos. To bring fair pay to the powerless. Transparent Pricing, Daily purchase price is posted publicly for the entire mining community, encouraging transparency and trust-building.To bring certainty to a world of empty promises. A system that introduces agility to utilizing gold assets, while never compromising on either security or accessibility. Built on the blockchain, we certify that OECD guidelines are met when extracting gold to be incorruptible and safe. A trusted supply chain platform that is going to create better conditions for everyone involved. In order to ensure the full traceability and security of the supply chain, i5 supply solution will requires all parties to be connected and compliant to its norms.
  • AURUM MONACO – Located in the Principality of Monaco, This refinery will only use gold dore coming from i5 supply solution-accredited or vetted partners to record and guarantee their origin and their compliance with social, sustainable and ecological standards. The refined gold coming out of the aurum Monaco Gold Refinery will be able to demons-trate its authenticity, purity but also its eco-responsible characteristics. Ingots will be stamped and numbered by the newest laser technology, witch is recorded into the blockchain ledger, fully traceable with a unique number that is printed into an unforgeable certificate.
  • VAULT – By choosing Brinks Global Services, The first logistic and security company in the world to handle and operate a State of the Art Vault outside the Banking System scheduled to be built in Monaco. The Eco-responsible Gold will be stored in a highly secured Vault. The gold safe located in Monaco guarantees the traceability and the security of the gold. Storage outside of the banking system: no exposure to bank default’s risks. This feature of the u.save ecosystem will allow our users to store both physical and crypto assets in one place, protected not only by our security system and team but also by being kept in one of the safest cities in the world , Monaco.
  • EXCHANGE – The last chain of our Eco system is the Monaco Gold Spot Exchange. Powered by GMEX Group, our exchange will be the first access point for all responsibly sourced gold purchasable with cryptocurrencies. Transparency of trades. Powered by the technology of the GMEX Group, the MGX will not operate as another gold exchange trading duplicate of international gold derivative contracts but will offer a solution based solidly on a trade in physical gold.
To find more relevant details from the USAVE project, please follow a number of sources for the following references:
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