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Volentix - Digital Ecosystem Asset

Every day in the world cryptocurrency joins more and more people. However, to be part of this large segment is not enough just to join cryptocurrency, they still need to buy and be able to exchange securely. As a result, there is a huge demand for cryptocurrency exchangers. In fact, they are now various, but to find quality, safe and comfortable in one person, this is very difficult. But, as they say, progress does not stand alone, but continues to evolve, and the crypto-currency exchanger fields are modernized, creating the most favorable conditions for cooperation. 

About the project

Volentix is a decentralized platform based on the blockchain. The main task is to efficiently, safely and effectively exchange all cryptocurrency in a multi-currency wallet. In addition, the platform will be equipped with several additional features and options that will improve the skills and training level of each trader.

Design features

Like I said before, Volentix is ​​based on the blockchain, which allows to carry out all operational transactions transparently and safely. However, we know that sometimes this is not enough, so Volentix does not stop there and decides to implement smart contracts for stronger protection from users and their funds from possible fraud and fraudulent schemes. Because of this, all users can be sure of the quality of service, according to Volentix.
But that's not all to create a truly powerful platform, Volentix developers, understand that they need to show their care as much as possible. So they developed these tools through which traders can most effectively make a difference from cryptocurrencies, the cost of the method developed from the Volentix team. This approach has a simple and clear scheme, packaged in a simple interface, which highlights the most basic functions that make it easy to maneuver on platforms and quickly create peer-to-peer transactions. This principle of interaction allows you to understand and understand the simple functions of the platform that each participant really is, regardless of the degree of knowledge and training. Therefore,
But to increase the value and opportunity to get dozens of times, Volentix suggests one more thing. A merchant association in a community, which will allow you to create a strong team, where cooperation, everyone can achieve more than this, he will try to do it himself. As such, France's mind will allow it to expand the possibilities, as well as achieve more effective transactions with maximum profits. This method I think is very interesting and quite relevant, as many of us want to have in their environment interested people think in the same direction and strive for financial success.
Another advantage of Volentix multifunction exchangers, is the wallet. However, it is very important to understand clearly the difference between foreign wallets and exchanger wallets. Because foreign wallets are not originally intended as a place to store assets. Nevertheless, the developers of the Volentix platform try their best and create a reliable wallet, the main task which is to protect assets from various fraudulent hacks. All of this becomes available through the use of a private key, which will be available only to users. This key presence allows users to use their funds at the right time, regardless of whether it's a cryptocurrency exchange for Fiat or vice versa.

Project roadmap

Creator of the decentralized platform Volentix is ​​currently actively working on the launch of the beta version of the wallet to test capabilities. At the same time, they are sure to follow the road map, which was presented at the beginning of Volentix's creation. The idea of ​​creating a project originated back in 2014, after a major Bursa cryptocurrency Mt.Gox was hacked.


In conclusion, I want to add that the Volentix platform developers who have tested the beta, wallet and all other functions of the system. At the same time, the team observes and clearly follows all the objectives described in the project roadmap. the project managed to attract several large investors. Therefore, I am a reader, I suggest you pay attention to this project, to study more carefully when reading official Volentix sources. After all, the topic of cryptocurrencies itself is now Exchanger is very relevant, and good and even high-quality!

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